David Motl To Autograph NGC Labels


David Motl, who formerly served as the Acting Principal Deputy Director of the US Mint during a particularly innovative time in its history, has agreed to individually hand-sign certification labels exclusively for Numismatic Guaranty Corporation® (NGC).

David Motl NGC Label and Coin
An example of a NGC label signed by David Motl

Motl became Acting Principal Deputy Director of the US Mint and its senior career official in January 2017, placing him in charge of the Mint until he retired in January 2018.

During Motl’s tenure, the Mint celebrated its 225th anniversary, which it commemorated with the American Liberty 225th Anniversary Gold Coin and Silver Medal. The American Liberty Gold Coin went on to win "Best Gold Coin" at the World Money Fair in Berlin in 2019.

Motl also supervised the release of the 2017 American Palladium Eagle, the first palladium coin issued by the United States, as well as the 2017-P Lincoln Cents, the first cents to feature the "P" mintmark. Notably, under his watch the United States Bullion Depository at Fort Knox opened its vault for a rare visit by the Secretary of the Treasury and a congressional delegation.

While at the Mint, Motl received several major distinctions and awards, including the Mint’s Rittenhouse Medal for Excellence in Leadership. The Rittenhouse Medal is the Mint’s highest honor, awarded for sustaining

"a superior record of performance that significantly furthered and ultimately improved the bureau’s programs, operations and services."

Prior to becoming Chief Administrative Officer / Acting Principal Deputy Director, Motl served as the Mint’s Chief Financial Officer from May 2012 through January 2017 and Acting Deputy Director for Management from January 2016 through January 2017. He started his career at the US Mint in June 2006, when he was selected as the Deputy Chief Financial Officer.

"I am proud to collaborate with NGC to highlight the important recent work of the US Mint and to further the narrative of our nation’s history as told through the story of US coins," says Motl.

NGC Chairman and Grading Finalizer Mark Salzberg adds:

"It is an honor to collaborate with a leading numismatic innovator like David Motl. An NGC Authentic Hand-Signed Label featuring his signature is a distinguished way to enhance any coin."

NGC Authentic Hand-Signed Labels pair an influential person’s autograph with a coin to create a one-of-a-kind collectible. The diverse roster of people who have signed NGC labels includes John M. Mercanti, the 12th US Mint Chief Engraver; Edmund C. Moy, the 38th US Mint Director; and Randy’L Teton, the model for the Sacajawea dollar.

NGC David Motl Authentic Hand-Signed Labels will be available soon from select retailers.

To learn more about NGC Authentic Hand-Signed Labels, visit NGCcoin.com/SignatureLabels.

NGC has certified more than 44 million coins. Founded in 1987, the company provides accurate, consistent and impartial assessments of authenticity and grade. For more information about NGC and its grading services, visit NGCcoin.com.

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Chas Barber

Next labels signed by the sanitation engineer @ denver mint, who threw out the blank waste & locks up @ night………………..
Does anyone care about this technocrat that Ok’s the fuguly designs used for the 225th festival of mediocrity……………….jaded NAHH



Seth Riesling

Got to have it!! NOT! lmao


Seth Riesling

Labels with autograph of the Acting Deputy Head Chef at the Mint’s cafeteria…!! LOL



So let’s get this straight. Not A full Director, just a Deputy Director. But actually better than that, a Principal Deputy Director – but then again, only an Acting Principal Deputy Director. And now a former one at that.

Makes me wonder if there is someone there with the title “Chief Personnel Title Assignment Director” who comes up with this stuff.


are you a autograph collector or a coin collector? who cares if the coin holder is autographed? it is all sort of sickening.

Chas Barber

PCGS & other 3PGS reaching for the last buck before? How about a redacted signature of the Trump Whistleblower quite a current act, I preferred Bill C’s blower “scandal” …… Next a $lab signed by Jeff Garrett’s dog gr0omer I read!


lol. one of my mentors about 20 years ago gave me what i think was some great insight “buy the coin–not the autograph or the holder”.


I like my 225th enhanced uncirculated set, but that’s me. As for signatures, I really fail to see how that enhances the coin in any way, just more gimmicks.