2019-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagle Released


Even as silver trades near its lowest price of the year, the United States Mint hopes to see some interest in the precious metal with today’s release of the 2019-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagle.

2019-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagle – obverse, case and reverse
2019-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagle – obverse, presentation case and reverse

Struck in an ounce of .999 fine silver, the annually issued uncirculated Silver Eagle is a popular product for coin collectors. Last year, the 2018 edition racked up four-day starting sales of 89,482 coins. It is closing in on 139,000 sold, the latest U.S. Mint figures show. The 2017-dated release logged final sales above 176,700 coins.

Uncirculated Silver Eagle Designs Specifications

The uncirculated Silver Eagle debuted in 2006 as another numismatic version of the U.S. Mint’s popular bullion American Silver Eagle. It joined a proof version which debuted alongside the bullion piece in 1986. All coins of the series feature the same basic obverse (heads side) and reverse (tails side) imagery.

2019-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagle - Obverse
The obverse or heads side of the uncirculated coin

This includes the obverse likeness of "Walking Liberty" as originally designed by Adolph A. Weinman. This design first appeared on 1916-1947 half dollars and has been a favorite of collectors ever since. Liberty is shown in full stride towards the sun while wrapped in the folds of the flag. Her right hand is extended with branches of laurel and oak in her left. Inscriptions around Liberty read "LIBERTY," "2019," and "IN GOD WE TRUST."

2019-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagle - Reverse
The reverse or tails side of the uncirculated coin

Offered on the reverse is a heraldic eagle with shield design by John Mercanti. Inscriptions include "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA," "E PLURIBUS UNUM," and "1 OZ. FINE SILVER — ONE DOLLAR."

Each of these coins is produced at the U.S. Mint’s facility in West Point. To indicate this, a ‘W’ mintmark is found near lower left of the eagle.

Additional coin specifications are as follows:

Uncirculated American Silver Eagle Specifications

Denomination: $1
Finish: Uncirculated
Composition: 99.9% Silver
Weight: 1.000 troy oz.
(31.103 grams)
Diameter: 1.598 inches
(40.60 mm)
Edge: Reeded
Mint and Mint Mark: West Point – W


Ordering & Pricing

The 2019-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagle may be ordered directly from the Mint’s online store, located here. Orders are also accepted by phone at 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

Pricing is $46.95, the same amount as last year’s release. Last year’s coin launched May 24, 2018 when LBMA silver was $16.51 an ounce. In contrast, the fixing for the metal today was $14.375 an ounce — the lowest point since Nov. 30, 2018.

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Seth Riesling

Darrin Lee Unser –

This coin is more than just Uncirculated. It is an Uncirculated Burnished finish coin. The Mint has in the past advertised it as “One Ounce of Burnished Beautiful Silver”. The grading companies give it a “Specimen” finish designation (“SP”) or “Burnished” on the slab label because of this special finish. Why the Mint doesn’t put this on the COA anymore is anyone’s guess!


Chas Barber

Another traditional coin, same as it was before & before that… No to be a bummer but time for a change of this design MINT….. W, P S….D…maybe reopen Carson City to mint ASEs…. Or change the 30+ year old design….. Oh & over 3x spot when most dealers are really blowing silver out NOW, do that KNOW something…????? Pt too!!

Seth Riesling

The special Burnished finish on these $1 coins is a result of the blank planchets (purchased from private vendor companies) being “polished” by steel ball bearings & a chemical detergent & another chemical wash before drying & striking. And priced at “only” more than 3 times spot silver price! Such a deal.


Wade P. Soders

I agree with numerous dude from Texas this is a special coin with a special finish and it’s great for the price anyone who thinks it’s just another coin is crazy

Mike Cook

Don’t buy it, then.

James Mc Keone

What I don’t understand is when gold goes up or down the price reflects that.Especially when gold goes up, why not the same for silver .

Seth Riesling

James Mc Keone – Amen! Exactly my point. The Mint has a somewhat “fair” pricing grid/matrix for its gold, platinum & palladium products, but has never had one for its silver products. I often buy the Mint’s silver products from dealers who qualify to buy in bulk from the Mint at the 5% discount the Mint gives them & I get them for less than issue price, including free shipping from my favorite dealers. You have to be a numismatic dealer & submit an application for approval to be in the Mint’s Bulk Purchase Program (it even includes some gold… Read more »