2018-W $25 Proof American Palladium Eagle Images and Limits


The United States Mint this week updated its online store with information, images and limits for the 2018-W $25 Proof American Palladium Eagle. The 1-ounce, .9995 palladium proof coin launches on Sept. 6. at noon Eastern Time.

US Mint image of 2018 Proof American Palladium Eagle
U.S. Mint image of the 2018 Proof American Palladium Eagle. Each coin arrives encapsulated and packaged in a gray leatherette presentation case with satin lining that is is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

In 2017, the U.S. Mint introduced the bullion American Palladium Eagle. (See photos of the coin.) All 15,000 sold on their Sept. 25, 2017 release day. The Mint has not announced if a bullion version will be issued this year.


The collector edition for release next month feature the same designs as last year’s bullion Palladium Eagle.

US Mint image of 2018 Proof American Palladium Eagle - Obverse
U.S. Mint image of the coin’s obverse

Obverses (heads side) offer an adaptation of Adolph A. Weinman’s ‘Winged Liberty’ design first created for the 1916 dime.

US Mint image of 2018 Proof American Palladium Eagle - Reverse
U.S. Mint image of the coin’s reverse

The reverse (tails side) is based upon Weinman’s Eagle design for the 1907 American Institute of Architects (AIA) gold medal. (Read more about the designs.)


Both coin sides are in a collector proof finish with an added appeal of high relief. Edges are reeded.

US Mint image of 2018 Proof American Palladium Eagle - sides and edges
This Mint image shows the Palladium Eagle’s reeded edge

Struck at the West Point Mint, each has a diameter of 1.340 inches (34.036 mm) and weights 1.0005 troy oz. (31.120 grams).


The U.S. Mint has set the coin’s mintage at 15,000 pieces. In addition, there will be an ordering restriction of one coin per household.

Its price has yet to be announced.

To learn more about the collectible, visit the Mint’s proof Palladium Eagle page.

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sam tweedy

The coin dealer flippers will scarf all these up too bad for the real collectors.!!! Why can’t they set the limit of at least two or three…stupid!!!


The mintage limit would have to be raised then. The current limit of one provides more opportunity for real collectors to obtain this coin. However, even with a one coin per household limit, I’m certain the big dealers have plans to recruit individuals to purchase on their behalf.
I think it would have been nice if the mintage limit would have been 30,000. I’m not one to be concerned about the investment opportunity to turn a profit, I’m just thinking along the lines of collecting for the sake of owning one. 😉

Seth Riesling

The flippers will be all over this coin like stank on dog crap! (IMHO) The Mint is absolutely crazy for only offering 15,,000 Proof High Relief coins, when they could easily sell double that on a new Proof palladium coin.



Oh, man.

I definitely want a few of these.

I only bought 2 of the 2017 early on, & I regret it.


What was the price of these coins last year?


This is the first year for a Proof Palladium. Last year’s was Bullion…


Honestly, I paid roughly $1,600 for a NGC FDOI & roughly $1650 for a NGC First Release.

Adam E Lindenfelser

I bought 1 NGC MS70 graded. I can see why only 15,000 were made, it would be kind of weird if Proof version had higher mintage than the bullion. Im surprised it’s not 10,000. I think the 24 hour limit of 1 per household is reasonable. Definitely going to set my alarm now Haha. Is it just me or do the mint pictures look more like the bullion. Or is palladium just not that shiny?

Seth Riesling

The images here & on the Mint’s website are not of the actual coin – just computer-generated mock-ups of what the Proof version will look like.



Finally a great coin and a good mintage!
I’m in!


At current price of palladium ($900.00 to $949.99), the Proof Palladium will be $1,337.50…

Chas Barber

The bullion model last year was a profit gift to the “authorized” sellers w/jacked up price$…. demand was there but the USM let them be profiteers & greedy, I am shocked that coin dealers could be…. greedy!! I have gong thru withdrawl & no longer have the Jone$ for ANY USM item, period… have fun kids 1 more willbe there for ya’ll, me Im going to the beach

sam tweedy

I would go to the beach also,but the red tide and all the dead fish smell does not appeal to me right now. Longboat Key Fl. lol

Seth Riesling

How many of you are going to buy one of these palladium Proof coins?



Maybe! If I remember and there are any left. How about you Seth? I’m still amazed that PB is worth more than PT but there’s a lot less PB in the world. Nice looking coin!

Tim Thomas

I wasn’t planning on it but I’m starting to change my mind.

Tim Thomas

Now that I see that the price is $1387.50 I’ll have to pass on buying one. That’s almost $400 over the spot price. That’s outrageous.

Seth Riesling

NWRobert –

I am buying one. Very beautiful design on both sides! Low mintage. Price will be a little high though.

Happy Collecting!



It’s two days before these go on sale and still no price listed for these coins on the US Mint’s web page. Anyone know what the sale price will be?


Looking at the us mint precious metals price chart the price will be $1387.50.


This will be too expensive for most…