George Washington & John Adams Presidential Silver Medal Pricing and Images


The United States Mint this week updated its online store with information, images and pricing for the first two Presidential Silver Medals honoring George Washington and John Adams, the nation’s first and second Presidents. Both launch on Aug. 16 at noon Eastern Time.

US Mint Product Images for George Washington Presidential Silver Medal
U.S. Mint product images for the George Washington Presidential Silver Medal

As we wrote about earlier this year, the new series of medals will complement the already available Presidential medals in bronze, sharing their designs.

Silver Medal Specifications and Pricing

Back then, the U.S. Mint planned on producing Presidential Silver Medals in proof quality. They are instead minted with a matte finish.

Also, they have a plain edge, measure 1.598 inches in diameter, and are produced at the Philadelphia Mint without mint marks.

US Mint Images Showing Edges of the George Washington and John Adams Presidential Silver Medals
US Mint images showing the plain edges of the George Washington and John Adams Presidential Silver Medals

Struck on the same planchets that are used to make American Silver Eagles, the pair of 1-ounce .999 fine silver medals are priced at $39.95 apiece. The U.S. Mint announced that remaining series medals will be the same price.

As a comparison, George Washington Presidential Bronze Medals are currently $39.95 for the 3-inch edition and $6.95 for the 1 5⁄16 version.

Like the bronze medals, Presidential Silver Medals will not have a sales deadline or mintage limits.


The obverse or heads side of the George Washington Presidential Silver Medal features a portrait of Washington with the inscriptions "GEORGE WASHINGTON PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES" and "1789."

US Mint Product Images for John Adams Presidential Silver Medal
U.S. Mint product images for the John Adams Presidential Silver Medal

The obverse of the John Adams Presidential Silver Medal features a portrait of Adams with the inscriptions "JOHN ADAMS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES" and "A.D. 1797."

Reverses of both medals have the inscription "PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP," symbolized by two hands clasped in token of amity. On the cuff of the left wrist are three stripes with buttons, each button carrying the American eagle; the other wrist is bare. Above the hands, the pipe of peace and the tomahawk are crossed over each other.

To learn more, visit the Mint’s page for Presidential Medals.

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Will someone please lead a boarding party to intercept and board the U.S.S. Mint.., and unhinge the helm.., the rudder appears stuck hard to port and she’s continually going in circles…

The next big flop.., but hey, this is WHAT collectors WANT!

No wait.., we have the Innovations Act working on our behalf as well, golly gee!

Happy Collecting! Hahaha

bobby p

this is a coin that has no collector value above spot to me. I believe that in a year these coins will be available and sold for spot.. The collectors that want that perfect 70 set will get them. I really don’t know. i would like to see the Post Office make silver stamps . The Mint is out off ideas.


I agree with the previous comment. The mint can do so much better, keep making the same old stuff boring! At least the British royal mint minus the milkspotting on silver coins does queens beast Britannia designed change each year something to look forward too and exciting to collect. US mint not to exciting!

Chas Barber

IF you’re gonna rehash old designs mint, make a winner or 2… Flowing Hair $1 restrike….. $4 Stella….. 1921/2o21 PROOF MORGAN (!)…..silver center large cent…..disme……$50 SLUG Pan Pac- oops you missed that chance, instead we got 6 Liberties… wowie


This is worse than the America the Beautiful quarters !! And I didn’t think it could get any worse !!


I think this will turn out to be junk silver with no mint limits. Nothing special. Will not add this to my collection.


Is this really the best that the US Mint is capable of ??? This is pathetic in terms of creativeness and sparking enthusiasm in collectors old and new. Tired old boring design.

The US Mint is capable of producing creative and inspiring designs because we see that in the America The Beautiful series (perhaps most and maybe not all designs in that series)…..I won’t support sub par creativity and so at this time, I have little desire to buy any of the medals in this presidential series.


There were so many beautiful Patterns that never made it to production but we keep seeing copies of coins that millions of originals were produced. I recommend an aluminum Indian head penny if we want to make copies of coins or medals already made.


these 2 first medal’s are very generic…I see they are like the bronze ones. however, the purity should be stamped at the very least….very boring…count me out