Classic Canadian 2018 Uncirculated Set Released


The Royal Canadian Mint is now selling its annual classic set of 2018-dated coins produced in a collector uncirculated finish.

2018 Classic Canadian Uncirculated 6-Coin Set
Royal Canadian Mint image of its classic 6-coin Uncirculated Set

Dubbed the "2018 Classic Canadian Uncirculated 6-Coin Set" and limited to 75,000, the product includes the toonie, loonie, 50-cent, 25-cent, 10-cent and 5-cent coins.

These coins bear reverse designs of a polar bear, a common loon, Canada’s Coat of Arms, a caribou, a Bluenose schooner, and a beaver.

Packaging of 2018 Classic Canadian Uncirculated 6-Coin Set
Mylar packaging holds the six coins

The following table shows the specifications of each coin.

Specifications of Coins

Denomination Composition Weight (g) Diameter (mm) Edge Reverse Designer
2 Dollar ("Toonie") Three-ply nickel finish plated steel (outer ring); three-ply brass finish plated aluminum bronze (inner core) 6.99 28 Interrupted Serrations Brent Townsend
1 Dollar ("Loonie") Three-ply brass plated steel 6.27 26.5 Plain Robert-Ralph Carmichael
50-Cent Three-ply nickel finish plated steel 6.9 27.13 Reeded Cathy Sabourin
25-Cent 4.4 23.88 Reeded Emmanuel Hahn
10-Cent 1.75 18.03 Reeded Emmanuel Hahn
5-Cent 3.95 21.2 Plain G.E. Kruger Gray


Obverses of each coin feature Susanna Blunt’s effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.

Price, Ordering and Packaging

Priced at $26.95, the 2018 Uncirculated Set is available directly from the Royal Canadian Mint’s website at An affiliate link to the Mint’s traditional coin sets is right here.

Coins of the set are sealed inside a transparent film and presented in a folded card that includes specifications of the six denominations and a certificate.

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Joe Brown

Wow, only 75,000 of this set above us minted for $26.95, And just about everybody went banana’s to pay for the 225th Ann, Enhanced Unc. ”clad” Set, that really did not mint as good as they should have, with a mintage of 225,000 for $29.95. 75,000 minted for $26.95 or 225,000 minted for $29.95. Hey! I*m American* threw & threw, but Canada is as solid* as they come, thank God. Wake UP *AMERICA* where a few steps behind in some ”categories”, what ever happened to good old *yankee ingenuity*.

Seth Riesling

Joe Brown –

Amen brother! I LOVE the USA, but I lived in Japan for 3 years & Germany for 3 years & they have us beat in many categories. The U.S. Mint uses mostly German coinage presses for example! (Plus machines from Switzerland & The Netherlands too !). Almost nothing at the U.S. Mint is ” U.S.A.” except the employees.. Ouch! LOL


Joe Brown

Seth Riesling – that’s a great experience you lived in two very different cultures of the world*, but they did have one thing in common and they had to be defeated or gods*+* world would have been destroy’d, i know your father has dedicated his career to serving our *country, Thank You, i*m sure you were a help to your Dad being there for him, so he could serve the *USA*, those two country’s you lived in are ””booming”” right now, and they are doing it the right way this time. Both country’s are very ”high tec” in so many… Read more »

Old Collector

Can’t beat that good old German machining; it’s universally incomparable.