U.S. Coin Production Hits 1.4B in March; Effigy Mounds 25c Mintages Revealed

2017 Effigy Mounds National Monument Quarters
The U.S. Mint produced 482 million 2017 Effigy Mounds National Monument Quarters

The United States Mint produced more than 4.2 billion coins for circulation in the first three months this year, tracking the quickest first quarterly pace since 2015. The government agency went on to strike more than 17 billion coins that year, its best one since 2001.

U.S. Mint data also shows mintages for Iowa’s Effigy Mounds National Monument quarter, the first of five 2017 quarters with unique designs.

In the headline figure for March, coining presses hammered out cents, nickels, dimes, and quarters in amounts totaling a bit more than 1.44 billion coins, marking an increase of 47% from February while very nearly matching March from a year ago. Here’s how the month ranks against others in the past year:

2016 – 2017 March Coin Production Figures

Month Mintages Rank
March 2017 1,445.8 M 7
February 2017 983.40 M 11
January 2017 1,790.30 M 2
December 2016 696.68 M 13
November 2016 976.04 M 12
October 2016 1,297.36 M 10
September 2016 1,573.70 M 4
August 2016 1,302.95 M 9
July 2016 1,807.20 M 1
June 2016 1,582.06 M 3
May 2016 1,550.12 M 5
April 2016 1,339.06 M 8
March 2016 1,446.14 M 6


The Federal Reserve always orders more 1-cent coins than any other denomination even as it costs 1.5 cents to make and distribute each one. The U.S. Mint produced a combined 771.2 million Lincoln cents in March, representing 53.3% of the circulating-quality coins produced for the month.

P-Mint Cents Change

2017-dated circulating cents from the U.S. Mint facility at Philadelphia include a ‘P’ mint mark for the first time in history. This is a one-year-only embellishment, added as a part of the Mint’s celebration of its 225th anniversary. These P-cents are not rare by any means, with a combined 1.1828 billion made through the first three months of this year.


In the latest month-over month comparisons for coins used daily by Americans, production totals climbed:

  • 44.4% for Lincoln cents,
  • 48.6% for Jefferson nickels,
  • 68.5% for Roosevelt dimes, and
  • 33.1% for America the Beautiful Quarters.

Native American $1 Coins and Kennedy half-dollars are no longer ordered by Federal Reserve Banks but they are still made in circulating quality for coin collectors. In January, the U.S. Mint tends to strike both coins to the expected amounts needed for the entire year. No more were made in February or in March.

Here’s a summary of all circulating-quality coins produced last month:

US Mint Circulating Coin Production in March 2017

Denomination Denver Philadelphia Total
Lincoln Cents 376,800,000 394,400,000 771,200,000
Jefferson Nickels 62,880,000 65,520,000 128,400,000
Roosevelt Dimes 141,000,000 159,000,000 300,000,000
2016 ATB Quarters 112,400,000 133,800,000 246,200,000
Kennedy Half Dollars 0 0 0
Native American $1s 0 0 0
Total 693,080,000 752,720,000 1,445,800,000


Minting facilities in Denver and Philadelphia produce all of America’s coins for commerce. Last month, the Denver Mint struck 693.08 million coins and the Philadelphia Mint produced 752.72 million coins.

In the first quarter, the Denver Mint made 2,085,380,000 coins and the Philadelphia Mint struck 2,134,120,000 coins. That brought their combined quarterly total to 4,219,500,000 coins for an 8.4% increase over the 3,892,240,000 coins minted in first quarter 2016. The amount is about 1 million shy from first quarter 2015.

This next table lists 2017 coin production totals by denomination and by U.S. Mint facility:

YTD 2017 Circulating Coin Production by Denomination

1 ¢ 5 ¢ 10 ¢ 25 ¢ 50 ¢ N.A. $1 Total:
Denver 1198.4M 198.24M 391M 294.4M 1.8M 1.54M 2085.38M
Philadelphia 1182.8M 193.44M 410M 344.4M 1.8M 1.68M 2134.12M
Total 2381.2M 391.68M 801M 638.8M 3.6M 3.22M 4219.5M


The 2017 monthly average of more than 1.4 billion coins tracks in 12 months to nearly 16.9 billion coins. Last year, the U.S. Mint struck over 16 billion coins for circulation, registering as the second quickest for a year since 2001 after the more than 17 billion coins were made in 2015 — the most since 2001.

Effigy Mounds Mintages

So far this year, the U.S. Mint has released three coins with one-year-only designs. They include the:

Mintages for the Native American dollars stood pat at 1.54 million from Denver and 1.68 million from Philadelphia for a combined 3.22 million coins. Last year’s release ended with splits of 2.1 million from Denver and 2.8 million from Philadelphia for 4.90 million coins.

Mintages of Effigy Mounds quarters were reported for the first time, coming in at 210.8 million from Denver and 271.2 million from Philadelphia for a combined 482 million. These totals are nowhere near lows in the series.

Finalized mintages for the Frederick Douglass quarter should be available by May or June.

The following table offers a breakdown of this year’s mintages by coin design:

2017 Circulating Coin Production by Design

  Denver Philadelphia Total
Lincoln Cents 1,198,400,000 1,182,800,000 2,381,200,000
Jefferson Nickels 198,240,000 193,440,000 391,680,000
Roosevelt Dimes 391,000,000 410,000,000 801,000,000
Effigy Mounds National Monument Quarter 210,800,000 271,200,000 482,000,000
Frederick Douglass National Historic Site Quarter
Ozark National Scenic Riverway Quarter
Ellis Island National Monument Quarter
George Rogers Clark National Historical Park Quarter
Kennedy Half-Dollars 1,800,000 1,800,000 3,600,000
Native American $1 Coins 1,540,000 1,680,000 3,220,000
Total 2,001,780,000 2,060,920,000 4,062,700,000


There are 156.8 million in quarters that the U.S. Mint hasn’t officially assigned to a design yet. These are a portion of the Frederick Douglass quarters.

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Gary Lomax

I am visiting Sacramento and two days ago got a near perfect Effigy Mounds (D) quarter in my change. But last night, at the local casino, I got a Fredrick Douglas (D) quarter in change from the coffee cart! I was really surprised as its only been 20 days at that point from the official release.


Can anybody tell me how to get brand new mint issued rolls of P & D pennies, dimes and nickels. I have been to every bank in a 30 mile radius and all banks say they can’t order or get new rolls of anything anymore. Where does the Federal Reserve Banks ship the new coins?

Robert F Hall

Ebay or collectors

Chas Barber

Have not seen a Effigy 25c in person, but in the pic here they look like ghosts….from what I’ve seen slow seller. Here we rarely see mint rolls, but I did get 3 Shawnees a month ago……will likely see very few 2017-P cents here in CALIF….