2017 Silver Swan Coin and Koala Coin with Kangaroo Privy Mark Debut


The Perth Mint of Australia introduced two new 1oz silver bullion products this month, a Koala coin with a miniature kangaroo as a privy mark and a coin bearing a brand new swan design.

2017 Silver Swan Bullion Coin, Koala Bullion Coin with Kangaroo Privy
Reverse images of the 2017 Silver Swan Bullion Coin and 2017 Koala Bullion Coin with Kangaroo Privy

Both feature very low mintages — only 50,000 for the Koala coin and just 25,000 for the Silver Swan coin.

2017 Australian Koala with Kangaroo Privy 1oz Silver Bullion Coin

The reverse (tails) of the new Koala coin looks like the standard 1oz and 1 kilo versions issued for this year, depicting a koala sitting at the base of a eucalyptus tree. In the key difference, the standard coins show a second tree in the background whereas the newest coin has the unique kangaroo privy mark instead of the tree. Reverse inscriptions for the new piece include AUSTRALIAN KOALA, 2017, and 1oz 999 SILVER.

2017 Australian Koala with Kangaroo Privy 1oz Silver Bullion Coin
2017 Australian Koala with Kangaroo Privy 1oz Silver Bullion Coin

Coins often carry a small mintmark, usually a single letter, to identify where they are made. In the early 1990s, the Perth Mint began adding tiny privy mark symbols to some limited-edition coins to increase their numismatic appeal.

2017 Australian Silver Swan 1oz Bullion Coin

The new Silver Swan coin shows the graceful bird in its wetland habitat. In classic profile — much like the Perth Mint’s logo, the portrayal displays the swans long neck with broad wings tucked together on its back. Reverse inscriptions include THE 1OZ 9999 SILVER AUSTRALIAN SILVER SWAN.

2017 Australian Silver Swan 1oz Bullion Coin
2017 Australian Silver Swan 1oz Bullion Coin

Obverses (heads) of both the Koala and Swan coins have the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty with inscriptions of ELIZABETH II, AUSTRALIA, 2017, and 1 DOLLAR.

Perth Mint-provided specifications for the pair are:

  • Precious Metal Content (troy oz): 1.000
  • Mint Mark: P
  • Quality: Reverse Proof
  • Fineness: 99.99% purity for Swan coin and 99.9% for Koala coin
  • Weight (g): 31.107 for Swan coin and 31.135 for Koala coin
  • Denomination: 1.00
  • Diameter (mm): 40.600
  • Standard Thickness (mm): 4.000

The two bullion coins are listed on perthmintbullion.com. However, the Silver Swan coin is shown as "out of stock" and is now selling in the secondary market from about $47 to $60.

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Seth Riesling

The Perth Mint Australia sold 15,000 of the total 25,000 mintage silver swan coins to APMEX in the USA & 5,000 to dealers in Germany & kept 2,500 for Australian residents per Australian law (10 percent of total mintage). A beautiful bullion coin. I found some at a Canadian dealer early on at $28 USD each. Hope they offer a Proof with this great design soon.



I haven’t written for a long but have been following.The release by the South African Silver Krugerrand was the first offering in a long while that peaked my interest I purchased 2 NGC 70 for $129.each from MCM.Apmex announced a proposed ship date of June 14 for the Perth Silver Swan Coin.They were pre selling and I ordered 4 for $31.68 each and some time later they announced they would be selling 1,000 pieces graded 70 not sure which ngc or pcgs no preorder or Price.Will be interesting to see the final sell price of MS and graded pieces.Thanks Seth… Read more »


I already got the swan. Nice looking coin. Will keep my eyes out for the kangaroo privy coin!!