Congratulations Set’s Appeal Broadened with 2017-S Proof Silver Eagle (Updated)


The U.S. Mint widened the appeal for this year’s Congratulations Set, pulling coin collectors into the fold of wanting one not just for gift-giving but also for themselves.

2017 Congratulations Set
The 2017 Congratulations Set’s folder is congratulatory-themed with silver and gold ribbons. The special “S” Mint proof Silver Eagle is encapsulated inside on the right with the left fold having an area to write a personalized message. A certificate of authenticity is printed on the back of the folder, while coin specifications appear on the back of a protective sleeve that wraps around the folder.

Produced annually since 2013, the sets have — until now — always included the year’s standard proof American Silver Eagle. This year’s set includes a special one that’ll have a lower mintage. Coin collectors will want one for that reason alone, and more will buy just to maintain a full run of Silver Eagles by year.

Congratulations Sets had always featured the years proof Silver Eagle from West Point, bearing the facility’s "W" mint mark. In a compelling change, the 2017 set has a proof Silver Eagle from the San Francisco Mint with an "S" mint mark.

The latest available U.S. Mint sales figures have last year’s made-to-order Congratulations Set at just 2,374. The debuting set from 2013 ended with the highest sales at 18,347. This year’s set should top those easily because of the "S" Proof Silver Eagle, although its maximum is established at 75,000.

The U.S. Mint also said that the 2017-S Proof American Silver Eagle will be available as a part of the 2017 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set. Its limit hasn’t been announced but last year’s set has sales of 39,166 with 50,000 possible. Minimally, it looks like there will be at least 125,000 "S" Proof Silver Eagles available.

Sales of the standard West Point Mint’s 2017-W Proof American Silver Eagle kicked off on March 23 for $53.95. More than 233,000 sold in the first day. (See photos of the 2017-W Proof Silver Eagle.)

2017-W Proof American Silver Eagle, coin, case and cert
CoinNews photo of an individually 2017-W Proof American Silver Eagle, its case, packaging and certificate of authenticity

Released today at noon ET for $54.95, buy the 2017 Congratulations Set directly from the United States Mint right here, or call 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468). There is no household order limit.

Update (April 5): The U.S. Mint on April 5 at 10:08 a.m. ET sent news editors the following notice about the set’s status: "Sales attrition from cancellations, returns and credit card declinations could result in a very limited quantity being made available for sale."

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michael angiolillo

joe#2 – You are right about that! Check your 2016 American Liberty Silver medals and your 2014 high relief kennedys. Mine have milk spots. I guess technology has not improved since the 1960s.


Michael Angiolillo, Correct. Also my Royal Canadian wildlife series have the same issues. Nice coin mind you, But didn’t want to spend $60 (w/ shipping ) to have the same issues.


Order two sets,shipped today!!

Robert F Hall

Buy me one and I’ll pay you by end of month

Synoptic 12

@ Seth You may have more mileage in dealing with the U.S. Mint than myself but basically I am aligned to the same insight you present. In fact, I can clearly corroborate verbatim all conversations to the United States Mint going back to 2011. I enjoy talking to the women employed by the U.S. Mint who have always conversed with me in a good light, throwing in some humor at times. The negative feedback directed at the U.S. Mint is tiresome to hear, and read, as I place no credence into into that lane of thinking. I’m well aware of… Read more »

Seth Riesling

Synoptic12 – Interesting discourse on the US Mint & you are basically right for sure. I too have had no major problems with my particular orders over the past four decades – just a few minor things that were taken care of for me by customer service protocol. I think the main problem for those collectors who haven’t had many dealings with the U.S. Mint is that they are a 100-percent government monopoly with all their products. Unlike most large & older world Mints that are now run as corporations with a business CEO, COO etc. Some government Mints have… Read more »

a Bob

I’m surprised that so many people feel like they were not given adiquate notice/opportunity I saw this product discussed here as well a Coin World, Coin Week, Mint New Blog and on the Mint website.
Perhaps they will offer it as an individual item later this year in addition to the silver set. We are in for a few more surprises this year.


I have to say, there have been quite a few times now, being a collector as well as someone who can spot an opportunity to make a little scratch, that all I can do is laugh at those of you who complain, complain, complain about everything the Mint does. On the real, I’m able to spot these sell-out scenarios a mile away. I make sure that if I want a certain product, I’m prepared with my info in my Mint profile correctly filled out. Credit card info on file. I make sure my internet connection is good. Who in the… Read more »

Synoptic 12

To All Those Demeaning The United States Mint:
I do not ever recall being connected via telephone to any foreign or alien representative stationed on the phone lines for the past ten years or more. If any have, please state that here.


Here’s the other thing. A household order limit does nothing!!! Almost exactly this time last year, everyone was crying about the 10 order limit with the gold Mercury Dime…


You’re absolutely right. God bless you and God bless America!

Coin Girl

Just got my S coin today. Beautiful no spots

Synoptic 12

@Seth We talked about the Maryland location which I’m aware of. Actually, that is how I started ordering coins from the U.S. Mint. I know nothing of the outsourcing but it stands to reason that every penny counts, in that many amount to millions. * Where did you obtain the 354 next to my name, just curious. A question I’d like to pose as you may know. Seeing that the time frame on the initial offering of the 2017 Congratulations Set was a small window; some saying 120 seconds, varying to 3 1/2 minutes. Would you know how I can… Read more »


greetings I placed my order for the Congratulations set yesterday at 12 noon. My order showed processing for I think several hours and then went to backorder status. After doing the math on some order numbers that were listed on coinnewsblog I see orders that were placed after mine have shipped. The Mint got an authorization on my credit card for the total amount. As of a few minutes ago, my order is still in backorder status. I just called my credit card company to see when the authorization had been placed on my card. The time was 12:00:51. 51… Read more »


Sorry, in my post I said yesterday but I meant to say two days ago(4/4). Just an FYI for everyone, the Mints web site worked flawlessly for me. Even the check out process was smooth as silk. All I needed to do was add my security code from my CC and BAM, I was finished.

Seth Riesling

Synoptic354 – You are definitely right that the US Mint has never outsourced its call center to any foreign country, but their used to be a US government call center in Lanham, Maryland with Federal USA government employees answering the phone. The Mint outsourced its call center & fulfillment center warehouse operations to private vendor companies in the 1990s (both contracts are currently held by PFSweb Corp.) But the Mint does purchase packaging from Asian countries & some blank planchets from Australia. Some early folder-type sets were also printed in the United Kingdom & state so on the back of… Read more »

Seth Riesling

Synoptic 12 – Our paths must have crossed at some time in the numerous numismatic blog websites like If you didn’t place your order by computer, (which would have the date & time stamp on your online order confirmation) & you called in the order, you can call back & ask the rep to read the exact time your order was accepted by their order-taking computer system. Or you can go to the Mint’s website & scroll down & press on “Live chat available” section that will initiate a online text conversation with a rep & at the end… Read more »

Synoptic 12

@Seth Thanks very much. I ordered online via PC; receiving the order next Wednesday, the 12th. Where do I see the date and time stamp, in my email confirmation or the U.S. Mint order section? Tried searching for it but must not be very adept at finding the time. I’ll look again. I noticed your post on Coinworld, thanks. *There are many irate, bitter people screaming. If one really looks at the entire scope of collecting, there should be no animosity toward the U.S. Mint. Not that I wish to delve upon principle but the U.S. Mint is far wiser… Read more »

Chas Barber

Seth & Synoptic, sorry for any PERSONAL insult u may perceive….BUT, regardless–> as to the Mint, I have had many useless call reps & many incidents of their BS in buying from website. I also have been doing this for over 50 years. I got GSA coin$, I got Botainical nickel sets, IKe C&C (Truman what a cluster…come on…you can’t admit that!) & lots of other ‘tuff’ issues, the mint lack of a HH limit on a $50 item with only 75k mintage= creates false monopolies & manipulates or allows manipulators to try to control a market, in the long… Read more »

Synoptic 12

@ Chas Barber To address your concerns may outweigh any perception you may seem to be viable. I will not challenge your experience nor intervene about the past problems you’ve experienced. In the many years of calling the U.S. Mint, at least twelve or more, I’ve never, not once experienced any negativity from any U.S. Mint representative. In fact, I’ve engaged in many conversations encompassing humor, friendliness, courtesy as packaged in a business environment. As mentioned earlier, I can corroborate verbatim each conversation in the past ten years with the U.S. Mint. I just not have seen nor heard of… Read more »


A couple of people have said ” I had no trouble at all ” as if anyone that mentions a website problem is either lying or stupid. Well, duh, many other people had no trouble either (obviously, or they wouldn’t have sold out, right??) That doesn’t mean anyone is lying or incompetent to the point of not being able to make an online purchase. I was on the phone with a customer service rep when the coin reached sold out status (unavailable, which in essence means the same thing) and that was at 12:02. So I know firsthand how long… Read more »


Still waiting to hear where one might find that time stamp. Three days later and my order is still processing.


Not everyone can sit on the phone or computer until the clock strikes noon. A no limit, low mintage release is a gift to speculators, not collectors.

Synoptic 12

@ Bunker

How do you equate a ‘no limit’ adjoined to “low mintage” in the same sense? Furthermore, why would “either”-“or” pertain to ‘speculators’ only?


No limit number on orders, I think that is obvious from the thread. Pulling some kind of semantics argument is pretty lame but you think you’re a real genius.

Synoptic 12

Faster than you’ll ever be.


Wow! I’ve seen a lot of emotion here in the past couple of days. Coin collectors can be very passionate! 🙂 I am neither angry nor upset that I didn’t get any, but immediately came to terms with the fact that I will never own one of these. Someone stated that you can get one later in the limited edition silver proof set. Though I can afford it, I will not be purchasing that set just to get the silver eagle. I also neither condone nor do I support the ‘flippers’, though I am sure I am in the minority,… Read more »

Synoptic 12

@ Kenneth You certainly direct your honesty, and present a most realistic view based upon a somewhat hostile atmosphere connected to the release of the 2017 Congratulations Set. There has been some conjecture as to the process taken by the U.S. Mint in providing a limited window of opportunity for the collector. However one may view the totality of events, surely there should be no animosity or bitterness directed at any, more so the United States Mint. Naturally, there would be many who would disagree as perceiving the aforesaid as a bias opinion, bordering upon prejudicial treatment. Surely, many are… Read more »


4/10/17 Just called mint now my coins on back order. Ordered at 12:00 . Got order confirmation 12:01 on 4th Another confirmation​ on line at 12:04 . Did I miss something???? No answer to my question, when???


Some of the graded PCGS 70s are going for $190 to around $230. I’ll be watching those prices and see where they go. Up or down?

Seth Riesling

joera –

Unfortunately, the price will go down as the Mint issues otter product options with this coin such as the LESPS later in the year. Sell now if you have an extra one. I sold one raw at $150.



To Alex:
You ‘da Man!
You are very correct in what you stated, and more exactly, in how you did it. Nice job!


My backorder for the Congratulations set just shipped from the Mint with a delivery day of Thursday


The Coin Vault is selling this set for $249.98. I wish everybody would not buy from any of these third party vendors. I think they are robbing the collectors!


Old Mike from HSN was upset because he said he couldn’t get five sets for himself. But he had some for sale graded by ANACS for crazy money! He never mentioned that the US Mint was going to sale more “S” Proof Silver Eagles in the Limited Edition Silver Proof Set. What is he called by some? Mike “Sold Out Limited Edition” Mezack?

Robert F Hall

Did anyone get my coin for me? I’m on a fixed income and would appreciate it if you would purchase the coin for me and I will pay for it later in the month

Robert F Hall

I think Mike uses the phrase ” First Day Of Issue “.

Robert F Hall

Who will sell me a set by the end of the month? I will pay 10% over cost!


if you could get everything you wanted when you wanted . in the condition you wanted. collecting really wouldn’t be much fun.