Last Chance at 2016 Commemorative Coins & 2015 Sets


Collectors have less than 24 hours to order 2016 Mark Twain and National Park Service 100th Anniversary Commemorative Coins, and they have only a few days to add several 2015-dated annual sets to their collection.

2016-W $5 Proof Mark Twain Commemorative Gold Coin in Capsule, Obverse
Sales end this Thursday (noon ET) for 2016-dated commemorative coin products, like this proof 2016-W $5 Mark Twain Gold Coin

On Thursday, Dec. 29 at noon ET, the U.S. Mint will stop selling the commemoratives and then by midnight Dec. 31 it will halt sales of five annual sets.

"The close of this year marks the last time some of our beloved products will be available for purchase," the U.S. Mint notes. "Don’t miss the opportunity to capture these items before they go off sale forever."

The soon off-sale commemorative products, their prices and sale as of Dec. 25 include:

Commemoratives Off Sale at Noon ET on 12/29 Prices Latest Sales
2016 $5 Proof Mark Twain Gold Commemorative Coin $381.15 13,154
2016 $5 Uncirculated Mark Twain Commemorative Coin $376.15 5,601
2016 Proof Mark Twain Silver Dollar $50.95 78,100
2016 Uncirculated Mark Twain Silver Dollar $49.95 26,150
2016 $5 Proof NPS Gold Commemorative Coin $381.15 4,829
2016 $5 Uncirculated NPS Gold Commemorative Coin $376.15 4,459
2016 Proof NPS Silver Dollar $50.95 62,323
2016 Uncirculated NPS Silver Dollar $49.95 20,621
2016 50c Proof NPS Clad Commemorative Coin $25.95 40,182
2016 50c Uncirculated NPS Clad Commemorative Coin $24.95 19,648
2016 NPS Three-Coin Proof Set $442.15 14,456


The soon off-sale annual sets, their prices and sales as of Dec. 25 include:

Sets Off Sale at Midnight ET on 12/31 Prices Latest Sales
2015 Proof Set $32.95 661,864
2015 Mint Set $28.95 313,476
2015 Silver Proof Set $53.95 386,049
2015 ATB Proof Set $14.95 99,288
2015 ATB Silver Proof Set $31.95 103,141


The U.S. Mint has an online landing page for the last chance products located here. Call in orders using 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

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Last Pres Unc set on back order, sell out soon? Get it now IF YOU CARE……support your GOP pals!