2016 American Liberty Silver Medal Photos and Video


It took less than 10 minutes on Tuesday, Aug. 23, for the United States Mint to sell its silver Liberty medals. We were able to get a partial order with three medals to go through, paid extra to have them shipped overnight, and we now have a video and some photos of them for review.

Photos of 2016 American Liberty Silver Medals
Here are several photos of the 2016 American Liberty Silver Medals

Struck in 1 ounce of silver to a .999 purity with proof finish, the U.S. Mint allotted 12,500 per medal from two mints, West Point and San Francisco. Buyers able to beat the rush could order two from each minting facility at $34.95 apiece. They’re now selling in the secondary market for close to 5x their issue price.


Both medals share the same basic designs as on last year’s 2015 American Liberty Gold Coin.

2015-W $100 American Liberty High Relief Gold Coin
Photo of the obverse and reverse of a 2015-W $100 American Liberty High Relief Gold Coin. The silver medals have common designs.

2016 American Liberty Silver Medal, Obverse and Reverse
Photo of the obverse and reverse of a 2016-S American Liberty Silver Medal. The obverse of Lady Liberty was designed by Justin Kunz and sculpted by Phebe Hemphill. The American eagle reverse was designed by Paul C. Balin and sculpted by Don Everhart.

The only difference between the two silver editions is mint marks found on their reverse. There’s a "W" on those made at West Point and an "S" on the ones produced in San Francisco.

They lack some of the traditional inscriptions found on modern and precious metals coins, such as IN GOD WE TRUST, E PLURIBUS UNUM, a weight, metal fineness, and of course a face value.

Standard for medals and unlike most coins, they have a smooth edge.

2016 American Liberty Silver Medal - Smooth Edge
Edges of American Liberty Silver Medals are smooth

Produced on the same kind of silver blanks that are used for American Silver Eagles, the Liberty medals also arrive in the same style packaging and presentation case as are used for proof American Silver Eagles.

2016 American Silver Liberty Medal, Case and Certificate
Medals ship encapsulated and within a standard U.S. Mint-branded case. A certificate of authenticity is also included.

They also ship with a U.S. Mint collectible-type Certificate of Authenticity that includes product information and specifications.

2016 American Liberty Silver Medal - Certificate of Authenticity
A medal’s certificate of authenticity

2016 American Liberty Silver Medal - Specifications
The medal’s specification and design descriptions

There’s a possibility that some medals could return for sale. Their online product pages, found here and here, show them as "currently unavailable." The U.S. Mint said they will remain in this state until all order reconciliations and order cancellations are processed.

In ending, here are some larger photos of the medals:

2016 American Liberty Silver Medal, Obverse -b
2016 American Liberty Silver Medal, Obverse
2016 American Liberty Silver Medal, Obverse -c
Another photo of an obverse

2016 American Liberty Silver Medal, Obverse -d
One more photo of an obverse

2016 American Liberty Silver Medal, Reverse
2016 American Liberty Silver Medal, Reverse

2016 American Liberty Silver Medal, Reverse -d
Another photo of a reverse
2016 American Liberty Silver Medal, Reverse -a
One more photo of a reverse
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Seth Riesling

Mike Unser –

Thanks for sharing your high-quality photos of these silver AL medals!
I wish the Mint would have struck them in high relief like the gold coin design they are based on from last year. But, they are beautiful anyway as Proof strikes.


jerry in jersey

A very beautiful medal in my opinion. I was very fortunate to get 2 w & 2 s before they sold out.


Mike,Thanks for the images.Would you share your opinion of this medal.Im sure successful buyers would be interested.I captured one set S & W promised delivery next Wednesday.Look nice too bad not minted in H R. Richard


“IN GOD WE TRUST” would’ve been appropriate on this medal.

Christopher Williams

I am still waiting for mine, but they have been shipped.

Thank you for the images, Mike.


The gold coin is real nice. The medal is just too plain to me. It’s not bad though. All the pictures do make it look good and I will be getting a graded one.


I passed on these silver medals… the last silver medals I bought from the Mint were one each of the 911 medals (P and W) at the introductory price of $56.95 ($66.95 regular price) but I didn’t mind since $10 of it went to the National September 11 memorial. And silver then was pretty high too having almost reached $50 an ounce earlier that year and hardly went below $30 in 2011.


i was very lucky to be able to get throught but only was able to order one from San Fran since the West Points were sold out… Sending this off to NGC to get that early release label and pray to god it receives a PR70UC.

Jack Fudd

I was surprised that one sold out before the other.

I thought they would be sold as pairs…..but I guess some only bought one coin.


Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing. I am going to keep my box sealed for now. Delivery is Monday. I almost passed but the reverse of this medal convinced me to order.


Mike – thank you for the pictures! IMO it’s a modern take on the classic beauties from a century ago.

I’d love to see the design on a circulating coin. If we EVER catch up to the rest of the industrialized world and either restore the 50¢ piece or start minting a $2 coin, it would get my vote.


I was able to get one from each mint
Can’t believe how much people are paying for them on the second market


When I recived my email that the coins were available, good ol mint was sold out! Wonder why they don’t make more of them before they advertise?! Sold out to stinking fast and I’m not buying from others that wants to make big profits…


Beautiful design. I much prefer the 2015 gold version. Wish the silver was a bullion coin. Would be a great addition to the collection. Great balance between art and currency. As a proud Canadian and platinum plus RCM member, i do appreciate this design from the south. Well done.


It’s a beautiful medal, but I had to sell mine. It’s selling at 9 times original price. The low mintage may warrant that multiple, we’ll see.


Wait & be patient,. stay Calm, the price will fall…..how much for a 1999 Silver proof set, sold them for $400 years ago, now lucky to get $90…..Medal collecting has small legs

Seth Riesling

Whistler –

I don’t agree with you totally too often, but you said it better than I could on this issue!
I bought 5 of the US Mint 1999 silver Proof sets & when they reached the $300 level I couldn’t help but sell all but one set. Just last week, a dealer I buy from sometimes has them listed at $92 per set! As you stated well, medals are a very small niche of the numismatic hobby. This too shall pass…have patience collectors.


Christopher Williams

Remember when the Delaware “Quarter” bags of 100 were selling for over $1,000.00…..

Seth Riesling

Christopher Williams –

It was Mike Mezack on HSN selling those Delaware quarters as “rare, first quarter of its kind only produced for 10 weeks at the Mint! Get them now not later when the market goes up! I only have a few bags left to sell you!” LOL


Christopher Williams


That’s hilarious!!!

He’ll be on this weekend hawking the new Medals I’m sure.


The question is what will happen to the gold Standing Liberty Quarter. 100,000 mintage and limit of 1 per house. Will it sell out?


Seth, thanks, I was watching HSN & Mike The Liar touting a set ofr Prez$ he stated, except for the last 3 no more are avialable they are “non existent” & very rare, like the FDR or Ike dollar…..well kiddies Hoover and up are stil @ mint site, you can buy rolls, bags of Ike, etc. Such a blatent lie, why don’t the FEds or MINT or FTC go after him> HUH can we say quid pro quo…..he is scratching a few backs it seems……& selling customers the skin flakes he mines…

Seth Riesling

Whistler – Mezack gets away with his HSN coin show lies simply because the US Mint basically doesn’t give a damn what dealers do with coins they buy from them as Jeppson stated at the 2015 ANA coin show. They only go after counterfeiters with their Secret Service partners. Also, HSN is the second largest television shopping network in the world & has some top lawyers on staff & on retainer. Also, the uneducated people who buy coins from HSN don’t realize they are being ripped off till they go to sell their collection maybe 10-20 years later & are… Read more »


I want one of each but they are so hard to find at a reasonable price now. On eBay unopened box of 4 for $500.00 I hated to but I put in a bid of $400.00 and got denied. Asking big bucks but I don’t think they will get it. Thing is who knows if the box has been opened and re glued and there was so many defects on these coins I’m just not willing to pay $125.00 a coin for a defect. Just a little more money I could buy a rated 69 coin and I would rather… Read more »