Phase I of WWI Dollar Design Competition Nears End

US Mint website for WWI coin design competition
Less than a week remains in the first phase of the design competition for the 2018 WWI American Veterans Centennial silver dollar

Just under a week remains to submit an application to enter the public design competition for the 2018 World War I American Veterans Centennial Silver Dollar.

The deadline for Phase One of the competition ends next Thursday, Apr. 28. Before that time, interested artists must submit a digital portfolio with three to five samples of their work.

After the deadline, a jury will select up to 20 artists and they will be invited on May 31 to Phase Two of the design competition. These artists will be paid a fee of $1,000 to submit a design and plaster for the silver dollar’s obverse and reverse. The submissions must be received by July 31.

The winning artist will be announced in January 2017, get paid $10,000 for his or her design and have their initials appear on the commemorative silver dollar.

For complete details, visit the U.S. Mint’s online section dedicated to the WWI Commemorative Coin Competition.

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