2016 NPS Commemorative Coin 4-Day Sales Hit 80,265


Four-day sales of the coins commemorating the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service reached 80,265, the latest sales figures from the United States Mint show.

2016 National Park Service 100th Anniversary Commemorative Coins, Obverses
This photo shows the obverse or heads side of the six different 2016 National Park Service 100th Anniversary Commemorative Coins. The proof editions are presented on the top row while the uncirculated coins are on the bottom. From left to right are: the silver dollars, the $5 gold coins, and then the clad half-dollars.

Released on Thursday in $5 gold, silver dollar and 50c clad editions with those available in collector finishes of proof and uncirculated, their new total represents a weekend increase of 17,288 coins after first-day sales of 62,977 coins.

The proofs continue to enjoy about a 3-to-1 advantage over the uncirculated coins, with the former featuring frosty designs and mirror-like backgrounds that generally make them the most appealing. That’s also why the U.S. Mint offers a three-coin set of the proofs but doesn’t have a companion uncirculated set.

2016 National Park Service 100th Anniversary Commemorative Coins, Reverses
This photo shows the reverse or tails side of each coin

Here’s a table showing the available product options, their sales and their prices:

Product Options First-Day Sales Four-Day Sales Price
Proof $5 Gold Coin 1,849 2,231 $400.45 (may vary)
Uncirculated $5 Gold Coin 1,489 1,794 $395.45 (may vary)
Proof Silver Dollar 14,409 19,518 $45.95
Uncirculated Silver Dollar 6,957 8,647 $44.95
Proof Clad Half-Dollar 12,088 15,416 $21.95
Uncirculated Clad Half-Dollar 7,414 9,001 $20.95
Three-Coin Proof Set 6,257 7,886 $466.45 (may vary)


Prices for the gold coins can vary weekly depending on fluctuations in the gold market. They won’t change this week since gold’s average has held within the range of $1,200.00 to $1,249.99 an ounce.

The NPS coins should see solid sales gains over the next several days because of their newness. Also supportive, the U.S. Mint mailed a 7-page brochure that promotes their release.

US Mint Brochure on 2016 National Park Service 100th Anniversary Commemorative Coins
The U.S. Mint mailed a 7-page color brochure that talks about the NPS coins

To order any of the 2016 National Park Service Commemorative Coins, visit the U.S. Mint’s online store, right here, or call 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

We’ll publish more photos of the coins in the coming days.

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I fire the first volley on this series. In my humble opinion, the uncirculated coins I received are pretty low quality. By that I Meagan they look like business strikes that made it to the bank. This trend is very disappointing and I hope the Mint gains some leadership and returns to making quality products. Let me know if you agree or think I’m being picky. Happy collecting…

Christopher Williams

I know I’ve written this numerous times before, but thank you, Mike, for posting this info.


I got my 3 Proof set and did not notice any defects. Not sold out so I don’t know yet if I bought something that turns into a dog.

Mike Unser (CoinNews.net)

Christopher, thank you for reading CoinNews!


Crowded poor designs lead to low sales & no aftermarket….and selling silver dollars for 3x + of spot is a real selling point. Surprised @ nothing as PC itius runs into our coinage….the $5 has the famous tree man on it…..kool idea, funky look….the 1/2 is a jumble


I would love the gold coin. I like the design and I would get it in the 3 coin set. However, I’m still trying to fill my “coin account” after the Mark Twain gold.


Another point worth mentioning. The mint released (or will release) nearly every gold coin in this years lineup within a 4-5 week period. It’s tough enough to budget when it is stretched out over the year but with about $10,000 or so in gold coming out so close together I can’t do it. Dealers probably love it but it kills the little guy. Glad to hear the 3 coin set looked good though. And thanks for this info Mike.

Seth Riesling

TJ –

I noticed late last month like you said that the Mint is releasing almost all it’s gold coins this year in March! Crazy planning, or lack thereof, without consideration for the average collector budget, & dealer business income taxes & personal income taxes are due in April ! Absurd timing for sure.



Absolutely essential set to complete the ATB Qtrs!!! Beautiful coins as well!!! Kudos Mint folks!!!