Canadian 2016 Gift Sets for Birthdays, Babies and Celebrations


Newly unveiled Canadian coin sets offer some unique options for those special occasions celebrated throughout the year.

Royal Canadian Mint 2016 Gift Sets
Royal Canadian Mint 2016 Gift Sets

Included in the Royal Canadian Mint’s line-up of new products are Birthday Gift Sets, Baby Gift Sets, Wedding Gift Sets and 2016 O Canada Gift Sets. All four include their own unique $1 coin, each designed by illustrator Joel Kimmel.

"Welcoming a new life into the family? Need the perfect birthday gift? Heading to a wedding? The Royal Canadian Mint offers special coins created for several occasions; they make the perfect gift!" touts the Royal Canadian Mint on its website.

Priced at $19.95, each set also includes $2, 25¢, 10¢, and 5¢ coins. More information on the special occasion sets are offered below.

Canadian 2016 Birthday Gift Set

The reverse or tails side of this set’s unique $1 coin showcases some iconic elements of a birthday celebration to include a present, a cupcake with candle and a birthday hat.

Opened 2016 Birthday Gift Set
Opened 2016 Birthday Gift Set

A graphic envelope joins gift card packaging to complete the special set. Space has been left on the gift card to allow for personalization.

Canadian 2016 Baby Gift Set

Whether given to the parents to celebrate their newborn or to the baby as a later reminder of their birth year, the 2016 Baby Gift Sets make a special gift. The inside of the included gift card packaging offers room for newborn details such as name, delivery date, weight and length. Room is also available for a special wish.

Opened 2016 Baby Gift Set
Opened 2016 Baby Gift Set

All five coins of the set are attached to the card including the specially struck $1 coin which depicts three ABC building blocks.

Canadian 2016 Wedding Gift Set

The Royal Canadian Mint helps celebrate marriages in 2016 with the 2016 Wedding Gift Set. Kimmel’s reverse design shows two bells linked at the top in a heart image.

Opened 2016 Wedding Gift Set
Opened 2016 Wedding Gift Set

Each included gift card offers a spot to write the newlywed’s names, the date of marriage and a special message for the couple.

Canadian 2016 O Canada Gift Set

To cover all of the other special occasions of the year, the Royal Canadian Mint offers the 2016 O Canada Gift Set. An iconic maple leaf design is featured on the reverse side of each specially struck $1 coin.

Opened 2016 O Canada Gift Set
Opened 2016 O Canada Gift Set

All five coins of the set are attached to a gift card.

Ordering Details

Orders for the four special occasion sets are accepted at the Royal Canadian Mint’s website of Here is an affiliate link that goes to the Mint’s Gift Ideas pageicon.

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