2017 Lions Clubs Commemorative Coin Designs Recommended


Design recommendations for the two 2017 Lions Clubs Commemorative Coins have been made. Based on reviews, their obverse will feature the club’s founder and logo and their reverse will depict lions against a globe.

2017 Lions Clubs Commemorative Coin Design Candidates
A sampling of the design candidates for the 2017 Lions Clubs Commemorative Coin

Candidate silver dollar designs to mark the centennial of Lions Clubs International (www.LionsClubs.org) went under review by the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee on Thursday, Oct. 8, and by the Commission of Fine Arts on Sept. 17.

The two bodies weren’t in complete agreement. The CFA recommended obverse #2 and reverse #5-B, in support of the preferences of the U.S. Mint’s liaison from the Lions Clubs. Both designs appear here:

CFA Recommended 2017 Lions Clubs Commemorative Coin Designs
The Commission of Fine Arts (CFA) and Lions Club preferred the above designs, obverse design #2 and reverse design #5-B. The obverse shows Lions Club International founder Melvin Jones. The reverse depicts three lions against a globe.

The CCAC also selected obverse #2, but preferred reverse #5-A over the busier #5-B. They appear together here:

CCAC Recommended 2017 Lions Clubs Commemorative Coin Designs
The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) also preferred the obverse design #2, but recommend a slightly difference reverse in design #5-A, which shows two lions against a globe.

Neither the CFA nor the CCAC is tasked with making the final selections. The U.S. Treasury Secretary has that responsibility.

Obverse Candidate Designs

To follow are images and descriptions of designs candidates for the obverse.

Design Candidate LC-O-01
Design Candidate LC-O-01A

LC-O-01 and LC-O-01A present a portrait of Lions Clubs International founder Melvin Jones with a pair of eyeglasses in his hands, as he places them on the face of the viewer. In LC-O-01, an inscription, "Do something for somebody else" is depicted with some words magnified by the lenses of the eyeglasses.

Design Candidate LC-O-02
Design Candidate LC-O-03

LC-O-02, the recommended obverse by all parties, depicts Melvin Jones paired with the Lions Clubs logo. An additional inscription reads, "MELVIN JONES FOUNDER."

LC-O-03 portrays Melvin Jones in front of a globe, with the inscription, "We Serve."

Design Candidate LC-O-04
Design Candidate LC-O-05
Design Candidate LC-O-06

LC-O-04, LC-O-05 and LC-O-06 present Melvin Jones together with a lion. In design LC-O-05, the lion is depicted in silhouette, reminiscent of the Lions Clubs International logo. Additional inscriptions include, "We Serve," "LIONS CLUBS Founder" and "Melvin Jones."

Design Candidate LC-O-07
Design Candidate LC-O-08
Design Candidate LC-O-09
Design Candidate LC-O-10

LC-O-07 through LC-O-10 feature Melvin Jones superimposed over the Lions Clubs logo. Additional inscriptions include, "We Serve," "Melvin Jones," and "Founder."

Design Candidate LC-O-11
Design Candidate LC-O-12
Design Candidate LC-O-13

LC-O-11 portrays a child putting on eyeglasses and Melvin Jones, with the inscriptions, "LIONS CLUBS" and "Melvin Jones."

LC-O-12 and LC-O-13 depict portraits of Melvin Jones with the inscription, "Melvin Jones, lions clubs Founder."

Reverse Candidate Designs

To follow are images and descriptions of designs candidates for the reverse.

LC-R-01 Design Candidate
LC-R-02 Design Candidate
LC-R-03 Design Candidate
Design Candidate LC-R-04
Design Candidate LC-R-04A

LC-R-01 through LC-R-04A depict the Lions Clubs International logo. In LC-R-01, a stylized globe, placed behind the logo, signifies the global presence of the Lions Clubs. Inscriptions include "Since 1917," "Strength, Courage, Fidelity, Action," "Celebrating 100 Years of Service," "1917" and "2017."

Design Candidate LC-R-05
Design Candidate LC-R-05A
Design Candidate LC-R-05B

LC-R-05, LC-R-05A and LC-R-5B feature a lion or lions set against a globe. In design LC-R-05 a torch accompanies the lion, symbolizing Hellen Keller’s charge to Lions to become "knights…in the crusade against darkness," through their aid to the blind and visually impaired. LC-R-05 and LC-R-05A include the inscription "SINCE 1917." LC-R-5B, the Lions Clubs’ preferred reverse design, features a cub accompanying a male and a female lion, and the inscription "CELEBRATING 100 YEARS OF SERVICE."

Design Candidate LC-R-06
Design Candidate LC-R-07
Design Candidate LC-R-08

LC-R-06 and LC-R-07 present a male and female lion in profile. Inscriptions include "Since 1917" and "CELEBRATING 100 Years of Service." LC-R-08 has inscriptions of "Fidelity, Action, Courage, Strength" lined up to spell the word "Lion" vertically.

Design Candidate LC-R-09
Design Candidate LC-R-09A

LC-R-09 and LC-R-09A depict a male and a female lion, with the inscriptions "Strength, Courage, Fidelity, Action," "Lions Clubs" and "Since 1917." LC-R-09A additionally depicts a lion cub.

Design Candidate LC-R-10
Design Candidate LC-R-11
Design Candidate LC-R-11A
Design Candidate LC-R-11B

LC-R-10, LC-R-11, LC-R-11A and LC-R-11B feature a male and female lion superimposed over a globe. Inscriptions include "Lions Clubs," "100 Years of Service," "CELEBRATING 100 Years of Service," "100 Years" and "Strength, Courage, Fidelity, Action." LC-R-10 and LC-R-11 additionally feature a lion cub, while LC-R-11A features the Lions Clubs International logo.

Design Candidate LC-R-12

LC-R-12 shows two lions standing on a globe, with latitude and longitude lines giving it form beneath their feet. An additional inscription reads, "Since 1917."

Design Candidate LC-R-13

LC-R-13 depicts a pride of lions walking together. Inscriptions include, "Celebrating 100 Years of Service."

Design Candidate LC-R-14
Design Candidate LC-R-14A

LC-R-14 and LC-R-14A present a pride of lions at rest. LC-R-14 includes the Lions Clubs logo. Additional inscriptions include, "100 Years of Service," "Strength, Courage, Fidelity, Action" and "CELEBRATING 100 YEARS OF SERVICE."

Authorized by Public Law 112-181, the United States Mint in 2017 will produce up to 400,000 Lions Clubs Silver Dollars in collector qualities of proof and uncirculated. Sales of each coin will include a $10 surcharge for the Lions Clubs International Foundation for: (1) furthering its programs for the blind and visually impaired in the United States and abroad; (2) investing in adaptive technologies for the disabled; and (3) investing in youth and those affected by a major disasters.

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ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..other than Lions, Rotary Club or Kwanis, who cares?

Antonia Ruiz


I like design #2 and reverse design #5A (two lions).


Karen Blanton

When will the coins be available to order? I definitely love #2 and what a keepsake to have.

Ed Firlotte

My preference would be number 06. To me, it signifies who we are as lions and our founder Melvin Jones.

Lion Alan Garson

I would prefer LC-0-09 for the obverse – it includes the Lions logo and motto;
and LC – R – 05B for the reverse for the “100 years of service.
both of clean lines and are very attractive.

Ed Firlotte

I also like LC-R-09 but I still prefer 06. I look forward to the time when I will be able to purchase the Canadian version..
Do we have any idea what these coins will cost to produce yet and when they might be available?

Larry Edwards

I like #2 front and #1 back. Whatever is selected it is another opportunity to share with all the vale provide for 100 years of Lions service. I would hope thta this helps the USA with the ability to attract more potential members.

Ed Firlotte

What about we Canadian Lions. Are we not part of this International organization as well? Lets not just solely concentrate on the USA but the other 210 countries as well.


Ed – Perhaps a question better asked of the RCM…

John Matheson

Hi Folks from Down Under I would like to see the Lions Logo on one side and Melvin Jones on the other side of the coin. I started the ball rolling for a coin to be struck in Australia about three years ago, when I spoke to the Minister in charge of the Mint at the time, Bernie Rippoll. He took it to cabinet, and came back to me to say that it met their criteria to have a coin struck recognising the work that Lions have done in Australia. I then passed the information on to my District Governor… Read more »

Elaine Clabeauc

I like LC 0 04

Michael chan

I am sure LCI loves to have a coin made at each country. It is up to each of the country to get that going. Please do not fault LCI.

Edward Firlotte

I would certainly be interested in purchasing one of the once in a lifetime Lions Clubs coins when they are available.

Alan "Ted" Reiver

Even though my dad served on the CCAC for many years, as a proud Lions Club member I must agree with the CFA selections; obverse #2 and reverse #5-B. These show what Lions stand for – family, World service, and longevity of service. I attended a Lions club meeting this evening where one of the attendees was celebrating 55 years of service as a Lion. Lion Ted Reiver