2015 American $1 Coin and Currency Set Release

2015 American $1 Coin and Currency Set
U.S. Mint image of the 2015 American $1 Coin and Currency Set

A 2015 Native American $1 Coin from West Point and a Series 2013 $1 Federal Reserve note from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York make their eagerly awaited debut today.

The coin features a unique finish and the $1 bill bears a distinctive starting serial number of "911." They are available together within a joint United States Mint and Bureau of Engraving and Printing product called the 2015 American $1 Coin and Currency Set.

Priced at $14.95 with a product limit of 90,000 and an order limit of 5 per household, don’t be surprised if these sets sell out quickly. Last year’s set did. They’re now selling for over three times their issue price with higher-graded examples of the set’s coin going for much more.

2014-D Enhanced Uncirculated Native American $1 Coin - Reverse
A photo of the enhanced uncirculated $1 coin found in last year’s set (reverse side)

Like it, this year’s set has an exclusive Native American $1 Coin in an enhanced uncirculated finish. It marks only the second of its type in the Native American dollar series. Last year’s set introduced the first one, struck in Denver with a reverse design commemorating how Native American hospitality ensured the success of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

The coin for this year’s set is from the U.S. Mint facility at West Point, augmenting its collectability. The West Point Mint normally strikes platinum, gold and silver coins. It’s not a complete stranger to $1 coins featuring Sacagawea, having made some test 22-karat gold examples with a dozen of them flying in space aboard Space Shuttle Columbia on mission STS-93 in July 1999.

Pile of 2015 Native American $1 Coins
2015 Native American $1 Coins, standard circulating-quality versions

Designed by U.S. Mint Artistic Infusion Program artist Ronald D. Sanders and sculpted by U.S Mint Medallic Sculptor Phebe Hemphill, the reverse (tails) shows a Mohawk ironworker reaching for an I-beam that is swinging into position. Inscriptions read: "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA," "$1," and "MOHAWK IRONWORKERS."

The $1 coin’s obverse (heads) retains the Sacagawea design by sculptor Glenda Goodacre first introduced in 2000.

Last year’s set had an uncirculated Series 2013 $1 Federal Reserve note printed for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City and without a distinctive serial number. This year’s set with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York designation has a serial number beginning with "911" in recognition of the Mohawk Ironworkers recovery efforts after the collapse of the World Trade Center twin towers in 2001.


When released, order 2015 American $1 Coin and Currency Sets from the United States Mint’s online product page right here. Place phone orders using 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

The coin and note ship in a tri-fold presentation folder containing historical information about the Mohawk Ironworkers.

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Greetings… 90,000 2015 from 50,000 is a large spread.Will be interesting to watch this Coin and Currency set play out. I’m in for the max.Good luck to you the collectors. Mike, Lots of updates. Thank You.


let see will it hit record sold out in 6 mins ! ?? might not because Stock Market plummet today


Website problems again, identical to the Eisenhower set. It took me 10 minutes to place my order.

Joe Coincollector

I was already on the website with a few other items ready to order. Right at 12:00 I was ejected from the site and I cannot get back on.


Actually worse today at my location. Website completely down cannot even get a homepage, much less a login. Been this way so far between 11:59 and 12:17.


It took me 17 min to place an order. Same issues as obove.


I had the same issues as when ordering the Eisenhower C&C set. Eventually I clicked to confirm my order but the page never loaded. I did however receive an email with a confirmation number, the order is also in my Order History and I see my credit card was charged. Looks like I’m getting my 3 sets.

john k

same old same old problems

Joe Coincollector

I wonder how many sets the big time resellers already have?

Joe Coincollector

Finally at 27 minutes after I have my confirmation. Hope all is well with my fellow collectors. The mint web ordering is a joke!


Worse than before they spent 50 million on the new website.


Same experience here. Its getting worse each time a new product comes out.


Logged in at 12:25PM – very slow. Was able to purchase set without getting bounced but it took almost 10 minutes to go from log-in to purchase.
How much did they pay to revamp their website? Sounds like a rebate may be in order.


Had the site up in chrome, IE, and chrome on my phone. Finally after 28 minutes I was able to get my order through. I’m scared to even think how many went to the home shopping network guys


well. they still have alot right now, because 90k , and not that many real coin collectors, so people might got burned, but anyway it is only cause $17 per set, keep it for grandkids’ xmas gift 🙂 it is not bad ideal, we need new blood for coin collecting hobby


I agree, the site was much worse than when I tried to order the Ikes (and failed) it took me almost 20 minutes to complete this order. I was logged in at least 10 minutes before noon … the same glitches happened to me but they seemed to last longer this time. Yeah, I would have been a little impressed with the Mint Director designate if he only had included a reassurance that the Mint was trying its best not to have the “glitch” happen again … but nooo he just went happily on the attack (basically) against those who… Read more »


this year is Numismatist busiest year in History . Watch, we might have reverse proof silver limited edition by December, that contain Silver eagle can be super rare as 1995W AE


Was bounced several times but got through finally. Doesn’t seem to be as much pressure as with Ike. Just got my usual one. Got through around 12:25 with confirmation e mail shortly thereafter from the U.S.M.


it is 9:45 AM PST , they still have it,


The Mint’s website seemed to have speeded up a little after 12:35 or so. I’m still logged in and jumping from one page to another and coming back to the 2015 Sac order page … it still shows available with the “Add to Bag” button still present .

Mike Unser

There are no early sales stats as of 11:48 PM Eastern Time. We should have some within a few hours. The U.S. Mint is aware of the website problems. Mint officials said they’re working to fix it and “apologize for the inconvenience.”


Tried ordering 2 sets at 9AM and spent 35 minutes trying to get it completed, site finally worked and got my order placed. Nothing but issues with getting to where I needed to be, same issues as with the Eisenhower set. Painfully slow then things would just stop. My guess is that a hacker figured things out and sold access via a back door to any of the big players that wanted in, they get the majority of orders while the collectors waste their time trying to place their order for 1 or 2 sets. It’s odd that multiples of… Read more »


i saw on Ebay people flipping coin again, buy i guess this time they might not get that much profit like IKE set, because the US Mint still have it


Mike Thanks for the update. It seems this “computer application” affects the Mint’s website only for a period of half an hour it seems, just like it did during the Ike fiasco … and to have the Mint Director designate not say anything about looking into it and trying to reassure its retail customers (by that I mean small fry collectors like me), instead he launches an attack on the unsuccessful Ike buying folks like myself and regurgitate cr”p like the Mint has nothing to do with how its customers do with the product after they purchase it …. hey… Read more »


One important thing: People flipping the Apple , Bidu , Nflx stock , instead coins, they make more money, like Apple up and down almost $15 , Bidu $50 , , Nflx $25, Is it more easy money than coin Market ??? lol


There should not be any problem getting these, but the question is when. If they go back order or exhaust what’s ready to go, then it’s several months of waiting and chances of getting rejects that early buyers sent back. Umm, I can picture NGC and PCGS employees going through hundreds of sets tonight and having the failed units ready to take back to Memphis tomorrow. It’s gonna be an alnighter for the grading clerks hiding under their green visors? Or do they even look at them, just go eenie meenie?


took 27 minutes to place order…..worse than before!


incidentally – though i finally got in at about 12:27pm, as usually i had the sets shipped to my office but billed to my home – at about 1:30pm EST – i logged back into the site again, and, just to see what would happen, tried to purchase an additional 5 sets – this time i tried billing and shipping to the same address (my home) – the system took all the info up until the “confirm order” button when it advised that i had “reached the household limit! i tried again as a guest – with the same result… Read more »

john k

so the mint has no problem with people selling these ” in hand ” on EBay hours before they actually go on sale at the mint to the peons ?


The mint the dealers are all in against the small guy this includes the grading services I wonder how many sets do they get in advance



The big boys/dealers are favored over folks like me (that’s an understatement of course), I read somewhere that this Mint Director designate had a special audience with them at the last ANA show. Probably private and hush-hush because I don’t see any press release on this by the Mint.


HAte to tell ya’ll ordered 5 sets @ 10AM PST, took maybe 3 min tops, confirmation already…..90k is = to a non legs issue, but will be pushed by the HSN folks no doubt “rare” oooh I want to pay $200…it SHOULD take 4 days to sell out, but it is only a $15 item! Held off on my JFK boxes, they likely have a gazillion


We started th process at 12:02 Eastern the site was a mess.Seems the surge was over by 12:40.I doubt this will be a break neck sell out.We will see.The initial sales numbers will be interesting.

James Madison

No problem with the big boys getting these items, the problems it with the Mints web page It can’t handle the traffic volume.


I was unable to get in at 9 am (was in the website but got bounced out). Tried for 15 minutes with no luck. Had to go to classes. Just got home at 1:10 pm (PDT) and went on the website. Still available and ordered two sets.


Mike: A typo – Mrs. Goodacre’s first name is _Glenna_ rather than Glenda.

As the risk of sounding sexist, her design skills aren’t limited to coins. Daughter Jill is a former Victoria’s Secret model ….

Mike Unser

We won’t have any early numbers today. The Mint said they would get us first day sales by around 11 a.m. tomorrow. They are still researching the cause of the website problems.


FIRE ! BURNING! this time Flippers got burned, but they wont care , because IKE set can cover the lost on this set,


Having been a Union Iron Worker along with my Dad, Brother, & 3 Nephews this was a must have.

Christopher Williams

I’m sure Mike “Sold Out Limited Edition” Mezack will be on HSN hawking these.

And he will have hundreds to sell.


speaking of mike, i LOVE watching that show – i NEVER, EVER buy anything thing, but i get a real kick out it it…..i finally found out that the “national catalog” he always refers to, is nothing more than the latest littleton catalog….. except for Littleton’s totally inflated prices, why he thinks THAT is the be all and end all of coin catalog prices is beyond me……..


Ordered mine at 7:20 PM still there was in no hurry after ike screw-over. Guess many didn’t realize the West point mint mark. last years was a Denver mint edition. Increased mintage 40000 over last year.


Well, I’ve only been collecting – actively – since March of last year. In that short amount of time, I’ve learned that the US Mint has written the book on Marketing! WOW! Trying to keep up with soooo many variations is exhausting! And, for fear of missing the “Big One” (i.e. those hard to get coins that command a sizable premium – 2009 double eagle, 2011 SAE sets, 1996 Gold Set, etc) I find myself constantly scrambling with alerts and reminders of the next and new variation of the next I-gotta-have-it coin that will be worth $$$ in my retirement… Read more »

Mike Unser

The Mint said that the first day of sales reached 44,344 sets.


I ordered my sets around 16:30 yesterday afternoon and had absolutely no problems at all. I received my shipping confirmation this afternoon.


First, I really enjoy reading Coin News & Mike gives all of us useable information about what is going on with coin collecting. But the comments posted by some people range from positive to negative about the US Mint, the product they are selling and the people that are buying the product or trying to buy the product. The thing is some of the comments that are negative and positive sometimes come from the same people. I mean either you like the item being sold or you don’t. You think it is something not worth the trouble to get but… Read more »


As far as the coin collector show I usually record. Then check their prices vs the Fair market value at http://www.numismedia.com/fmv/fmv.shtml. He is usually double what they list. Lots of hype and pushes what he thinks will sell to the uninformed.

Mike Unser

We just heard from the Mint. Sales through to the end of Tuesday reached 48,272 for 53.6% of the max.


Went back and ordered 3 more (initial order of 2) as well as the LBJ rolls on the evening of the 24th, around 7PM.
On the 25th at 2:30PM I received an email indicating my order had been shipped. Surprise! It was the order I placed in the evening. 5 hours later I received a ship notice that the order I placed at 12:30PM on the 24th was shipped.
So much for FIFO huh?


I had no Problems ordering 5 at 6PM on the 26th. I wish I had a chance to order the Ikes and Trumans but unfortunately I was stuck in the woods with no cell phone reception. Most of the dollar coins I collect come from Coin roll Hunting. I picked up a Grant S proof today from the bank teller. Not in the best condition but it only cost me a dollar.

Christopher Williams

Limited to five (5) sets per household, but the below seller is selling thirty (30) sets.



immediately after the ike sale was over, i spied a seller on ebay seller 20 sets….i sent him a question asking how he managed to secure 20 sets, given they were limited to 2 per household……”STILL” waiting for an answer….(smile) – ps – as i am new to this – does anyone know the proper forum to inquire about grading procedures for coins? i have a few questions and didn’t know where the correct place to post / ask is? thanks!