US Mint Gold Coin Prices May Decline on Wed., July 29

Photo of 2015-W $50 Proof American Gold Eagle
Prices on U.S. Mint numismatic gold coins, like the 2015-W $50 Proof American Gold Eagle, could decline on Wednesday

There’s a chance on Wednesday, July 29, that the United States Mint will reduce prices on its line of collectible gold coins by as much as $50 for every ounce of gold they contain. The opening price of the highly-anticipated 2015-W $100 American Liberty High Relief Gold Coin will also get set on Wednesday.

The U.S. Mint cut pricing just last Wednesday, July 22, when the weekly average of London gold tumbled to within the range of $1,100.00 to $1,149.99 an ounce. The yellow metal has since fallen further.

The bottom line, expect lower coin prices if Wednesday’s AM fixing for gold is below $1,145.96 an ounce and the PM fixing remains under $1,100 an ounce. The latter is the one to watch. Spot gold is currently at $1,095.20 an ounce.

This coin news article will be edited to show what actually happened. Based on current conditions, the table below offers the most likely changes for each gold product.

Update: The U.S. Mint reduced prices by 2 PM EDT on Wednesday. The new coin prices are in the ‘To’ column below.

From To
2015-W Proof Gold Buffalo Coin (1 oz) $1,490.00 $1,440.00
2015-W Uncirculated Gold Eagle Coin (1 oz) $1,425.00 $1,375.00
2015-W Proof Gold Eagle Coin (1 oz) $1,460.00 $1,410.00
2015-W Proof Gold Eagle Coin (1/2 oz) $745.00 $720.00
2015-W Proof Gold Eagle Coin (1/4 oz) $385.00 $372.50
2015-W Proof Gold Eagle Coin (1/10 oz) $165.00 $160.00
2015-W Proof Gold Eagle Four-Coin Set $2,705.00 $2,612.50
2015 US Marshals Proof Gold Coin $381.15 $369.00
2015 US Marshals Uncirculated Gold Coin $376.15 $364.00
2015 US Marshals Three-Coin Set $442.15 $430.00
2014 Proof Gold Kennedy Gold Coin $1,127.50 $1,090.00
2013, 2014 & 2015 First Spouse Gold Proof Coins $765.00 $740.00
2013, 2014 & 2015 First Spouse Gold Uncirculated Coins $745.00 $720.00


The one-ounce, 24-karat 2015 American Liberty High Relief Gold Coin launches this Thursday at noon EDT. If the United States Mint reduces prices on its other coins, it’ll be $1,490. Otherwise, expect to pay $1,540.

The U.S. Mint has made nine prior pricing adjustments this year, raising them four times and dropping them five times. Pricing changes have tended to happen on Wednesdays at around 2:00 PM ET, though last week they occurred several hours later than that.

The above gold coins are found on the U.S. Mint’s website page located here.

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It will be interesting to see if the Mint drops the price or will they put the $50 in their pocket to take advantage of the first day issue crowd. The way things are going south on commodities, it should pay to hold off until they drop it, if first day issue isn’t a priority.


Question for the mint experts. How can they lower the price of the Kennedy Proof or the 3 US Marshalls sets when they are not available to order?