2015 American Liberty HR Gold Coin Limits; No Silver Medal


Earlier today, July 16, the United States Mint officially announced mintage and household ordering limits for the 2015 American Liberty High Relief Gold Coin. They are set at 50,000 and 50.

2015 American Liberty High Relief Gold Coin
2015-W $100 American Liberty High Relief Gold Coin

The West Point-struck $100 gold coin with a Lady Liberty obverse and an American eagle reverse launches on July 30 at noon EDT. Its opening price will be established on July 29 based on a weekly average of gold. The most likely price will be in the area of $1,540 to $1,590, and between $390 and $440 above the spot price of gold.

Demand for the .9999 fine gold coin is expected to be high, and it will not be available at any of the Mint’s sales counters, only online at www.usmint.gov/catalog and via telephone at 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

"Customers should be aware this could be a high-demand item. For faster ordering, customers should be on the website at noon July 30," Lateefah Simms, public affairs specialist in the Mint’s Office of Corporate Communications, said in an email. "If customers have an account and are logged in, they can usually complete their purchase in under two minutes. The website can handle thousands of customers at a time, so the website is the fastest method to get an order in the system."

Earlier Mint plans had called for a one-ounce, .999 pure a high relief silver medal with the same designs as the gold coin without most of the inscriptions. That will not happen, at least in 2015.

"The Mint will not produce the American Liberty Silver Medal in 2015," Simms said. "We have not determined if this product will be released at a later date."

The U.S. Mint’s product page for the 2015 American Liberty High Relief Gold Coin is located here.

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Hallelujah, a good set up. Theit got it right with the low mintage of 50K and a household limit of 50. Praise God


Make sure IRS not watching u ,if you order 50 sets!


warning: Any transaction over $10000 must report to IRS

Joe #2

50k…. Very high mintage…
Very cheesy display “box”
A lot of hype…
I like the way they say limit 50…lol… Yeah, Everybody has $75k…lol
Higher premium than the buffalo…Why?????? Still an ounce of .9999 gold
These will be here for quite some time…..


Another bullion value later on. I pass this one.


Your right Joe #2. Why would it cost more than the buffalo? It definitely is not the box.


Anybody besides me thinking that the 2015 Buffalo with its low mintage – and with direction being taken away from it by the Truman RP, this HR coin, and the falling metal prices – is probably a really great investment?

I bought a 2009 HR coin back when it came out for $995…sold it a year ago for 2200 (graded PCGS MS69)….I think this High Relief is going to be a good investment also…but not as good as the Buffalo. Hmmmm….thoughts?


Hey has anyone at the US Mint thought about YOUNG COLLECTORS or financially disadvantaged collectors ?
You know, The Future of Numismatics /Coin Collecting

Why not, an item in the $100/$250 range ? A same diameter Silver Coin, as this Item ? Why not a $50 Version in Proof Silver, with a Limit of 75K
I’ve been collecting for almost 50 years on a limited budget.
C’mon, USMint do something for the “Little Guy” collector


They have to do something with the box.


@Ole_GMG And the Mint had announced that there would be a silver medal version of the Gold HR Liberty ….. then it was on their website as “scheduled” … then it disappeared …. now they are not sure if it will ever be made? I was keen to buy the silver version maybe 2 or 3 because I really liked the eagle reverse (plus I don’t have that much money to spend on the gold which seems to have a floor price of $1,440) and now it seems to me the Mint is somehow trying to push people like myself… Read more »


If you step back and really look at what the mint has been doing, they have been issuing many more low priced items vs the higher dollar items. It is not such a bad thing for the hobby for the Mint to produce a low mintage, high demand item. If you look at the coins that have increased significantly in value over time this one has all of the earmarks.


I’m really disappointed that there’ll be no American Liberty silver medal. I think such a medal (without the legal inscriptions required on the Gold coin version) would have been quite impressive. With the Mint coming out with so many products – especially those relating to the Presidential dollars – I can’t believe they couldn’t give a totally new product (a silver medal) a chance. Those that can’t afford the gold version are left out. For even those who CAN afford it, I wonder if it’ll be a smart investment? It’s high relief, NOT ultra high relief. The 2014 Kennedy Gold… Read more »

Russ Barton

Household limit of 50. What is that all about. I guess that the coin dealers can buy them all up and then the little guy gets screwed by the mint again. Once I am done with the first spouse collection, I am done with the usmint. Pure stupidity.


Most collectors that want this one will only be able to afford to purchase one. The 50 limit is the Mints insurance policy that this will be a sellout, giving larger dealers the opportunity to add this one to their inventory (while limiting hording).

Charles from Florida

Better be ready on July 30th if you intend to make a purchase. My prediction is that this item will sell out on the first day, regardless if the dealers all grab 50 apiece. The 2009 HR $50 gold piece set the standard and as noted in one of the comments, item was bought for $995 and sold recently in MS 69 grade for $2200—not sure of the mintage of that particular coin but most likely it was more than 50,000 units,more likely 100,000. Watch and see, hopefully, I can afford to buy one.


The coin dealers will find ways to go beyond the HH limit even if it had been at 5 or 10 and stock up. This absurd HH limit just makes it easier for them ….


I say if you want a coin, log in early. If the mint actually has enough produced you will likely get your coin(s) right away. That’s my plan. I just hope the Mint has produced enough for first days sales and does not direct them to the dealers first. Of course, the Mint does have a history of disappointing their collectors like us on this blog site. Lets see what happens. I only hope the price of gold stays low for now.


Once sold out they will probably sky rocket on ebay and others!


Is that household limit of 50 some kind of joke? With that kind of limit, it’ll only take a few dealers buying the max to shut a whole lot of legitimate collectors out. At least with a limit of 5 the dealers had to work or be creative to acquire large numbers. This time it’s way too easy for them.

I hope I get the chance to buy one from the Mint. I will not buy from some greedy dealer at a scalper’s price.


Everyone needs to email or call the mint and complain. The need to tell them that the household limit is to many. The people that only want one will not have a chance in hell on Thursday.


Is this a one time thing? Thought I had read that it was only for 2015. Anyone know if there are future plans for $100 gold coins. Same or differant design?


Just placed my order at 11:04 (central time) NO ISSUES…sailed right thru. Got my email confirmation. No waiting.


Got mine also. Sold out now.

phil courtney

I got mine @ 12:37 pm. I only bought one, went back two hours later to buy another already sold out. Wow, that’s 7.5 million. I’m in the wrong business.

Helmet Boy

I love the first coin with how the Americans are going back to their historical roots, using black people as currency