PCGS Reveals Security-Enhanced Coin Holders


New security-enhanced holders for PCGS-certified coins are now in use, Professional Coin Grading Service announced Tuesday, May 26.

New PCGS coin holder
A completely redesigned, superior holder now is used on all submissions certified by PCGS. (Photo credit: Professional Coin Grading Service.)

The holders have both obvious and hidden security features to deter counterfeiters and identify counterfeit holders, the company described, and they also help prevent spotting and toning of coins.

New PCGS Shield on Coin Holder
Secure™ Shield hologram that contains micro-text and color shifting features. (Photo credit: Professional Coin Grading Service.)
PCGS QR Code on Coin Holder
An important addition to the new PCGS holder and enhanced label is a Quick Response Code that links directly to the online cert verification of the coin. (Photo credit: Professional Coin Grading Service.)

These holders are completely redesigned and include a new baked-in hologram, a new shield logo with micro-text and color shifting security features and a traceable "quick response" code.

"This is the most technically advanced coin holder ever offered," said Don Willis, President of PCGS. "There has never been a coin holder that has gone through as much chemical and laboratory analysis as the 2015 PCGS Gold Shield holder."

Additionally, they are made in a new blend of protective plastic that is 99.99% chemically-inert, identifiable like DNA, tamper-evident and virtually airtight without edge seams.

"This is part of the ongoing, aggressive efforts by PCGS to combat the global proliferation of counterfeit coins and imitation holders," said PCGS Co-Founder David Hall.

Significant design and security features of the new PCGS holders include:

  • Proprietary polymer formula with embedded PCGS identifiers: Made from a new blend of crystal-clear, scratch-resistant plastic that’s tested to be 99.99% chemically-inert. The chemical formula contains PCGS-specific additives that can be detected using a special handheld device. These sturdier, tamper-evident holders have no edge seam, are virtually airtight and will provide even more protection against potential environmental damage to coins.

  • Quick Response Code: A QR Code on each label conveniently links directly to the PCGS Certification Verification page at www.PCGS.com/cert.

  • Embedded hologram with detectable additives: Additives in the embedded hologram and label will allow PCGS to determine the authenticity of the new holders.

  • New PCGS Secure™ Shield logo: The logo doubles as a security device, and contains micro-text and color shifting features.

Described as "next generation," these new holders are now being used on all submissions certified by PCGS, the company stated. This PCGS video describes the holder’s security enhancements and talks about the major features.


For additional information, visit www.PCGS.com/security.

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With the counterfeit holders showing up in the market this is a good step forward!!


How does one tell if a coin holder is counterfeit?


Ozzie, in answer to your question. One quick test used in the past to detect a fake PCGS slab was to try to stack or nest it on top of a known genuine PCGS slab. If the suspect slab fails to stack or nest it exactly on top of a known genuine PCGS slab, then the suspect slab is a fake. The reason is because the counterfeiters were unable to replicate the exact dimensions of a genuine PCGS slab.


Dave, Thank You! Now I Know.


that is an awesome tip david!