2016 Reagan Dollar Design Recommended by CCAC and CFA


Design recommendations have been voiced for the 2016 Presidential $1 Coin honoring Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States.

Recommended 2016 Ronald Reagan Presidential $1 Coin Design, RR-01
Design candidate RR-01, the CCAC and CFA recommended portrait for the 2016 Ronald Reagan Presidential dollar

Artists for the U.S. Mint crafted eight candidate designs for the dollar. These went under review by the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) on March 5 and by the Commission of Fine Arts (CFA) on March 19. Both bodies selected the same design, RR-01, which is shown above.

Candidate Designs for 2016 Ronald Reagan Presidential $1 Coin
The eight proposed designs for 2016 Ronald Reagan dollar

The CFA noted it was the best design, and commented on the "strength of President Reagan’s characteristic smile." Most members of the CCAC felt drawn to it as well, though a few preferred a slightly different version. The first design handily won in CCAC voting. The Secretary of the Treasury has the last say in all coin designs, but a change to another is not expected.

2016 marks the end of the Presidential $1 Coin series which honors former and deceased U.S. presidents in the order of their service. The series started in 2007 and has commemorated four presidents each year. Next year’s coin releases celebrate Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and finally Ronald Reagan. All the dollars feature a portrait of the president on their obverse or heads side and share reverses that depict the Statue of Liberty.

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“Celebrate” Nixon, Ford, and Reagan….

Oh well, it is the end of the series.


I’m sorry but I never did like this dollar series they look more like tokens from Chucky Cheese than real coins. I figured it was another way to seperate you from your cash. It’s as bad as the BEP selling the founding fathers set with just one 1 $ bill and one 2 $ bill for over 20 $, give me a break…how about some real coins with varied designs each year? Asking too much I’m sure!


Nancy Reagan is still alive. My understanding is that living people are not put on US coins. Does this mean that there will be no first spouse coin for her?


Instead of Nancy they’d probably do a liberty coin like they did for Jefferson and the other Presidents with no wives during their presidency.


I read that they will be making an exception and a Nancy Reagan spouse coin will be struck to end the series.

Mike Unser

The authorizing law states that only deceased presidents may appear on the $1 coins but there are no such restrictions for their wives. There will be Nancy Reagan First Spouse Gold Coins in 2016. She’d be the first living person on a U.S. coin since Eunice Shriver appeared on 1995 Special Olympics World Games Silver Dollars.


Richard: As uninspired as I think the whole idea was to mint still more “dead presidents” coins, it’s not making a political statement. There’s controversy now only because the series has reached those presidents who served within recent memory. Otherwise the selections might have been made, for ex., by a panel of historians and citizens who would have knotted up the process by arguing the merits of Buchanan, Grant, Jackson, Harding, et. al. as well as Nixon and Reagan. Once the series is over and done with, my 2¢ is to leave Sacajawea on the Native American series but move… Read more »


How old is Nancy Reagan?

JOE #2

Nancy ( god willing ) will be 94 this July 6th. Nancy was older than my mom by 9 days…
Nancy a great gal. Wish we had her as 1st lady and bring Ronnie back… They were the 2nd Camelot right next to John & Jackie,,,( with all the turmoil that happened ).


Next thing is to ask Nancy Reagan to donate signature proceeds to the Alzheimer’s group. Sign the little grading papers, send to the grading service and VOILA! The signature of the live person on the slab. Bet there would be more than a few people willing to pay big bucks for that.


Thanks, JOE#2. My mom will also be 94 in September and still lives in the home I grew up in on her own. She also loved Frank Sinatra maybe not as much as Nancy did. lol

JOE #2

Congrats Joe on your moms 94th birthday…. many many more…..Beautiful to hear… My mom did pass in Feb. of 2007 from c.o.p.d., But i always thought of my mom and Nancy having been born the same year and month being the same age.


A lot of the Presidential Dollars have creepy eyes when the coins get angled in the light. I’m guessing it has to do with the very low relief the coins are struck in. The same is true for the 2006-present Jefferson nickels. Perhaps if they had rounded the forward-facing busts a little more, the eyes would’ve fit in better with the designs…


Joe – 94 years! That’s super. Go for 100!

But yes, Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia are the Terrible Thieves because they take away the mind while leaving the body. We endured the sad, painful declines of several relatives with dementia, so I definitely support the idea of targeting signature funds to the Alzheimer’s group.


Ronald Reagan had Alzheimer’s. Nancy Reagan cared for him in his declining years, but even with lots of support had a difficult time. She has been and is a big supporter of the Alzheimer’s Association. Wonder if anybody has informed her that by autographing the slab grading papers she could raise a decent amount of funds for the association if she wanted to donate.


Not one of the Presidential dollars with the forward facing portrait has worked well! There is a reason that most coins in history have had a three quarter or side view of the face. Just look at the Abraham Lincoln dollar, forward facing and his nose looks smashed in. Just a little turn to the image goes a long way in improving the strike.
I agree with Munzen, after the Presidential series ends, how about putting the date back on the front of the Sacagawea dollar, make a coin again, not a medal! .