2015 Proof Set Photos and Debut Sales


The United States Mint last week released its 2015 Proof Set for $32.95. This short article presents a photo overview of the set of 14 clad coins which notched six-day opening sales of 232,107 — the quickest start in three years.

2015 Proof Set
This photo of the 2015 Proof Set shows everything that comes with it — the outer box, the coins in their three protective plastic lenses and a U.S. Mint certificate of authenticity.

Annually issued for decades, these sets are always a sales leader among U.S. Mint collectible products. Each coin is produced at the San Francisco Mint, bears the ‘S’ mint mark and is struck in collector proof quality. Before jumping into more photos, here’s a table showing early and ending sales of sets from recent years:

2007 – 2015 US Mint Proof Set Sales

Issue Price Coins Issue Date Debut Sales Date Debut Sales Ending Sales
2015 Proof Set $32.95 14 March 24, 2015 March 29, 2015 232,107
2014 Proof Set $31.95 14 March 25, 2014 March 30, 2014 214,241 694,964*
2013 Proof Set $31.95 14 March 28, 2013 April 1, 2013 205,740 802,460
2012 Proof Set $31.95 14 May 7, 2012 May 14, 2012 243,494 794,002
2011 Proof Set $31.95 14 January 11, 2011 January 16, 2011 253,144 1,098,835
2010 Proof Set $31.95 14 July 22, 2010 July 25, 2010 296,379 1,103,950
2009 Proof Set $29.95 18 June 1, 2009 June 7, 2009 437,178 1,477,967
2008 Proof Set $26.95 14 June 24, 2008 July 6, 2008 424,402 1,405,674
2007 Proof Set $26.95 14 July 19, 2007 July 22, 2007 386,476 1,702,116


*The 2014 Proof Set is still available, advancing in sales by 1,366 from a week ago to 694,964.

Inside the set are proofs of this year’s $1 coins, 2015 America the Beautiful Quarters, and 1c, 5c, 10c, and 50c coins. Proof coins feature frosted designs that contrast against mirror-like backgrounds.

There are three lenses that hold the coins. Each lens protects the coins and makes them easy to view their sides and edges. Here are photos of both sides of the lens that carries the 1c, 5c, 10c, 50c and Native American $1 Coin.

1c, 5c, 10c, 50c and $1 (Obverses) in 2015 Proof Set
Obverse or heads side of the 1c, 5c, 10c, 50c and Native American $1
1c, 5c, 10c, 50c and $1 (Reverses) in 2015 Proof Set
Reverse or tails side of the 1c, 5c, 10c, 50c and Native American $1

These next two photos show the 2015 quarters honoring Homestead National Monument of America Quarter (Nebraska), Kisatchie National Forest Quarter (Louisiana), Blue Ridge Parkway Quarter (North Carolina), Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge Quarter (Delaware), and Saratoga National Historical Park Quarter (New York).

Quarters (Reverses) in 2015 Proof Set
Reverses of the 2015 America the Beautiful Quarters
Quarters (Obverses) in 2015 Proof Set
Obverses of the 2015 America the Beautiful Quarters

Finally, there is the lens with the 2015 Presidential $1 Coins honoring Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, and Lyndon B. Johnson. Here are two photos of it:

Presidential $1 Coins (Obverses) in 2015 Proof Set
Obverses of the 2015 Presidential $1 Coins

Presidential $1 Coins (Reverses) in 2015 Proof Set
Reverses of the 2015 Presidential $1 Coins

All proof sets ship with a certificate of authenticity. The back of certificate also displays specifications of the 14 proof coins to include names of the designers and sculptors.

2015 Proof Set, Certificate of Authenticity
Certificate of Authenticity
2015 Proof Set, Coin Specifications
Proof Set Specifications


Order proof sets directly from the United States Mint’s website, found here, or call 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

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The 2014 Proof Set sales are nearly 98,000 LESS than the 2013 at this point! You’ll have to go back to 1956 for a lower mintage on proof sets. I have the ’56 at 669,384. Looks like a winner!