Ronald Reagan Presidential $1 Coin Design Candidates


Designs for the 2016 Ronald Reagan Presidential $1 Coin went under the microscope Thursday as the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) reviewed candidates and made their recommendation.

Candidate Designs for 2016 Ronald Reagan Presidential $1 Coin
Candidate Designs for 2016 Ronald Reagan Presidential $1 Coin

Reverses or tails side of all Presidential coinage offer a depiction of the Statue of Liberty while obverses feature a portrait of the president honored. In a lengthened session held Thursday in conjunction with ANA’s National Money Show in Portland, the panel of CCAC members looked over and commented on eight proposed Reagan dollar designs.

2016 Reagan $1 Coin Designs and CCAC Recommendation

Artistic renditions of each design offer varying poses of the 40th President of the United States. Candidate designs #1 and #3 drew the most interest. By the end of the discussion, the first design won out among committe members.

"Number 1 is obviously the choice because it’s the presidential looking one," Tom Uram declared.

"I felt like number 1 got it done," commented Mike Moran.

"Number 1 for me… when somebody says Reagan, that’s the image that brings to my mind," said Jeanne Stevens-Sollman. Number 3 "seems like 90% Reagan and 10% imagination where number 1 is to me 100% Ronald Regan."

A motion was raised and passed to make design #1, shown directly below, the committee’s recommendation.

Ronald Reagan Presidential $1 Coin, Design Candidate RR-01
Design Candidate RR-01, the CCAC’s recommended portrait for the 2016 Ronald Reagan Presidential $1 Coin

Images of the other designs follow.

Ronald Reagan Presidential $1 Coin, Design Candidate RR-02
Design Candidate RR-02
Ronald Reagan Presidential $1 Coin, Design Candidate RR-03
Design Candidate RR-03
Ronald Reagan Presidential $1 Coin, Design Candidate RR-04
Design Candidate RR-04
Ronald Reagan Presidential $1 Coin, Design Candidate RR-05
Design Candidate RR-05
Ronald Reagan Presidential $1 Coin, Design Candidate RR-06
Design Candidate RR-06
Ronald Reagan Presidential $1 Coin, Design Candidate RR-07
Design Candidate RR-07
Ronald Reagan Presidential $1 Coin, Design Candidate RR-08
Design Candidate RR-08

Inscriptions are the same around each portrait, reading: RONALD REAGAN, IN GOD WE TRUST, 40TH PRESIDENT and 1981-1989 for his years as commander-in-chief.


Since 2007, deceased presidents have been commemorated on $1 coins in the order of their service. Next year marks an end to the series with the commemoration of Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan. They were the 37th, 38th and 40th Presidents of the United States. (See Nixon and Ford $1 coin designs.)

The Presidential $1 Coin Act of 2005, Public Law 109-145, outlines that living former or current Presidents cannot appear on the dollar coins. It was less clear about breaking the sequential order of service. A legal interpretation was made and it was decided that Jimmy Carter, the 39th President, would get passed over to honor Reagan.

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Oh Ronnie youre so fine….you’re so fine……you blow our budget! Oh Ronnie!

Seriously, the right guy at the right time. Brought America back to respectability after Iran hostages. Listening Obama?


The Iran-Contra Affair in which arms were traded for hostages and the proceeds were given to the anti-communist rebels, the Contras in Nicaragua.
The release of the Air Traffic Controllers who went on strike with demands that would have cost taxpayers $700 million a year. Reagan released them from their positions and their jobs were filled with workers who found their disputed pay and circumstances acceptable and fair.
Yea …right time right place


John– Among the highlights was his pointless bumbling into Lebanon and then fleeing after hundreds of Marines died (a fine example for bin Laden). To distract people he immediately had a smashing victory in a non-existent crisis (despite the Clint Eastwood movie) over Grenada. But that was his entire administration, feel good smoke and mirrors while turning the country over to the ultra wealthy. We’ve never recovered from it. As for self-respect,well anyone might feel better if their government spent money like there’s no tomorrow. And regarding the Cold War, it ended because the USSR went bankrupt first, though we’re… Read more »

Victor DeCurtis

I like #3. Full face, ever present smile, confidence and self assured, for all to see.



Ronald Reagan was a man, not a whining, crying liberal. He was steadfast against communism, dealt with all matters head on and with clarity, their was never any question by the world that he, the U.S., was on the right and just side, he loved our country and constitution……wow loved our country and constitution….can’t say that about the leftists in this administration and congress.

How can any leftist complain about the spending in the Reagan administration? The Obama administration with the help of Dems in congress make Reagan look like a penny pencher


Size of national debt when Reagan took office: $1 trillion
Size after six years: $2.3 trillion (130 percent increase)
Size at the end of his presidency: $2.9 trillion (190 percent increase)

Increase after 6 years under Obama: 70%. Certainly higher amounts of money are involved (although part of that was counting the wars that Bush didn’t fully include), but then it is cumulative debt adding from each administration. The biggest increases were in times of war under FDR and Wilson. For peacetime overspending, smilin’ Ron has them beat.


Wow, from those that invented smoke and mirrors. I guess I have to agree with liberals, if I wore blinders and believed the sun sets in the East.


Finally commenting on the coin! I like them all except RR-05; that just doesn’t look enough like him to me.


I didn’t care for much of what Reagan did as president and if this were a standalone commemorative coin I’d be on the other side arguing against it. But from its outset the Presidential Dollars series’ intent has been to display a portrait of every non-living former president, with no other conditions. Just because the coins now depict presidents who served within recent memory doesn’t change that. The decision is numismatic, not political. Period. If we’re going to vote on whether a particular president is “worthy” of depiction the choices should have been made by historians before the program started.… Read more »


Ronald Reagan brought prosperity to our nation without gutting our military and I might add, he brought integrity to the office. These are two things no liberal can say for the past 50+ years. Reagan had to rebuild the military that Carter had gutted, Bush 43 that President Bubba had gutted. Just scratches the surface.


Wasn’t a very good actor.


I sold 10 rolls of silver dollar ,each piece for $ 45 on 1980,
I had to thank 2 people Reagan , and Hunter


Bill You are a true patriot. Agree with you on everything. I love this country! I came from Soviet Union in 93, and I can tell you for sure that it was USA that drove soviet Union to bankruptcy. Communism is incomparable to capitalism. Why do you think Gorbachov got the ball rolling? Those who want a perfect society, a perfect country (utopia), are fools and need to reexamine the history of modern world. I see that the new generation of people are not tought properly at every level of education. Next thing, we end up with this lawless in… Read more »



Proud to have you in our country! Thanks for the complement. There’s not been any true conservative presidents since Reagan. There’s been moderate Republican presidents, Bush 41 & Bush 43, a conservative like president after his 1st 2 years in office as an uber leftist, Clinton, and now we have in office an uber, socialist, leftist that sees no limits to his Communist like conversion of this country to a dictatorship and does so with the help of Dems in congress, liberal judges, and the liberal mainstream media.

Thanks again Vadim!


Iran Contra. Not only did it fund death squads in Honduras and Nicaragua, it sold arms to Middle East Terrorists, arms that they use to kill Americans. This was all in direct violation of laws passed by congress. and it was run out of the White House basement by convict Ollie North. Reagan ‘had no knowledge’ somehow of what was literally transpiring under his nose. IT has never been proven unequivocally, but this is precisely when cocaine started showing up in large cost effective amounts in major urban centers. With all the hallmarks of having been transported militarily. If you… Read more »


What is wrong with you people? I thought this was a spot to comment upon THE COINS. Please….save your deluded self-righteous crap for when you call in to your buddies Limbaugh, or O’Reilly.

How about sticking to opinions, if you have any that is, about the merits or concerns with the coin itself. Personally I’d rather see a more serious looking portrait. He wasn’t our high school class senior class prom king, so why the huge focus on so many jovial/clownish looking portrait choices. This hasn’t been the trend throughout the entire rest of the presidential dollar coin series.


Vadim may be right on! The more I study the designs, RR-07 may be the best one; I’ve seen that expression many times. I will get as many rolls as I can of Reagan; I suggest Richard, Munzen, Calaverasgrande, and Pete continue listening to Alan Colmes and purchase al of the Woodrow Wilson rolls you can find.


Thanks Bill,

I hear in your answer a voice of someone I listen to often. No not Orally or Rush. For Richard, Munzen, Calaverasgrande, and Pete would you buy current president’s US coin one day down the road? He sim to be doing everything under the sun only not in secrecy.

I think the coin will do well, just look at the way people voted in last election.


#1 is my choice. Reagan looked presidential because he acted presidential. What we have now is a mockery. Let’s hope there is an America left for the next President to try and save.


I think Republicans should seize the opportunity to replace Sacagawea with Reagan starting in 2017. Given the adoration for the former President the party shows, they might just be the ones to actually get a circulating dollar coin in the United States. I’m tired of the Presidential portrait gallery on our coins but I’ll overlook one more if it puts us on the path to creating circulating coins with actual purchasing power again…


Vachon I hear ya; coins cost us much less money; they last much longer, but our coins have no precious metal and the paper money and coins are backed by no precious metal…..they are backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. and that is exponentially becoming a joke, compounded with every heartbeat; purchasing power will elude our moneys till such time fiscal responsibility becomes the norm. Wouldn’t it be nice to have any $1 coin or larger denomination be a circulation commonplace and the coins have purchasing power as you’ve said! The spend and tax folks running… Read more »