2015 Quarters Silver Proof Set Sales Open at 46,681

2015 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set
Sales of the 2015 quarters silver proof set opened at 46,681

Starting sales of new America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Sets outperformed those from a year earlier, the latest United States Mint figures show.

This year’s set kicked off with opening 3-day sales of 46,681. In half the time, that’s already higher than the 46,634 sales start of last year’s set.

While most U.S. Mint products this year are realizing stronger early sales, the 2015 set did even as it felt more expensive than those from the past because of diving silver. The precious metal slid by more than 4% last week and has tumbled near 6% this month, lifting the premium on this year’s set.

The table below shows debut and current sales figures for every America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set issued, plus their opening prices and premiums on release day.

Sales of 2010 – 2015 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Sets

Year Issued Debut Sales Latest Sales Opening Prices London Silver Prices at Launch Set Premiums
2010 May 27 75,756 Over 3 Days 274,003 $32.95 $16.60 $16.36
2011 April 1 78,054 Over 23 Days* 147,901 $41.95 $34.02 $7.93
2012 Jan. 10 61,181 Over 7 Days 148,498 $41.95 $26.84 $15.11
2013 Jan. 8 49,051 Over 7 Days 138,451 $41.95 $30.39 $11.56
2014 Jan. 21 46,634 Over 6 Days 113,281** $31.95 $18.11 $13.84
2015 Feb. 20 46,681 Over 3 Days 46,681 $31.95 $14.77 $17.18


*The U.S. Mint waited three weeks before reporting the first batch of sales for the 2011 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set. ** The Mint continues to sell last year’s set.

This table provides a list of the 90% silver quarters in the sets released.

America the Beautiful Quarters in First Six Silver Proof Sets

1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year 6th Year
2010-S Hot Springs National Park Quarter (AR) 2011-S Gettysburg National Military Park Quarter (PA) 2012-S El Yunque National Forest Quarter (PR) 2013-S White Mountain National Forest Quarter (NH) 2014-S Great Smoky Mountains National Park Quarter (TN) 2015-S Homestead National Monument Quarter (NE)
2010-S Yellowstone National Park Quarter (WY) 2011-S Glacier National Park Quarter (MT) 2012-S Chaco Culture National Historical Park Quarter (NM) 2013-S Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial Quarter (OH) 2014-S Shenandoah National Park Quarter (VA) 2015-S Kisatchie National Forest Quarter (LA)
2010-S Yosemite National Park Quarters (CA) 2011-S Olympic National Park Quarters (WA) 2012-S Acadia National Park Quarters (ME) 2013-S Great Basin National Park Quarter (NV) 2014-S Arches National Park Quarter (UT) 2015-S Blue Ridge Parkway Quarter (NC)
2010-S Grand Canyon National Park Quarters (AZ) 2011-S Vicksburg National Military Park Quarter (MS) 2012-S Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Quarters (HI) 2013-S Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine Quarter (MD) 2014-S Great Sand Dunes National Park Quarter (CO) 2015-S Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge Quarter (DE)
2010-S Mount Hood National Forest Site Quarter (OR) 2011-S Chickasaw National Recreation Area Quarter (OK) 2012-S Denali National Park Quarter (AK) 2013-S Mount Rushmore National Memorial Quarter (SD) 2014-S Everglades National Park Quarter (FL) 2015-S Saratoga National Historical Park Quarter (NY)


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David Claus

I think that the 2012 sales number of 148,498 is actually for the non-silver quarter proof set. For the 2012 silver quarter proof set my data shows sales of 162,448 (boosted by the early sell out of the 2012 silver proof set (14pc)).