2015 $100 Canadian Horse Silver Coin for $100


Another Canadian $100 for $100 silver coin has launched, along with a subscription option to automatically get all 2015-dated versions as they become available. Newly released is the 2015 $100 Canadian Horse Silver Coin, the latest issue from the Royal Canadian Mint’s series of one ounce, 99.99% pure silver coins that sell at their legal tender face values of $100.

2015 $100 Canadian Horse Silver Coin
2015 $100 Canadian Horse Silver Coin

There have been four prior releases. All of them sold out. Mintages of the first three coins topped at 50,000. This newest release, along with the last one, has a lower mintage of 45,000. Previous series coins include:

  • 2013 $100 Bison silver coin, debuting in May 2013
  • 2014 $100 Grizzly silver coin, launching in September 2013
  • 2014 $100 Bald Eagle silver coin, debuting in January 2014
  • 2014 $100 Bighorn Sheep silver coin, launching in June 2014

These coins are viewed as a premium option to the Royal Canadian Mint’s $20 for $20 program which has proven extremely popular. This older program with much higher per-coin mintages has seen 14 coins issued to date, with all of them selling out.

Designs of 2015 $100 Canadian Horse Silver Coin

Designed by Canadian artist Claudio D’Angelo, the $100 for $100 Canadian Horse Silver Coin shows the powerful animal galloping amid a Canadian country landscape. Inscriptions around the scene read: CANADA, 2015, 100 DOLLARS and the artist’s initials of CD. This Royal Canadian Mint clip shows the silver coin as it rotates:


Obverses feature Susanna Blunt’s portrait of Queen Elizabeth II along with inscriptions of ELIZABETH II and D G REGINA.

Coins of the series are produced with a matte proof finish and a serrated edge with each weighing 31.83 grams and having a diameter of 40 mm.


2015 $100 Canadian Horse Silver Coins are available from the Royal Canadian Mint’s website at mint.ca. An affiliate link to the Mint’s $100 for $100 coins is right hereicon. These coins are GST/HST/PST exempt, and ship free.

An illustrated display box accompanies each purchase. There is a household ordering limit of three in place.

There is also a subscription option available. Subscribers will automatically receive this year’s second $100 for $100 coin, which is expected to launch in June. The coin’s theme has not been revealed.

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