Star Trek Coins and Talk of 2016 Gold Pieces Lead News


Star Trek coin and 1916 coin designWe talked last week about several new coins from the Perth Mint of Australia and from the United States Mint. There are a few more from these two mints to discuss this week, plus we’ll have coverage on several from the Royal Canadian Mint and UK Royal Mint.

We also wrote about upcoming and potential products, particularly the Perth’s Star Trek-themed coins for sale on Feb. 16 and the 24-karat gold coins that the U.S. Mint may strike in 2016. Those pieces drew lots of interest with over 10,000 views since Friday. Their Facebook activity was also high with more than 940 Shares.

Here are last week’s five most read articles:

  1. US Mint 2016 24K Gold Coins to Celebrate 1916 Designs – Three iconic silver coins could return next year in 24-karat gold under a plan the United States Mint is considering and presented last week to the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC). Possible products include 2016-dated gold coins to commemorate the 100th anniversaries of the 1916 Walking Liberty half-dollar, the 1916 Standing Liberty quarter, and the 1916 Mercury dime.

  2. Star Trek’s Captain Kirk and USS Enterprise Featured on Coins – Going boldly where no minting facility has gone before, the Perth Mint of Australia will soon offer two silver coins commemorating Star Trek: The Original Series. One of the coins features none other than Captain James T. Kirk. The other portrays his Constitution-class starship, the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701.

  3. Four-Day Sales of US Marshals Coins Hit $11.6 Million – United States Mint sales of 2015 US Marshals products bounced by another 42,257 coins through Sunday after sales of 89,402 coins in the first 12 hours. That places their four-day total at 131,659 coins, or $11,628,537. Sales would have been higher but it’s been impossible to place orders for some of the coins.

  4. Coin & Currency Set Mint Error 2014-D $1 Under the Hammer – A U.S. Mint 2014 Native American $1 Coin with missing edge lettering is positioned to score big in a GreatCollections sale ending Feb 8. Current bidding has the mint error at $6,450. This piece, graded ANACS EU69, is distinct from standard annual issues. Coming from a 2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set, it has a special enhanced uncirculated finish of which only 50,000 had been produced, and it’s the only known example with missing edge letterings.

  5. Football, Boys Town, and Steel Composition Coin Bills Return – Today we bring you several newly introduced bills on coins that need little description, with previous versions talked about aplenty in having made unsuccessful rounds in prior sessions of Congress. One of them seems poised for passage while the others have longer roads to travel and could again turn into dead ends.

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Was looking at the US Marshals silver dollar. The holstered gun on the right hip has the grip end pointed front. A right hander would have to grasp the gun and twist to grip correctly. A leftie would have to reach across to the right side to grip the gun. Is that how one is supposed to holster the weapon?


It’s called a cross draw holster. That would make him a leftie and he would reach across his body to draw the gun. Often you will see them with standard side holsters and the person will have both a standard and a cross draw.