2014 FDR Coin and Chronicles Sets Include Coins, Medals and Stamps


Coin and stamp collectors can get a closer look now at the 2014 Franklin D. Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles Set before it launches next week on Dec. 22, 2014. The U.S. Mint published new images of an opened set along with its booklet, coins and medals.

US Mint image of the 2014 Franklin D. Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles Set
This U.S. Mint image shows the 2014 Franklin D. Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles Set. Along with the coins, medals and stamps, the set includes a booklet about FDR’s life and presidency.

Limited to 20,000 sets with each priced at $57.95, it’s the second in a product line after last year’s Theodore Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles Set which was also $57.95 and sold out with sales of 15,144. I have to say, I was very pleased with that set and I plan on ordering the new one because of it.

Medals of the 2013 Theodore Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles Set
Opened view of last year’s Theodore Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles Set and photos of its medals

This year’s set compared to the one from 2013 has an extra coin plus four U.S. postage stamps. The coins and medals include:

  • a 2014-S Proof Roosevelt Presidential $1 Coin struck at the San Francisco Mint
  • a 2014-S Proof Roosevelt dime struck at the San Francisco Mint,
  • a FDR Presidential bronze medal struck at the Philadelphia Mint, and
  • a FDR Presidential silver medal struck at the Philadelphia Mint.

Created by John R. Sinnock, the medals share designs that first appeared on the Mint’s 1945 Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Medal. Obverses or heads side have FDR’s portrait with inscriptions FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, and the artist’s initials of J.R.S.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Silver Medal
Franklin D. Roosevelt Silver Medal
Franklin D. Roosevelt Bronze Medal
Franklin D. Roosevelt Bronze Medal

Reverses feature a seated figure representing a sorrowing Nation, dropping a wreath upon the waters. To the side, a ship symbolizing the spirit of the late President, sails into the distant mist. Inscriptions around the design include FOR COUNTRY and HUMANITY, INAUGURATED PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, the dates of his four terms (MAR. 4, 1933; JAN. 20, 1937; JAN. 20, 1941; and JAN. 20, 1945), the date of his death, APRIL 12, 1945, and IN MEMORIAM.

Franklin D.Roosevelt Silver Medal - Reverse
Reverse of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Medal. The same design appears on the bronze medal.

Silver medals are struck on the same one-ounce, 99.9% fine silver planchets that are used for American Silver Eagles. Their diameters measure 1.598 inches. Bronze medals are struck in a composition of 95% copper and 5% zinc to a bit smaller diameter of 1.3125 inches.

Both coins are exactly like those that are offered within 2014 Proof Sets, featuring the same designs as on dimes and nickels in change today but struck in the collector proof finish.

Four U.S. Postage Stamps

Roosevelt was an avid stamp collector, and oversaw more than 200 new stamps during his presidency (1933-1945). The U.S. postage stamps within the set are:

  • The 1-cent Roosevelt stamp "Hyde Park" depicts his beloved New York home.

  • The 2-cent Roosevelt stamp "Little White House" pays tribute to the president’s frequent and favorite retreat, located in Warm Springs, Georgia.

  • The 3-cent Roosevelt stamp "White House" features a picturesque image of the White House in the background.

  • The 5-cent Roosevelt stamp "Four Freedoms" shows a globe inscribed with his famous four freedoms: "Freedom of Speech and Religion, from Want and Fear."


When released at noon ET on the 22nd, Franklin D. Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles Sets may be ordered from the U.S. Mint website, right here. There are no household ordering limits.

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To bad it isn’t a 90% silver dime. But i’m in for one as I was the last one. Only 20,000.


How about a silver West Point minted dime.


Hey how about a Roosevelt Silver Dime set circulating silver enhanced proof reversed proof and extend the series to include each denomination to include SF Denver Phili Denver Westpoint and Carson City and even the big 0.Potential.


Ther is awsome potential in our current denominations


Why not take it to a Carson city,come on US Mint open up the envelope


Let’s take it back to our minting heritage,please develope what we have


Yeah right open up Carson city and Orleans mint for a dime. Why not.


Not just the dime,run an entire series of denomination and add in the AE gold and silver

Joe C.

Senior has a lot on his mind. Anything else Senior?


Joe,there is a message in my madness,it’s a plea for renewed hope the mint will restore the collector faith in there ability to produce a line of worthy product and stop jerking us around.


I’m with ya. There’s always room for improvement.

Joe C.

I got your message. I wish they would keep the collector in mind instead of the big boys. (TV hawkers)


It riles me that we are forced to buy bullion grade metal through dealers at inflated rates

Joe C.

What got me was the mint not lowering the price of the 5 oz ATB coins when silver prices were falling below $16.00 per oz. Also disappointed that they discontinued the 10% discount.


This set will be a sell-out at 20k mintage. This is the correct mintage for this set.

Thanks again to those at the Mint overseeing the new release Mintage numbers.

They have this one correct and they got the Coin and Currency set Mintage correct also.

A well thought out Mintage number Guarantee’s a sell-out and insures a strong demand in the secondary market.


I agree, a Gold FDR dime “option” for this set would have been nice. With the smaller size this would have been an affordable gold coin option!


Silver Dime with West Point mint Mark would put have put this set in every moderns collector range,with a mintage of 20 grand.Super.

Mike Unser (CoinNews.net)

I’ve updated this article to include a large image of the silver medal reverse.

Joe C.

Thanks for the photos. Beautiful metal. I ordered two sets when orders were being accepted. It took all of about 5 minutes and I was done. Smooth sailing.


Anyone know about the misprint on the stamps page. The stamps are in the right position but the writing is inverted for the descriptions. I have the set, but can’t find out how many of them are out there.