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Not many world mints are releasing new products this close to the end of the year. The United States Mint is one of the few that is with its Coin Discovery Set launching on Tuesday, Dec. 16.

US Mint Last Chance Banner for 2014 Commemorative Coins
U.S. Mint Last Chance Banner for 2014 Commemorative Coins

Previously discussed here, it’s a good product idea with three Kennedy halves in three different finishes. They’re packaged inside a box that also holds coin collecting supplies and a booklet showing how coins are made.

Keeping to the same end-of-year topic, the U.S. Mint by law can only sell this year’s commemorative coins until Dec. 31. The most popular ones have already sold out. Recently, the United States Mint created a "Last Chance" banner of sorts, shown for reference above and appearing now on the Mint’s website ( It clicks through to still-for-sale commemorative coins. Currently, the three clad Baseball products are "Out of Stock." Two available commemoratives include the proof and uncirculated Civil Rights Act of 1964 Silver Dollars.

One of our upcoming articles will discuss this year’s commemorative coins and offer their latest sales. Until then, here are last week’s five most read:

  1. Canadian 2015 $50 Beaver Silver Coin for $50 – Expanding upon a series which has proven popular with both collectors and investors, the Royal Canadian Mint has released the 2015 $50 Beaver Silver Coin. The release appears as the third issue in a series of 99.99% pure silver coins that sell at their legal tender face value of $50.

  2. 1909 Lincoln Cent on Mars in NASA Astronomy Pic of the Day – While one may not normally associate numismatics with the planet Mars, NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day blends the two seemingly disparate interests with an image sure to excite coin and space enthusiasts alike.
    Posted today, Dec. 12, 2014, the Astronomy Picture of the Day depicts an image of elongated crystal shapes taken on the surface of Mars by the Curiosity rover.

  3. American $1 Coin and Currency Set Sales Reopen, New Limit – The United States Mint on Wednesday reopened ordering for the 2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set which includes a Series 2013 $1 Federal Reserve note and the highly sought 2014-D Enhanced Uncirculated Native American $1 Coin.

  4. American Silver Eagles Top 400M; Score Annual Sales Record – United States Mint American Eagle silver bullion coins made history today, topping 400 million in all-time sales and setting a new annual sales record. Introduced in 1986, demand for the 99.9% pure silver coins has been unprecedented in recent years.

  5. Civil Air Patrol Congressional Gold Medal Awarded, Bronze for Public – World War II members of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) were collectively awarded the Congressional Gold Medal Wednesday, Dec. 10, at a ceremony held in Emancipation Hall in the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center. Surviving CAP members along with leaders of the U.S. House and Senate attended the ceremony.

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Talk about waiting till the last minute – the 2014 Franklin D. Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles Set isn’t scheduled for sale until Dec 22 and the 2014 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set still has no scheduled release date at all. What are they going to do? Offer a set of 2014 coins in 2015? Oh, wait a minute – they’re already doing that with coin sets minted in 2013 for sale in 2014. And what about a schedule for 2015? Only 2 1/2 weeks to go and no sight of a 2015 schedule. What’s the purpose of a product schedule… Read more »


Don’t understand the point of advertising and promoting last chance items that cannot be ordered.

And why offer an email alert system that is not monitored or even operable?


And why is the American Eagle 2014 One Ounce Platinum Proof Coin listed as SOLD OUT, too?


The 2014 Franklin D. Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles Set with only nine days to sell might be a terrific bargain if the sales are low. This is the second time they are making the silver medal from a Silver Eagle planchet, .999 fine silver, the first being the Theodore Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles Set earlier this year. I plan on buying at least one of the Coin Discovery Set for my grandson in the hopes when he is four or five years older he might have an interest like I did as a young teenager.


I suggested to the Mint that for 2015 they make a 2-ounce and 5-ounce Silver Eagle coin, I’m sure they would sell very well. The 5-ounce ATB silver coins are an amazing thing to hold and really admire the beauty of the artwork. The Mexican Libertads are available in these large sizes and look fantastic. The year 2015 would be a fantastic launch year with a 2-ounce for 2 in 2015, 1 for 1-ounce, and 5 for 5-ounce. I can’t wait to purchase and see them!


I like the Silver Medal set up for 20000 mintage
But the silver price for next year will be trade at around $8 -$28
will The silver coin worth to buy ?with SE have over 400 million made?
remember the Olympic silver coin (1984 ) come out like $35 each, we can buy it for $14 @ 1998

the Silver Coin collecting is good Hobby, ! I am agree,

Stuart Wheeler

2014 was quite a year for the United States Mint in more ways than one in all of it’s product offerings with a few firsts tucked in for good measure; too numerous to mention here. But still not up to the levels of 2008 and with the green light given to release the St. Gaudens UHR early in 2009. However, 2014 had more than it’s fair share of turbulence for the U. S. Mint as well. Case in point is the insanity and animal carnage brought out in humans over the release of the Kennedy Gold Half Dollar. It is… Read more »


Peterson is still in because Congress won’t address Obama’s nomination of Bibiana Boerio for mint director, waiting in the wings since Sep, 2012. She may not have mint experience but just about anybody will be better than wait-and-see do-nothing-unless-it’s-wrong Peterson.


The greatest coin gift I ever received was the Saint Gaudens UHR of 2009. My parents had no money to help with college, but later in life came upon a small windfall and purchased the coin as a gift for my 45th birthday. The 2009 UHR would be the last coin I would ever sell in an emergency, but I would sell the coin in a second if someone’s health needed the money. Health is the most important thing in life; nothing else.


The Roosevlt Chronicle Sets at 20 Grand looks interesting,I’m in for 1 set.I personally have purchased little this 2014 year.The precious metals premiums are to high and the marketing is just too jerky.I wish someone would give a logical explanation of there moves.lets get back to..product innovation advertising manufacturing selling and delivery and how about originality.