American $1 Coin and Currency Set Sales Reopen, New Limit


The United States Mint on Wednesday reopened ordering for the 2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set which includes a Series 2013 $1 Federal Reserve note and the highly sought 2014-D Enhanced Uncirculated Native American $1 Coin.

Money of the 2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set.
Money of the 2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set

Priced at $13.95, the set has been listed mostly as "out of stock" and resultantly off sale since Nov. 24. Aside from a few hours last week and right now, the set’s product page has had a "Remind Me" function to receive an alert when it becomes available again. Now, the page has a "Back Order" button that allows ordering.

In a change, a new household ordering restriction of 5 sets has been implemented. As reported here Tuesday, 38,299 or 76.6% of the maximum 50,000 sets have sold as of Sunday, Dec. 7.

2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Sets may be ordered online from the U.S. Mint, right here.

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Put in for 1 on back order. We’ll see.


I put in for 4 sets on “back order” Wednesday night also !!

I.L. McDougal

I signed up to be notified by the Mint when they came back into stock. Anyone else receive no notification?


I bought 5. Early Thurs
I told my brother, who told his brother… law….and so on and so on.
So we bought the rest. Thanks and have a goodnight


I got my 5 sets Wednesday night.

S. Buckles

I also received no notification when the sets were again available, even after requesting notification.


In response to I.L. McDougal: I also rcd NO NOTIFICATION from the Mint. I found out they were back on thru an email from last night then
placed my order via telephone call to the U.S. Mint Cust. Svc. “800” number.


Dont recall a household limit ever being added after the first 70% already sold with no limits. Gotta be a first. What were we afraid of, the bulk resellers already have 1000’s of them.


The mints marketing and distribution strategy of this set has a lot of folks frustrated,my theory is the set will remain on backorder until they have reached the 50,000 sets promised,but who knows.Anyone that serously wants this offering hit the backorder and be patient.


I just got my third email from the Mint stating that my order I placed last night was SHIPPED!
Good news for you all…


Yo Eddie I just got a Mint email as well telling me my 4 sets shipped out at 12:35pm EST today too !!

Jerome Goldstein

Even though I signed up to be notified when sales resumed, I was NOT notified.


Any indication that this set is going to offered in a Philly version?


I got lucky ordered 20 12/3 real early and got them today !

On another note what is your opinion on buying the upcoming spouse gold coin for Jaqueline Kennedy? Is it worth the money and would it compliment the gold President Kennedy when trying to sell it later.


If I as a private seller of any product or service jerked my clients aroud as the mint has done with this product I would be out of business .If I advertise I have for sale any number of any given product I manufacture and have given product avaliable for sale and delivery.Promote sell and deliver.This is the way the private sector works.Kinda simple.


I agree that all of the changes the Mint have been implementing has been frustrating, but I believe they are on a learning curve. YES, by now they should have this down to a science. But I do believe that they are trying.

I placed my order for 2 sets two days ago and it was listed as shipped as of yesterday the 12th. I hope all of you get your sets and the majority have not already gone to the internet & TV shows and auctions.


If I may is it out of line to pose a question to our host and editor.possibly you can refresh your guests.What do you think is driving the mints strategy