2015 American $1 Coin and Currency Set First-Day Sales

US Mint images of the 2015 American $1 Coin and Currency Set
US Mint images of the 2015 American $1 Coin and Currency Set

Early sales are in for the 2015 American $1 Coin and Currency Set. The United States Mint said 44,344, or 49.3% of the allotted 90,000, were claimed in the first day.

The sets launched on Monday at noon ET. A flurry of activity in buying them early paralyzed the Mint’s website. Ordering them during the first 30 minutes was a tedious affair for nearly everyone. The U.S. Mint’s site returned to normal shortly afterwards with ordering smooth and hassle-free. The Mint’s technical team is looking into why issues happened.

"We are investigating the problems with our web site and apologize for the inconvenience this caused our customers," Adam Stump, deputy director of the U.S. Mint’s Office of Corporate Communications, said in an email on Monday at 3:56 PM ET.

Last year’s set had a limit of 50,000 and sold out quickly. They launched with little fanfare on Nov. 20, 2014 but interest in them soared when collectors learned that they held an enhanced uncirculated coin from Denver featuring special wire-brushed and laser-frosted details.

Presented in a tri-fold folder, this year’s set includes an exclusive West Point Mint-struck 2015 Native American $1 Coin in a special enhanced uncirculated finish and a Series 2013 $1 Federal Reserve note from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The coin features a reverse design depicting a Mohawk ironworker. The note has a beginning serial number of "911" in honor of the Mohawk Ironworkers’ recovery efforts after the collapse of the World Trade Center twin towers in 2001.

Priced at $14.95, the U.S. Mint’s product page for the Coin and Currency Set is right here. There is an ordering limit of five sets per household.

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Not everyday you can peddle a $2 item for $15 and have them besting down the doors. But wait, for just $15 more we will double you order. Do we have a great country or what?


Danged spell checker


LOLA! Your sew rite. My eye pad is all ways make king biz are suck chest ions. I heat auto carrot!


we knew $2 value for $15 , But we ( Coin collector ) are looking Future Value, if u
want instant Gain/loss , better go to Casino , i am coin collector for 30 year+, i did seem new tech on coin , Mint did the great jobs, Just need to do more Marketing research.


Mike, Thank you for updating,good stuff.The launch of the Truman chronicle set and this set had no similarities.The Truman set was as smooth as silk nary a bumping in th road.This launch had none of the rhythm and polish hard to believe they came out the same box.Will be interesting to hear an explanation.This has riled the collectors to a new level of frustration and all sorts of special interest claims.I for one doubt this is the case if this were the case and it was to leaked it could be bad news for all.Possibly it’s coming time for they… Read more »


@Senior I had some cautious hopes for this new Mint Director designate, until I read that article in Numismatic News where he glibly rehashed what his underlings fed him and then went and threw some smoke bombs about how the Mint doesn’t think about how the collector will do with their purchases from the Mint, which covered up (so he thought) the fact that the Mint threw some stink bombs with their non performing website (for a lot of people) during the Ike fiasco, and he did not mention anything about looking into the matter. Well, it just blew up… Read more »


If this person is as dumb and simple minded and irresponsible as predecessor Peterson was then expect to see more of the same. If they would just put in somebody who’s not a bureaucrat and actually cares about doing a good job then maybe visibility and decent coin programs would actually happen. But don’t hold your breath.


It would seem an agency with all possible technological advantages as our blooming USA mint could without a thought would pull off a perfect product launch.Private sector would have heads rolling but these are gov jobs with no accountability .I’ve tried to be moderate,I’m totally pro collector.I want to hear positive but it ain’t there.The flip flop is typical gov and I feel my attempt to be positive is flipping


Amazon a privately owned corperation sells and delivers 100s of thousands of products daily do they have glitches yes do they resolve issues yes.The functional ability of the private sector is in no way applicable to the political sector.This is the honest truth.


I did not see that coming. 90,000 sets is a lot more than last year’s 50,000 sets. But I still thought it would have sold out with the help of coin dealers and flippers. Maybe some of the collectors that said they were done with the US Mint really are done messing with all the issues and then some even suggest a boycott against the US Mint. Or maybe it’s not the case at all. But either way I did expect a first day sell out. What we can expect is that the US Mint can not make everybody happy.… Read more »


I think the mint site problems relate to “bot” ordering systems all hitting it at one time trying to get the limited merchandise. There are things the mint can do to protect itself against these “bots”. Also the fact that transactions fail just make the user try and try again leading to a cascading affect. They might have to go back to the waiting room idea. Or the best thing they could do would be to take the instant profit out of the product. Or they can say they will take all orders for one day and then set the… Read more »


Or they can just fix the problem.

Didn’t know about bot ordering systems but wouldn’t mind if the US Mint IT people figured out a way to stop bots. I’ve seen captcha used in many sites for this reason and personally wouldn’t mind entering an extra word or two to guarantee a glitch free ordering experience.

Mike Unser

Sales through to the end of Tuesday reached 48,272 for 53.6% of the max.


90k = no quick sellout & if you got 5 they are worth #10 later..you’ll see!

Mike Unser

A quick update… Sales through to the end of Thursday reached 50,024 for 55.6% of the maximum. Here’s a link to photos of the set: http://www.coinnews.net/2015/08/28/2015-american-1-coin-and-currency-set-photos/


Obviously the mint has no idea of who their customer is or how desirable or not the coin/sets they make are. The mint is seriously in need of some marketing analysis by people who know what that is and how to do it. So sales went up 2,000 in two days. It’s clear that those who collect/sell/flip have had their say and bought all they need to do their business. Who’s going to buy the other 40,000? Hopefully the mint didn’t make all 90,000 so that the 40,000 remaining don’t languish in the unsold bin for 3 years before the… Read more »


I find it hard to believe that our USA mint could be so out of touch.How many of you think the division of the mint that developers sells and delivers collectibles should be privatized? We as collectors might be in for some fresh air.


Senior, I agree with you 100%. The US Mint thinks that they already have this covered with CCAC, Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee. The committee is the US Mint’s way that “represents the interests of American citizens and collectors.” I have not followed up on all what the committee does and how it represents the American citizens and collectors. There is a link on the US Mint web site for the CCAC and then a link there to contact the committee. Maybe we should ALL go to that web site & contact them with our thoughts on this & then have… Read more »


They seem to be more involved with the “artistic” side of coins rather than the “materialistic” side of buying and selling (i.e. mint quantities, limits, etc.) coins. They’re there only to advise the mint anyway, not to direct or manage the mint. It’s the director of the mint whose ear you want – oops that office has been empty since 2011. All we have is Deputy Director Jeppson who has no knowledge or experience just as his idiot predecessor Perterson didn’t. Until the President nominates somebody and the Senate approves we’re stuck with Senior Executive Service bureaucrats who are place… Read more »


The CCAC make recommendations to the secretary of the treasury in regards to themes as well a art design of collectibles as wel as legal tender.They are mostly individuals who are recommended by political bureaucrats Some have backgrounds in connected fields.If you look at the CCAC website you can see who they are for what it’s worth.


Mr Rhett Jeppson (spelling?) as of Jan 2015 is the assistant mint director.Darrin Lee Unser wrote a worthy article announcing him. Mr Jeppson has a Lon g military standing,worked in anti terrorism post 2001 Twin Towers attack as well as doing work in the small business administration.Sound like he has little or no private sector experience.He’s more than likely a good man but has no experience in marketing or distribution.I believe they need marketing consulting from the private sector.How about if mr Jeppson were to appoint a panel of collectors,Regardless keeping us bitchy buyers happy is unlikely.Study sales records of… Read more »


Yea, I like that last sentence. The “and yes occasionally throw us a meaty bone.” That is something we could all use at least once in a while. Not too much just occasionally to keep us healthy and not fat money hungry people who don’t care about the people who just want a good healthy collection to be proud to pass on to their children or grandchildren.


Thank You.Too much meat is not healthy but necessary for a balanced diet.