2013 Proof Set Sells Out, Sales Top Prior Year

2013 Proof Set
The packaging and lenses holding the 14 coins of the 2013 Proof Set

Sales ended this week for the 2013 Proof Set. The United States Mint tagged the set’s product page with "sold out" and added it to the "No Longer Available" section of its website.

The latest figures place its sales at 802,328. Having been around since Mar. 28, 2013 and collectors clearly focused on newer products, the proof set hasn’t been gaining much traction lately. Its weekly sales have averaged 249 units since mid-June.

Last year’s set holds 14 clad coins produced to proof quality at the U.S. Mint at San Francisco. These sets are annually issued, and always strong sellers because they have a year’s coinage to include the Lincoln cent, Jefferson nickel, Roosevelt dime, five America the Beautiful Quarters, Kennedy half-dollar, four Presidential $1 Coins and Native American $1 Coin. They are considered one of the Mint’s core annual products with the others being the annual Silver Proof Set and uncirculated Mint Set. The 2013 Silver Proof Set sold out in February.

The popularity of annual sets has receded in recent years, although orders for the 2013 Proof Set topped those from 2012. That set logged the weakest sales since 1956 and is, as a result, selling in the secondary market for more than three times the Mint’s issue price.

Here is a table of sales figures for recent sets:

Sales of 2008 – 2014 Proof Sets

Year Issue Price Coins Sales
2014 $31.95 14 402,974
2013 802,328
2012 794,002 / Final
2011 1,098,835 / Final
2010 1,103,950 / Final
2009 $29.95 18 1,477,967 / Final
2008 $26.95 14 1,405,674 / Final


Sales of 2013 Proof Set are expected to fluctuate slightly in the coming weeks as the Mint reports adjusted figures that will include final additions as well as returns and cancellations.

This year’s 2014 Proof Set launched on Mar. 25, 2014. It is available from the U.S. Mint’s online catalog at www.usmint.gov/catalog or by calling 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

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Well it’s about time. They should have stopped selling the 2013 sets at the end of 2013, not 7 months after.


Amen to that. Products should only be available within the calendar year and for annual sets should have random mintages so it cannot be guessed. One year it could sell out at 832,511 sets and the next 648,233 and the next 1.4 million. But anything offered as a collectible for years and years and months is bound to be worth about as much as it was sold for. Limited items, limited to a mintage instead of sales, on the other hand, always sell for a good premium. While we’re at it: start calling and writing the Mint for a 100%… Read more »


They do listen.


they could make a 75 year anniversary silver war nickel along with the 43 lead penny with silver….. in the silver proof set that would be cool.


i surprised after the 2013 ASE coin was suspended in January for 10 days. shortage..now you still buy them into 2014 mid year seems odd.