Chief Justice Roberts Engraved Portrait Available

Chief Justice Roberts Engraved Portrait
BEP image of the Chief Justice Roberts Engraved Portrait

Earlier this month the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) began selling engraved portraits of John Glover Roberts, Jr., the 17th and current Chief Justice of the United States.

When discussions of the BEP come up, they usually focus on money. The bureau prints billions of dollars each month from its facilities in Washington, DC, and Fort Worth, Texas. However, the BEP also makes and sells detailed intaglio prints and engravings.

"The same skills used to engrave images on United States currency are used to create our very elegant portraits, notes the BEP.

Roberts has served as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court since Sept. 29, 2005, having been nominated by President George W. Bush following the death of Chief Justice William Rehnquist on Sept. 3, 2005.

Chief Justice Roberts Engraved Portraits are available for $5 each. The portrait is printed on a 6" x 8" piece of paper with the actual image measuring 2" x 2.5". Also available for the same price are engraved portraits of past Chief Justices who include:

  • John Jay (1789-1795)
  • John Rutledge (1795)
  • Oliver Ellsworth (1796-1800)
  • John Marshall (1801-1835)
  • Roger Brooke Taney (1836-1864)
  • Salmon Portland Chase (1864-1873)
  • Morrison Remick Waite (1874-1888)
  • Melville Weston Fuller (1888-1910)
  • Edward Douglass White (1910-1921)
  • William Howard Taft (1921-1930)
  • Charles Evans Hughes (1930-1941)
  • Harlan Fiske Stone (1941-1946)
  • Fred Moore Vinson (1946-1953)
  • Earl Warren (1953-1969)
  • Warren Earl Burger (1969-1986)
  • William H. Rehnquist (1986-2005)

In addition to these engraved prints, the BEP has a Presidential Portrait Collection featuring small and large images of presidents of the United States. Presidential Engraved Portraits are $5.50 for the large size and $5 for the small size. The BEP offers a complete set of 44 small Presidential Portraits for $134.95.

Orders for any of the engraved Presidential or Chief Justice Portraits may be placed online through the BEP’s product store, located here.

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Victor DeCurtis

Yeah! That’s what we all need! A picture of the ass who helped force every American to live under Obamacare! Frankly, his picture belongs on a dart board, foot mat and toilet paper!


I agree with Victor. I would’t have his portrait in my house even if it was free with free delivery!

Victor DeCurtis

Hey Joe, suppose they threw in a bag made in Vietnam? :))


The portrait is wrong – the head should be hung in shame.

What an incredible waste of money – unless this were sold as two ply sheets on a long roll – they can keep it.


Vic – The one thing most people miss with Obamacare is that the US gov has now given Us All the “ability” to Retire Early with decent insurance.

Joe – How about for a Dart Board?


Ronnie, don’t forget would-be entrepreneurs who’ve been relieved of a major impediment to actually starting businesses (IMO a basic essence of capitalism) instead of staying stuck in a cube somewhere because it was the only way they could maintain health coverage. And grad students can work on advanced degrees instead of dropping out because they couldn’t get insurance on an academic stipend. O’care’s got a lot wrong with it but it’s not the disaster some on the far right contend. Now if anyone wants to talk about Citizens (dis-)United, or changing the way caps on corporate political contributions are calculated,… Read more »