2014 Kennedy Half Dollars Score Quick Sales Start

2014 Kennedy Half-Dollars Rolls and Bags
Debut sales for 2014 Kennedy Half-Dollars hit 979,760

Starting United States Mint sales are in for circulating-quality 2014 Kennedy half dollars. Demand for the newest coins improved, continuing an annual trend of quicker starts.

Released on Feb. 13 in rolls and bags, collectors by Sunday scooped up a total of 979,760 coins. Unit splits were 9,584 in two-roll sets and 2,982 in 200-coin bags. The sets offer a roll of 20 coins produced at the Philadelphia Mint and a roll of 20 coins from the Denver Mint. Bags include 100 coins from each U.S. Mint facility.

This year marks the 50th anniversary for the coins first minted in January 1964 to honor President John F. Kennedy following his assassination on Nov. 22, 1963. The anniversary and news about it should support Kennedy product sales as the year progresses.

In side-by-side comparisons, debut sales totals over the past few years have included:

  • 979,760 coins in 2014
  • 778,240 coins in 2013
  • 740,160 coins in 2012
  • 776,440 coins in 2011

Early demand for new products is an indicator of potential but it does not necessarily drive a product’s success. Here is a breakdown of current sales and published mintages for the circulating-quality halves since 2011. Products with an asterisk (*) are no longer available.

Sales & Mintages of 2011 – 2014 Kennedy Halves

  Latest Sales Coin Total Combined Sales Published Mintages
2014 P&D 200-Coin Bag 2,982 596,400 979,760 4,600,000
2014 P&D Two-Roll Set 9,584 383,360
2013 P&D 200-Coin Bag* 9,979 1,995,500 2,874,760 9,600,000
2013 P&D Two-Roll Set 21,974 878,960
2012 P&D 200-Coin Bag* 10,323 2,064,600 3,336,080 3,500,000
2012 P&D Two-Roll Set 31,787 1,271,480
2011 P&D 200-Coin Bag* 9,455 1,891,000 3,002,280 3,450,000
2011 P&D Two-Roll Set* 27,782 1,111,280


Later this year the U.S. Mint (www.usmint.gov) is expected to release special 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy half dollar sets and possibly a 24-karat Kennedy half dollar. Stay tuned to CoinNews.net for more information.

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