US Mint 2014 Gift Sets for Newborns, Birthdays and Celebrations


New from the United States Mint are three annually issued coin sets designed as gifts for newborns, birthdays, and other special events like graduations.

US Mint 2014 Birth, Happy Birthday and Congratulations Sets
US Mint 2014 Birth, Happy Birthday and Congratulations Sets

All coins in the gift sets are in collector proof quality. And while they are not exclusive to the sets, most of them will not appear in other U.S. Mint products until later in the year. More important, the coins will not be available in any later product that is designed for special occasions. Folders of the gift sets hold the coins where they can be viewed from the front or back, include celebratory artwork and have a personalized writing area.

Released Tuesday, Jan. 14, the new sets and their prices are:

  • 2014 Birth Set for $19.95
  • 2014 United States Mint Happy Birthday Coin Set for $19.95
  • 2014 United States Mint Congratulations Set for $54.95

Coins of the gift sets are struck at the U.S. Mint facility in San Francisco with each bearing a denoting "S" mint mark.

2014 Birth Set & Happy Birthday Sets

The five-piece 2014 Birth and Happy Birthday Sets include four of the same coins:

  • 2014-S Proof Kennedy Half-Dollar
  • 2014-S Proof Roosevelt Dime
  • 2014-S Proof Jefferson Nickel
  • 2014-S Proof Lincoln Cent

These proof coins will not be available in another product until the Mint releases its 14-coin 2014 Proof Set on March 25, 2014 for $31.95.

2014 Birth Set
2014 Birth Set

Both gift sets also have one of this year’s five America the Beautiful Quarters. The 2014 Birth Set includes the 2014-S Proof Great Smoky Mountains National Park Quarter, the first quarter design that will enter circulation this year. The 2014 Happy Birthday Set has the 2014-S Proof Everglades National Park Quarter, the last quarter design that will enter circulation in 2014.

2014 Happy Birthday Set
2014 Happy Birthday Set

The Birth Set was introduced by the U.S. Mint as an annually issued product in 2012. It and the 2013 version are still sold by the Mint. The 2012 Birth Set has sales of 47,864 and the 2013 Birth Set has sales of 34,432. The Happy Birthday Set debuted in 2013. It is also still available and has sales of 9,876.

2014 Congratulations Set

There is just one coin in the Congratulations Set but it will be the most popular coin from the Mint this year. That coin is the 2014-W Proof American Silver Eagle. It will get released outside the set in its own packaging on Jan. 23 for $52.95, or $2 less than the set.

2014 Congratulations Set
2014 Congratulations Set

The Congratulations Set was introduced last year as an annual product. The 2013 Congratulations Set it is still available and has sales of 15,366. The individual 2013-W Proof American Silver Eagle sold out with sales of 868,494.

Ordering Information

Orders for the gift sets may be placed online by visiting the United States Mint’s Special Collectibles page, or by calling at 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

These sets have no product limits, the coins are produced to meet demand and there are no household ordering limits.

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chris stocks

I am giving a set of 1964 coins to my parents for 50th anniversary. Was looking for 2014 set to go with it. Penny, dime, nickel quarter, half dollar. But a little plainer to be put in picture frame. Wandering if you have something like that. Just needing 2014 set.


Chris, the Mint has different annual sets, which may be found here:

None of those products with the denominations you mentioned are well suited for picture frames unless you actually pulled the coins out of their cases/packaging.


I would like a set of coins for my newborn grandson. What would you recommend. I would like everything for the year 2014 coins that was make or came out.. Thank you

D. Kohler

When will the 2015 birth coin sets be available? My seventeenth great-grandson was born 01/05/2015 and I need a set for him. Thank you.

Mike Unser (

D. Kohler… Congrats. The 2015 Birth Set is due out on Jan. 13.