US Mint Gold and Platinum Product Prices May Decrease

2013 $50 Proof American Gold Eagle
Expect lower prices Wednesday for US Mint gold coins

United States Mint pricing cuts throughout its gold products are very likely Wednesday, and there’s a good chance its platinum coins will fall by $50 for a second straight week.

Back on August 21, the Mint raised prices across its collectible gold products by $50 for every ounce of gold they contained. The increases came as the weekly average for gold jumped to within $1,350.00 to $1,399.99 an ounce. Since, gold has firmly etched into a lower range.

Coin News Update: U.S. Mint prices on Wednesday were lowered for both gold and platinum products.

As of this writing, the yellow metal is camping near $1,310 an ounce. Unless Wednesday’s London PM gold fix is at or above $1,350.00 an ounce, the following pricing cuts are expected:

Numismatic Gold Products From To
2013-W Proof Gold Buffalo $1,740.00 $1,690.00
2013 Proof 5-Star Generals $5 Gold Commemorative Coin $441.90 $429.75
2013 Uncirculated 5-Star Generals $5 Gold Commemorative Coin $436.90 $424.75
2012 Proof First Spouse Gold Coins $890.00 $865.00
2012 Uncirculated First Spouse Gold Coin $870.00 $845.00
2013-W Uncirculated American Eagle Gold Coin (1 oz) $1,675.00 $1,625.00
2013-W Proof American Eagle Gold Coin (1 oz) $1,710.00 $1,660.00
2013-W Proof American Eagle Gold Coin (1/2 oz) $870.00 $845.00
2013-W Proof American Eagle Gold Coin (1/4 oz) $447.50 $435.00
2013-W Proof American Eagle Gold Coin (1/10 oz) $190.00 $185.00
2013-W Proof Gold Eagle Four-Coin Set $3,167.50 $3,075.00


Last Wednesday, September 11, the U.S. Mint reduced prices on 2012-2013 Proof American Platinum Eagles by $50 to $1,850 when the weekly average for platinum slipped to within $1,450 to $1,499.99 an ounce. Platinum has since dropped below the range, though less firmly. Based on the Mint’s coin pricing criteria, for the proof Platinum Eagles to move down another $50 to $1,800 each:

  • the London AM platinum fix must remain below $1,497.96 an ounce and
  • the PM fixing must stay below $1,450 an ounce.

The latest spot price for the precious metal is $1,420 an ounce.

When gold or platinum product pricing adjustments are needed, the U.S. Mint tends to halt ordering for about 30 minutes until the changes go live near 12:00 Noon ET.

As always, this coin news article will get updated with what actually happened.

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I don’t care how much the mint reduces the price of any coin. They are $200 too high on gold and platinum coins per ounce prices.