US Coin Production Tops 6.3 Billion in First Half of 2013

Great Basin Quarter
Mintages of the Great Basin quarter are second highest of the America the Beautiful Quarters

American coin production hurdled atop 1 billion coins for a third straight month in June to end the first half of 2013 at just over 6.3 billion coins, figures from the U.S. Mint show.

The data also revealed mintages of the Great Basin National Park quarter, the third America the Beautiful Quarter released this year with two more ahead.

In June, the Mint pressed more than 1.07 billion coins for circulation, a milestone almost common this year but had only happened once last year and not before then since 2007. The pace marks a pick up of 9.7% from a year ago, though it’s down 1.3% from May.

2012 – 2013 June Coin Production Figures / Mintages

Month Mintages Rank
June 2013 1,070,12 M 4
May 2013 1,084.36 M 3
April 2013 1,117.23 M 2
March 2013 932.56 M 8
February 2013 939.98 M 7
January 2013 1,223.68 M 1
December 2012 245.34 M 13
November 2012 765.76 M 11
October 2012 1,040.12 M 5
September 2012 905.34 M 10
August 2012 655.55 M 12
July 2012 906.62 M 9
June 2012 975.59 M 6


America’s smallest denominated coin is always the one in most demand. 652 million pennies were minted last month, representing 60.9% of all circulating-quality coins produced.

Polar opposite, Native American $1 Coins have not been struck since January and Kennedy half-dollars and Presidential $1 Coins have been silent since April. These particular coins, however, are no longer released into circulation. They are made only for coin collectors.

In denominations used every day by Americans, the production level last month fell from the previous one by:

  • 6.3% for Lincoln cents and
  • 7% for Roosevelt dimes

Conversely, coinage that notched higher mintages from the previous month were:

  • Jefferson nickels by 0.9% and
  • America the Beautiful Quarters by 43.5%

Here is breakdown of last month’s coin production figures by denomination:

US Circulating Coin Production in June 2013 by Denomination

Denomination Denver Philadelphia Total
Lincoln Cents 294,800,000 357,200,000 652,000,000
Jefferson Nickels 52,560,000 54,960,000 107,520,000
Roosevelt Dimes 107,500,000 66,500,000 174,000,000
2013 ATB Quarters 78,400,000 58,200,000 136,600,000
Kennedy Half Dollars 0 0 0
Native American $1s 0 0 0
Presidential Dollars 0 0 0
Total 533,260,000 536,860,000 1,070,120,000


Coin Production Through First Half of 2013

United States Mint facilities in Denver and Philadelphia strike all circulating-quality coins intended for commerce. In the January through June period, the Denver Mint produced 3,132,780,000 coins and the Philadelphia Mint produced 3,226,470,000 coins.

Through the first half of 2013, circulating coin production reached 6,359,250,000 coins. That’s a 32% increase over the 4.8 billion coins minted through the first half of 2012. The current pace would place this year’s annual coin production total above 12.7 billion coins — the most since 2007’s run of 14.4 billion coins.

The following table offers the latest production breakdown by U.S. Mint facility:

Circulating Coin Production from January 2013 through June 2013

1 ¢ 5 ¢ 10 ¢ 25 ¢ 50 ¢ N.A. $1 Pres $1 Total:
Denver 1810M 345.12M 555M 408.4M 1.8M 1.82M 10.64M 3,132.78M
Philadelphia 2012.8M 310.8M 567M 312.8M 1.8M 1.82M 19.45M 3,226.47M
Total 3822.8M 655.92M 1122M 721.2M 3.6M 3.64M 30.09M 6,359.25M


2013 Great Basin National Park Quarter Mintages

As mentioned, June figures offer mintages for the Great Basin quarter. Mintage splits are 141.4 million from Denver and 122.4 million from Philadelphia for a total of 263.8 million coins. In addition to entering circulation on June 10, 2013, the U.S. Mint on the same day began selling Great Basin quarters in bags and rolls.

The totals show that circulation demand for quarter-dollars continues to rise. Of the previous 17 America the Beautiful Quarters issued since the series kicked off in 2010, only the 2012 Denali National Park quarter has higher mintages. It has splits of 166.6 million for the 2012-D and 135.4 million for the 2012-P for a combined total of 302 million coins.

The following grid offers 2013 mintages by coin design.

2013 Circulating Coin Production / Mintages by Coin Design

  Denver Philadelphia 2013 Total
Lincoln Cents 1,810,000,000 2,012,800,000 3,822,800,000
Jefferson Nickels 345,120,000 310,800,000 655,920,000
Roosevelt Dimes 555,000,000 567,000,000 1,122,000,000
White Mountain Quarter 107,600,000 68,800,000 176,400,000
Perry’s Victory Quarter 131,600,000 107,800,000 239,400,000
Great Basin Quarter 141,400,000 122,400,000 263,800,000
Fort McHenry Quarter 0 0 0
Mount Rushmore Quarter 0 0 0
Kennedy Half Dollars 1,800,000 1,800,000 3,600,000
Native American $1 1,820,000 1,820,000 3,640,000
William McKinley $1 3,360,000 4,760,000 8,120,000
Theodore Roosevelt $1 3,920,000 5,310,700 9,230,700
William Howard Taft $1 3,360,000 4,760,000 8,120,000
Woodrow Wilson $1 0 0 0
Total 3,104,980,000 3,208,050,700 6,313,030,700


When comparing the above totals by coin design from the overall denomination totals, two differences are found.

  • America the Beautiful Quarters are higher by 41.6 million. These are very likely a portion of the Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine quarters. This fourth 2013 America the Beautiful Quarter launches next month on August 26.

  • For a third straight month, Presidential $1 Coins were higher by 4,619,300. The amount likely represents a portion of Woodrow Wilson Presidential $1 Coins. There is no particular rush in getting Wilson dollars completed since they will not make an appearance in U.S. Mint rolls, bags and boxes until October.

All coin production figures above are based on data aggregated from the United States Mint webpage found at:

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Tim B

Good info. I think you dropped a digit on the first year to date totals for Denver cents. It is correct in the next chart.

Tim B, Thanks. Added the zero to the cent total.


Still no ATB quarters of any year in circulation around Chicago. Evidently any that did enter the banking system are still being “collected.”


Nor on the east coast, Boz. I’ve gotten exactly one ATB quarter and its strike was so weak it wasn’t worth keeping. I can’t even recall which design it was.


I found a hawaii valcano quarter at a mini mart with my change a week ago. I was told you can get the rolls of them at the bank. I never tried due to there being no real value to do it other then getting change. I do wish I would have bought a five ounce Hawaii coin. Was to late when I had the money saved up. I will not pay 500 for one now.