Miss Canada Allegory in Gold, Silver and Bronze Coins


Three new collector coins from the Royal Canadian Mint celebrate the allegorical Miss Canada. These strikes are composed of gold, silver and bronze and showcase an image of the iconic figure on their reverse.

Miss Canada Allegory in Gold, Silver and Bronze Coins
Miss Canada Allegory in Gold, Silver and Bronze Coins

2013 Canada: An Allegory Gold, Silver and Bronze Coins all have very limited mintages. All three are available now. Of interest, the 2013 Canada: An Allegory Bronze Coin marks the first bronze coin ever produced by the Royal Canadian Mint.

Miss Canada is a national symbol. Examples of her international equivalents would be the United Kingdom’ Britannia or Lady Liberty of the United States.

"A visual representation of national values and identity who first appeared after Confederation, Miss Canada appeared in everything from political cartoons to political advertising, literature and film," offers the Royal Canadian Mint as a description on one of the coin’s product pages.

"She was originally portrayed as Britannia’s youthful and obedient daughter-but as Canada’s role and international relationships changed over time, so too did the symbolism associated with this icon. Miss Canada was withdrawn from public use shortly after the Second World War."

Artist Laurie McGaw created the modern interpretation of Miss Canada for use in the new series. The figures is shown seated on the "throne" of the Canadian Shield wearing a crown of maple leaves. Her right hand is open in a welcoming gesture with a staff in her left.

Miss Canada Allegory Gold Coin
Miss Canada Allegory Gold Coin

Surrounding the figure are vast mountains, a glacial river, large waterway and a wild forested shoreline emblematic of the varying picturesque countryside of the nation.

Miss Canada Allegory Silver Coin
Miss Canada Allegory Silver Coin

Inscriptions on the reverse include CANADA, 2013 and the face value of the coins with 25 DOLLARS on the gold and silver coin and 3 DOLLARS on the bronze. The artist’s initials of LM is also found on the reverse.

Miss Canada Allegory Bronze Coin
Miss Canada Allegory Bronze Coin

These coins are issued as legal tender of Canada. Accordingly, Susanna Blunt’s effigy appear on the obverse of each along with the inscriptions of ELIZABETH II and D G REGINA.

All three are struck to proof quality with the specifications of each as follows:

2013 Canada: An Allegory Coin Specifications

  Miss Canada Allegory Gold Coin Miss Canada Allegory Silver Coin Miss Canada Allegory Bronze Coin
Mintage 2,000 8,500 15,000
Composition 99.99% pure gold 99.99% pure silver 95% copper, 5% zinc
Finish proof proof proof
Weight (g) 7.8 31.39 19.2
Diameter (mm) 20 38 35.75
Edge serrated serrated serrated
Face Value $25 $25 $3


Each coin is encapsulated and presented in a Royal Canadian Mint maroon clamshell case. A serialized certificate is also included.

Current pricing for the strikes is shown as $649.95 for the gold coin, $89.95 for the silver coin and $34.95 for the bronze coin.

Orders for 2013 Canada: An Allegory Coins may be placed on the Royal Canadian Mint’s website with the coins found here. Phone orders are accepted at 1-800-267-1871 (Canada) or 1-800-268-6468 (US).

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Interesting theme for a coin, a beauty pageant contest!


Received mine yesterday, very nice.


Nice nice design, but wish they had a lower cost version. They all come in display boxes. Might still end up getting this from my daughter for her birthday. I usually get the kids the $20 for $20 coins but I don’t think my daughter would have liked the hockey one.

Larry Galearis

Why does the mint call the “bronze” coin “bronze” when it is really brass? Why not actually make it with copper and tin? I consider this really rather disingenuous.