Last Chance for 2013 West Point American Silver Eagle Two-Coin Set


Only hours remain to order the 2013 American Silver Eagle Two-Coin Set from West Point. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I dropped by the West Point Mint Tuesday and watched as they were made. I gotta say, photos of the enhanced uncirculated Silver Eagle — the key coin in the set — just don’t do them justice.

2013-W Enhanced Uncirculated American Silver Eagles
2013-W Enhanced Uncirculated American Silver Eagles – One of these is within the Two-Coin Set (Click image to enlarge)

If you’re even a casual collector and have the money, get one of these sets. I can’t imagine you’ll have any regrets.

Struck to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the West Point facility in New York, the two-coin set went on sale May 9 and goes off sale Thursday, June 6, at 5 PM ET. Its price is $139.95. Visit this U.S. Mint product page to place an order.

While visiting the Mint with Coin World and a CNBC crew, I took many photos of American Silver Eagles. I was hoping to capture the uniqueness of the enhanced uncirculated coin in a way not seen in the high resolution images published by the U.S. Mint. They use a Nikon microscope that certainly shows a coin’s details, but these images seem "flat" compared to having coins in hand.

2013 American Eagle West Point Two-Coin Silver Set
U.S. Mint photo of its 2013 American Eagle West Point Two-Coin Silver Set

I’m afraid my shots were disappointing as well. The one I liked best, shown at the top of this article, is a photo of enhanced uncirculated American Silver Eagles straight from a press. It was taken off center with light hitting the coins at different angles. In it, you can see the varying finishes that resulted from a new polishing and frosting technique applied to dies that strike the coins.

Dies for 2013-W Enhanced Uncirculated American Silver Eagle
The polishing and laser engraving stages dies go through before used to produce the 2013-W Enhanced Uncirculated American Silver Eagle within the Two-Coin Set

Sales of the two-coin sets are at 233,378 as of around 3 PM ET on Tuesday, according to the Mint’s ordering odometer. There is no mintage or household ordering limits, but coins will not be available after 5 PM on the 6th. The U.S. Mint is not selling these two coins separately or within another product offering.

West Point Mint
West Point Mint

On the road now, articles about my visit to the West Point Mint will follow, including a bit more about the die photo above, some cool photos of all the gold bars stored at the facility, the upcoming 2013-W Reverse Proof American Buffalo gold coin that celebrates the centennial of James Earle Fraser’s design and the nifty automated coin encapsulating and packaging machines the Mint uses.

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george glazener

Does the West Point Mint offer tours like at P&D?


Mint website is bogging down just now. Is there something we should know? Gold coins going up at noon or what?

George, there are no public tours at the West Point Mint. Boz, the Mint is increasing prices on gold coins today.


Expect a last minute spike in sales I believe; watch that mintage climb today and tomorrow.


I’ve been watching on ebay, ( i’m sure like most ) And have not been seeing really any big price increase by the time you’re done paying ebay, paypal and shipping and insurance.. Don’t think these will go over $175.00 imo.

Tim, I expect you’re right. The latest sales update has the sets up 9,848 from Tuesday for a new total of 243,226. The increase was the largest for a single day since after its release, as shown here.


Mint tours! West Point-NONE! Philadelphia-Yes, call for hours. Denver-Screw that! Four years ago, I had the gall to go to the mint, to see how our money is minted. I had been to the Philly Mint, years ago. Well, because I hadn’t requested a ticket, the day before, I was not allowed to go in. Fast forward to two years ago, 2011. I attended a reunion with the 27th Marines, in Dallas. When it was finished I decided to go back to Denver, to visit the mint. I called ahead and was told, tours start at 9am and it’s first… Read more »


So as I calculate mintages have exceeded the final unaudited 2012-S set with one day to go. Will the mint release these again under a new label in a few weeks like last year? I guess only the mint knows.


This set is the key set for Silver Eagles. First of a new strike method…part of a series of reverse proofs. No way to get either in any other offering.
Don’t buy this and you are gonna regret it, sooner than you think. Tomorrow when sales end. First one that sees EBAY.


The figure I have for last day of sales last year is less than 600 units. July 5th’s sales were at 250,738 with one day to go. Maybe the last day was adjusted for cancelled orders, not sure. This year’s set didn’t follow the same percentage selling pattern as last year’s. Right in the middle of the game, if these sets sold just like last year’s the mintage of this paticular set would be in the 375K range. Can’t wait to see the final. Should be under 250K.


The problem is tomorrow is last day to buy these. Although EBay prices
may be low now doesn’t mean they will stay that way. Who
is really interested in selling a set on EBay with all the fees and work
and just breaking even? The only reason I could see people doing it
is to get cash out of their creditcards or rewards. Interesting
thing is they aren’t shipping till almost Oct. So if you order now, you will have
4 months to see where prices go before you need to decide
whether to keep them.

Bil F

Jack, last year’s odometer increased 5,607 on the last day of sales; hoping it doesn’t go over that this year, but the enhanced is an awfully pretty coin; collectors are going to love it!!!

Bil F

Can hardly wait to see the final odometer figure; praying it will be less or at least no more than last years San Francisco 2-Coin Set!


Don’t compare final odometer figures; there was a very significant decrease in the 2012 number afterwards.

Bill F

Thank you!

There was a significant drop from the Mint’s final odometer to the actual final sales figure, 25,757. Thanks to all service members!!!


@george glazener, so you ran into the moose, too! I considered writing a scathing letter to them. However, after seeing how these bureaucratic idiots answer for their felonious actions, in front of Congress, I’m glad I didn’t! Why spit in the wind, shovel shit, against the tide or pee off the bow, in a heavy gale?
People, you have been warned and advised against trying to “infiltrate” the Denver Mint! You are considered a threat and will be subjected to BS by pros!

george glazener

LMAO….Remind me to buy you a beer and a cigar sometime. I tried to get in too, but not very hard. I chose to spend my time at the Denver Zoo instead. Thanks for your service Sir..!!

Sales Update: The sales odometer for the set went up 8,469 from Wednesday for a new total of 251,695. If reporting is handled the same way as last year’s two-coin set from San Francisco, the U.S. Mint will provide a final odometer reading to the public on Friday and then an adjusted sales total to down the road.


VIc- Lighten up. And so should the mint.
Congrats .Your posted managed to offend both the right, the left, large people, women and families at the same time (could be kids reading these posts).
I’m sure you are being saluted for your patriotism (perhaps with only one finger though). For me, just clean up the language in the posts a bit.

george glazener

I also tried the Philly MINT one day, but they were closed for some odd reason just that particular day I was in town. Don’t they have gift shops nearby that don’t involve actually going on the tour? Turn me loose in a US MINT gift shop, and I’d need a taxi to haul away my plunder..!!

Anyway, I ordered 2 more of this set earlier today, I figure I have until September to think about if I really want to keep them or cancel.


Hopefully no spots or blotches will show up on these puppies.


i ordered 100 sets for my Asian Investor, i Knew the coins are SO pretty , and pricing are reasonable,compare to canada and aussie, these set is pretty cheap, although final mintage are over 250k, who care, i liked it and will pass it to my grandkids,who know after 30 years worth for? i wished my greatgrandpa left some Old $50 panama expo gold coin 🙂


Wow! New updated number is 281,310…that is 30,000 more than yesterday number at 3:00 p.m. I guess hungyip and people like him ordered in bunches in those last 2 hours…still a great low number though…your thoughts?


well the reverse proof will not be good. but the enhanced unc is the one to be shine. only one year issue for this one. no comparison.


I think they are both gorgeous pieces ( if they don’t obtain spots or blotches ). I don’t think you’ll make a “big” profit if you intend to sell them though. If you are a collector and so forth, This is for you. 🙂


Thanks annie, Joe#2,
I am not into selling them…I am one od those guys that buys them for their kids to have and maybe get value for them some day…I bought only 2 sets one for each…I really love their design…can’t wait to see them in person.


annie – Unfortunately this may be only the beginning of Enhanced ASE issues. The plus is that this will be the First!


The mint can’t keep an accurate count on the number of coins it sells! Why should I continue to buy coins from the mint?


Jd, who cares what the count it. As long as you love the coin(s) and are satisfied with the purchase, Nothing else should matter.

Bill F

Joe#2, keep on keeping on; I initially thought the sales would end up much higher that what the final counter has reflected. The pictures and small video clips I’ve seen reveal a very collectible set; that’s what counts!

JD, at this point we have a very accurate idea of what the final mintage will be; we can estimate some returns and cancellations; the final mintage will be more than satisfactory for collectors and even flippers. No offence; I just think you cant go wrong with the set(S)!