US Mint Coin Production in March Lists White Mountain Quarter Mintages

2013 White Mountain Quarter
Preliminary mintages were revealed for the 2013 White Mountain Quarter

A bit fewer coins were minted for circulation in March compared to the previous month, coin production figures from the United States Mint show. Mintages for 2013 White Mountain National Forest quarters were also revealed.

For the year-to-date and first quarter, U.S. Mint facilities in Denver and Philadelphia produced 3,096,220,000 circulating-quality coins – the quickest yearly start since 2007.

932,560,00 coins were struck in March, marking a 0.8% decrease from February but a 19.3% increase from the same time last year. March ranks fifth busiest for the U.S. Mint through the last 12 months.

2012 – 2013 March Coin Production Figures / Mintages

Month Mintages Rank
March 2013 932.56 M 5
February 2013 939.98 M 4
January 2013 1,223.68 M 1
December 2012 245.34 M 13
November 2012 765.76 M 11
October 2012 1,040.12 M 2
September 2012 905.34 M 7
August 2012 655.55 M 12
July 2012 906.62 M 6
June 2012 975.59 M 3
May 2012 819.86 M 9
April 2012 858.04 M 8
March 2012 781.70 M 10


Lincoln cents top coin production figures every month. They accounted for 60.0% of the circulating-quality coins produced in March.

A 21.7% drop in Jefferson nickels and 62.8% fewer Presidential $1 Coins held the month down from February. More of the other denominations were produced with monthly increases of:

  • 1.7% for Lincoln cents,
  • 1.2% for Roosevelt dimes and
  • 9.3% for America the Beautiful Quarters

For reference, coin production figures for last month follow.

US Circulating Coinage Production in March 2013

Denomination Denver Philadelphia Total
Lincoln Cents 285,200,000 274,000,000 559,200,000
Jefferson Nickels 56,880,000 24,720,000 81,600,000
Roosevelt Dimes 84,000,000 90,500,000 174,500,000
2013 ATB Quarters 56,000,000 56,400,000 112,400,000
Kennedy Half Dollars 0 800,000 800,000
Native American $1s 0 0 0
Presidential Dollars 1,540,000 2,520,000 4,060,000
Total 483,620,000 448,940,000 932,560,000


First Quarter 2013

The nearly 3.1 billion coins in the first quarter 2013 is 43.1% more than the 2.164 billion coins struck in the first quarter 2012. Production splits for the year by U.S. Mint facility stand at 1,575,280,000 coins from Denver and 1,520,940,000 coin from Philadelphia.

White Mountain Quarter Mintages

Demand is increasing for quarters. Preliminary mintages were published for the inaugural 2013 America the Beautiful Quarter honoring White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire. Mintage splits for the White Mountain quarter are 107,600,000 from Denver and 68,800,000 from Philadelphia for a combined total of 176,400,000. In comparing those figures to other America the Beautiful Quarters:

  • The White Mountain quarter mintage total is second highest. Denali quarters lead at 302 million
  • 2013-P White Mountain quarters have the third highest mintage of Philadelphia struck quarters, behind 2011-P Chickasaw quarters at 73.8 million and 2012-P Denali quarters at 135.4 million
  • 2013-D White Mountain quarters have the second highest mintage of Denver minted quarters, behind 2012-D Denali quarters at 166.6 million

$1’s and Halves

In other coinage, Native American $1 Coins were not produced last month or in February but Kennedy half-dollars were for the first time this year.

3.64 million Native American $1 Coins were minted in January. They, like the Presidential $1 Coins, have not been produced for commerce since 2011. They are released for coin collectors, however. In fact, beginning tomorrow, April 23, the U.S. Mint will begin selling 2013 Native American $1 Coins in rolls, bags and boxes.

2013-P Kennedy Half Dollars went up 800,000. More will come out from Philadelphia and Denver as half-dollars in rolls and bags are scheduled to go on sale in June. These coins are also only produced for collectors.

The following table offers mintages by coin design.

2013 Circulating Coin Production / Mintages by Design

  Denver Philadelphia 2013 Total
Lincoln Cents 881,200,000 902,400,000 1,783,600,000
Jefferson Nickels 183,840,000 130,800,000 314,640,000
Roosevelt Dimes 269,500,000 302,000,000 571,500,000
White Mountain Quarter 107,600,000 68,800,000 176,400,000
Perry’s Victory Quarter 0 0 0
Great Basin Quarter 0 0 0
Fort McHenry Quarter 0 0 0
Mount Rushmore Quarter 0 0 0
Kennedy Half Dollars 0 800,000 800,000
Native American $1 1,820,000 1,820,000 3,640,000
William McKinley $1 3,360,000 4,760,000 8,120,000
Theodore Roosevelt $1 3,920,000 5,180,000 9,100,000
William Howard Taft $1 0 0 0
Woodrow Wilson $1 0 0 0
Total 1,451,240,000 1,416,560,000 2,867,800,000


In subtracting the above totals by coin design from the overall production figures by denomination, two differences are found.

  • America the Beautiful Quarters are higher by 218,200,000. The bulk of them would logically be Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial Quarters since they launched on April 1, 2013. Some are likely Great Basin National Park Quarters as their scheduled release is in June.

  • Presidential $1 Coins are higher by 10,220,000. The amount likely represents most of the William Howard Taft dollars. Taft $1 coins are expected out in July. Of note, the U.S. Mint from February to March did push up the 2013-D Theodore Roosevelt $1 Coin mintage total by 700,000. Roosevelt dollars in rolls, bags and boxes launched on April 11, 2013.

Coin production figures are based on data aggregated from the U.S. Mint webpage at:

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george glazener

One Hundred and Seventy Six MILLION, Four Hundred THOUSAND quarters minted, and every stinking bank I go into never gets any of them, and they say they never will.

Where the hell are all these quarters going?????????


@George to an ATM not near you. 😉


Great question George; every bank and credit union I have asked for the last four years says the same thing: “We cannot order 2010/11/12/13 coins and we never will have them.” YET, certain businesses obtain ROLLS of these quarters, like Dick’s Sporting Goods, or that big burrito chain.

So, where ARE ALLLLLLL the coins struck for circulation the last 4 years?


The store I work for (northeastern NJ) just got a box of 2010 Grand Canyon ATB quarters so perhaps new releases are just being buried by returns to the banking system? But ATB quarters are definitely trickling out. I’ve seen several of each design in my till already but still not a single 2009-D Northern Mariana Islands quarter.


@Ryan : Keep in mind that the combined mintages of all ATB quarters to date (3.2 years) have only just exceeded the mintages of the Delaware and Pennsylvania state quarters so they’ll remain comparatively rare in change for some time until mintages for this series start rising.


I see Denali quarters in circulation but nothing else from 2012


Train Stations that’s they are in my town.


Hi George, Sorry I did not get back to you in timely manner with regards to your Spouse coin. I knew of the impending dive in gold price however, there were several questions I had no time to ask you. You do have a huge advantage with this coin over a typical bullion coin. The mintage on your Spouse coin is low and the demand for physical gold is now high. The month of May is historically the worst month for the stock market. When the annual correction occurs the price of gold will again rise but may not see… Read more »

george glazener

Thanks Ronnie;
I’ll keep Lucy for a while longer and try my best to keep my eyes open. Damn hard to judge this PM market, ain’t it..!! I really should be buying silver right now. As they say, BTFD..!!


There is definitely a black hole out there for all coinage since 2006 when the insiders started figuring out they had pooched the economy. Even some of the 06-07-08 quarters are relatively hard to find. There still are no 09 or later coins in Chicago except for some 10 and 11 Lincoln cents.


George, Gold up $40 so far today.
In this market 1+1=3? Gotta love it.

As far as the quarters go, try Coinstar.
If anyone has a finger on the coins of the nation they do. lol