US Mint March 2011 Coin Production: Glacier Quarter Mintages Revealed


Fewer and fewer American coins are getting minted this year for circulation, according to the latest coin production figures published by the United States Mint.

Glacier National Park Quarter

Those same figures reveal that the combined mintages for the Glacier National Park Quarter rank as the second scarcest in the America the Beautiful Quarters® series.

US Mint production in March retreated to 485.5 million coins, down from the more than 523 million coins produced in February and the nearly 765 million coins minted in January. While the Mint presses logged fewer hours last month, the level was higher than the same period of a year ago. But then March 2010 was the slowest production month for the US Mint in the past twelve months.

Monthly Coin Production Figures / Mintages

Month Mintages Rank
March 2011 485.5 M 10
February 2011 523.14 M 9
January 2011 764.73 M 3
December 2010 80.200 M 13
November 2010 531.46 M 8
October 2010 730.22 M 5
September 2010 690.02 M 6
August 2010 743.78 M 4
July 2010 772.08 M 2
June 2010 918.94 M 1
May 2010 657.22 M 7
April 2010 451.96 M 11
March 2010 384.42 M 12


Although fewer coins were produced in March, the variety of denominations was greater than many past months. The only coin registering a zero increase in the production table below is the Kennedy half dollar. The Philadelphia Mint manufactured a token amount of Native American Dollars. And and always, Lincoln cents far outpaced other coinage as they accounted for 69.7 percent of the Mint’s output.

March 2011 US Mint Coin Production

Denver Philadelphia Total
Lincoln Cents 128,000,000 210,400,000 338,400,000
Jefferson Nickels 20,160,000 8,400,000 28,560,000
Roosevelt Dimes 10,000,000 43,500,000 53,500,000
2011 Quarters 19,400,000 0 19,400,000
Kennedy Half Dollars 0 0 0
Native American $1s 0 140,000 140,000
Presidential Dollars 18,340,000 27,160,000 45,500,000
Total 195,900,000 289,600,000 485,500,000


As mentioned, the debut Glacier National Park Quarter mintages were provided. The Glacier quarter was released into circulation on April 4, although the bulk of the coins remain in vaults at Federal Reserve Banks. The formal release ceremony for the quarter is being held later today at Columbia Falls High School in Montana.

In terms of mintages, the 61.6 million combined Glacier total falls directly behind the most scarce Gettysburg National Military Park Quarter with its 61.2 million total (revealed in February). In the notable column, the 2011-P Glacier quarter ties the 2011-P Gettysburg quarter as the most scarce quarter-dollar by mint facility. Each of the Philadelphia mintages stand at 30.4 million. It should be noted, however, that these numbers have the potential to increase since the US Mint has a bulk purchase program in place that permits businesses to buy past quarter designs for a year even when it has stopped delivering them to Federal Reserve Banks.

For reference, the following table breaks out the mintage figures by coin design and denomination.

YTD 2011 Coin Production by Design

Denver Philadelphia 2010 Total
Lincoln Cents 535,200,000 537,200,000 1,072,400,000
Jefferson Nickels 100,320,000 53,520,000 153,840,000
Roosevelt Dimes 149,000,000 126,000,000 275,000,000
Gettysburg Park Quarters 30,800,000 30,400,000 61,200,000
Glacier Park Quarters 31,200,000 30,400,000 61,600,000
Kennedy Half Dollars 1,700,000 1,750,000 3,450,000
Native American $1 18,060,000 9,660,000 27,720,000
Johnson Presidential $1 37,100,000 35,560,000 72,660,000


Since the US Mint’s total production level for Presidential dollars is higher than those shown for the Johnson Presidential $1 coin, it can be assumed that the bureau is already striking Ulysses S. Grant Presidential $1 Coins. The Ulysses S. Grant dollar is scheduled to be released through Federal Reserve Banks on May 19, 2011.

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