2013-W Proof American Silver Eagle Debut Sales at 258,860

2013-W Proof American Silver Eagle Coin
2013-W Proof American Silver Eagle Coin

Collectors placed 258,860 orders for the 2013-W Proof American Silver Eagle between its release on Jan. 24, 2013 and Jan. 28, 2013. At $62.95 per coin, the U.S. Mint’s gross revenue jumped $16,295,237 during the five days.

Sales of the annually issued proof coin will likely reach a bit above the 800,000 area after all is said and done. That is about the average stopping point seen through the last few years.

The starting pace has always been quick for the American Silver Eagle. Last year’s proof recorded five-day opening sales of 299,539 and the coin in 2011 opened at 367,623 through the first six days. The year prior, 273,212 sold in three days. Production of the proof Silver Eagle was canceled in 2009, but four-day debut sales reached 185,232 in 2008.

Provided below are the last reported sales for every standard, annually issued proof American Silver Eagle coin since 1986.

1986-2012 Proof American Silver Eagle Sales

Year Sales
1986-S 1,446,778
1987-S 904,732
1988-S 557,370
1989-S 617,694
1990-S 695,510
1991-S 511,924
1992-S 498,543
1993-P 405,913
1994-P 372,168
1995-P 407,822
1995-W 30,125
1996-P 498,293
1997-P 435,350
1998-P 450,728
Year Sales
1999-P 549,330
2000-P 600,743
2001-W 746,398
2002-W 647,342
2003-W 747,831
2004-W 801,602
2005-W 816,663
2006-W 1,092,477
2007-W 821,759
2008-W 700,979
2009 None
2010-W 860,000
2011-W 950,000
2012-W 819,217


There are no mintage limits for this year’s coin. Generally, demand determines mintages but most collectors have learned to buy earlier in the sales cycle since the U.S. Mint tends to stop selling American Eagle products without notice.

Order may be placed for the proof American Silver Eagle on the United States Mint product page found here, or by calling the toll-free number at 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

In related coin news, bullion Silver Eagles just notched a new record for sales in a single month. After investment demand resulted in a sellout of the Mint’s initial supply and a temporary sales suspension, ordering returned this week. January sales hit 7.42 million coins to hurdle the old monthly record of 6.422 million coins in January 2011. These bullion versions are not sold directly by the U.S. Mint to the public like its collector products. Instead, they sell through a network of authorized dealers.

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Interesting that the opening 4 days saw almost 259,000 2013 Proof Eagles sold. The mintage of the 2012 S Proof American Eagles are only up to around 280,000. Looks like it is the lonely stepchild. The chart doesn’t even show it. It is still a proof American Eagle and it will have the 2nd lowest mintage. I am not sure why they haven’t sold out yet. It is $10 more, but you also get an uncirculated $5.