US Mint Updates Website, Customer Access Improved


The United States Mint today published more changes to its website at Similar to past tweaks, these updates are designed to "improve the user experience" according to the bureau.

US Mint Website Global Header
A new global header improves experience with consistency and quick access to customer accounts and order tracking

One major improvement includes a new website header. It offers an at-glance customer service telephone number, social networking links and quick access links to customer account and order status pages. It is also global, featured on every page within the website. In the past as an example, the U.S. Mint’s online store had a slightly different header than what was utilized on other parts of the website.

US Mint Website Footer
An updated footer has been added to the site

An updated website footer is also part of the U.S. Mint announced improvements. Identified as a quick index to major content areas, the footer offers a plethora of links to sections such as "Shop," "Product Schedule," "Customer Service" and "Newsroom."

US Mint Website Learn Section
The new “Learn” section found at

One of the footer links takes visitors to the new "Learn" page. Officials at the U.S. Mint describe it this way:

"The new Learn page gathers links to all the coin resources and background information in one page. It is the front door to information about coin and medal programs, collecting, the coin creation process, our education program, our game-filled kids site, our history, and the artists who design and craft our coins."

The new page serves as a consolidation of previous website sections placing them in one location for easy reference.

US Mint Website Left Navigation Update
US Mint “Left Navigation” Update

Finally, a slight modification has occurred to the left-hand section of information pages. High-level pages feature links that mirror the content listed in the footer, making the website easier to navigate. The top link always returns visitors to the main category area that they are browsing.

All of these changes are live at

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george glazener

Swell. Now if they’d only offer some COINS that people want to buy, they’d have it made…!!


As the article says, minor tweaks, nothing substantial. Not trying to over analyze or be really picky but if you’re going to search by price why not sort the results by price also instead of forcing one to go through the entire list to find just those equal or less than your particular price point? The mint really needs some professional marketing advice.


Will Coin Vault + Other Big Dollar buyer still be the 1st one in line ???
how do they get 100-200 set of 2012 75th AV set??


I for one have cancelled my account with the mint after 7 years and substantial purchases. The final straw with the 2012 Sanfran two coin silver eagle set. How long does it take to produce 2-3 hundred thousand coins, at least maybe a couple days with modern technology. Certainly not a couple of months that separate the first orders from the last within the given time period. This was all bs that simply gave the instituional buyers a head start. Oh! lets not forget they lied about the limited mintage and produced more to offer in another product release. After… Read more »


Big $$$$ always win anywhere in the USA!!
That is wrong!!


You were apparently happy for 6 years – just remember this year was mismanaged by Dep Dir Peterson who is on his way out once Bibiana Boerio’s nomination is confirmed. Peterson botched things up royally and there’s obviously no evidence that BB will do any better but keep an eye out – she might put things back on track. I don’t think anybody can be any worse than Peterson.