US Mint Tweaks Its Website


The United States Mint overnight rolled out another series of tweaks to its website at The most visible changes appear within the pages of its online store.

US Mint Website Image
An image from the U.S. Mint that describes website changes on its home page. Additional images and changes are described at

Featured U.S. Mint products and new announcements are shown front and center. This page now includes an announcement about the improvements the U.S. Mint is making.

"We have gathered much feedback from many customers about how we can improve our Website to make it easier for you to use," the U.S. Mint states. "We’ve heard you. Beginning September 2012, customers will see small but helpful changes that should improve the user experience of our site."

Visitors to the website’s online store will also immediately notice new search tools in the upper left that include "Product Search" and "Price Search" options. The product search feature suggests uses of keywords or product numbers while the search by price offers a handy drop down with selections of:

  • $0.01-$19.99
  • $20-$49.99
  • $50-$99.99
  • $100-$199.99
  • $200-$399.99
  • $400 and up

Another prominent addition in the shopping area is a new navigation menu on the left side of the website entitled "Precious Metals." Clicking it brings the user to a new section that showcases some of the Mint’s major coins produced in silver, gold and platinum. A link to the U.S. Mint pricing policy for gold and platinum coins is also more visible.

Other improvements will be forthcoming, and some of the current additions will be refined. One of the challenges in website development can be presenting a common user experience across the various types of browsers — Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. Over the last several days the home page of the U.S. Mint website has had some minor formatting issues with some of these browsers.

In a series of images, the U.S. Mint describes some of its website changes at:

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george glazener

That explains the lack of progress on the FS series. They’ve been working long hours on a razzle dazzle flashy web site…!!


And yet a while ago they decided to cancel web site enhancements. Another lie put out by Dep Dir. Peterson. Oh, wait a minute, they cancelled improvements in the ordering process and eliminating delays in ordering high demand/volume items and site overload/shutdown on first release days; not something as simple as adding a few bells and whistles to the web site itself.


Would love to see a return of the “last chance” link to products that are about to go off sale in the near term.


I noticed that the Denali 5 oz are now scheduled for release o n the same day as bags and rolls of quarters. So after 3 years of production delays and compressed release dates for the 5 oz’ers, it appears the ATB program is finally in sync!


Didn’t get my late order SF sets out on time. Should have shipped 9/28.


Does the Mint sell anything for $0.01 ? Lol