2013 Tasmanian Devil Coin Continues Endangered and Extinct Series


Available now from the Perth Mint of Australia is the 2013 Tasmanian Devil 1oz Silver Proof Coin, issued as the third release of the Endangered and Extinct series.

2013 Tasmanian Devil 1oz Silver Proof Coin
2013 Tasmanian Devil 1oz Silver Proof Coin, the third issue in the Endangered and Extinct series

This coin is struck from one ounce of 99.9% pure silver and features a reverse design showcasing two colored Tasmanian Devils.

The Endangered and Extinct series previously featured coins depicting the Tasmanian Wedge-Tailed Eagle and the Tasmanian Tiger. Both of those coins sold-out, adding to the likelihood that this third release of the series, which features a more commonly known creature, will also sell out.

All of the silver coins in the series depict creatures that are either extinct or on the brink of extinction. The Tasmanian Devil is no exception. At one time, the creature likely numbered in the millions but recent estimates place the wild population well under 100,000.

The Tasmanian Devil is a carnivorous marsupial. Today, it is only found on the Australian island of Tasmania. The stocky muscular animal is notable for its black fur, pungent odor and ferocious fighting ability.

Tasmanian Devil Silver Proof Coin Designs and Specifications

Shown on the reverse of the coin is a colored image of two Tasmanian Devils. One of the creatures is shown as if resting while the other is depicted in a more aggressive posture. Fern leaves and a rocky den are shown surrounding the marsupials. An inscription of "TASMANIAN DEVIL" can be found below the design.

A portrait of Queen Elizabeth II adorns the obverse of the coin as designed by Ian Rank-Broadley. Surrounding the effigy are the inscriptions of "QUEEN ELIZABETH II," "2013," "TUVALU," "1 DOLLAR" and "1 OZ 999 SILVER."

As indicated by those inscriptions, these coins are struck as legal tender of the island nation of Tuvalu with a face value of $1. The country is located midway between Australia and the Hawaiian islands.

Maximum mintage for the coin is listed as just 5,000. This is the same mintage used by the Perth Mint for the previous two releases in the Endangered and Extinct series that sold out.

Each coin comes housed in a high gloss wooden case along with an illustrated shipper which features a photographic image of two Tasmanian Devils similar to the image found on the coin. A numbered certificate of authenticity is also included with each coin.

Pricing of the coin is listed at AUD $99.09, but that can change based on silver market conditions.

Order Details

The Tasmanian Devil coins are available to order from around the world at The Perth Mint website.

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