2013 Griffin Silver Proof Coin Begins Mythical Creatures Series


A new coin series makes its debut from the Perth Mint of Australia with its release of the 2013 Griffin 1 Oz Silver Proof Coin.

2013 Griffin Silver Proof Coin
The 2013 Griffin Silver Proof Coin is the first of five issues in the new Mythical Creatures series

This strike is already proving popular with collectors, rising to the top of the Perth Mint’s weekly best sellers.

The Griffin Silver Proof Coin marks the first of five scheduled issues in the Mythical Creatures series. Each is composed of one ounce of 99.9% pure silver and is struck to proof quality.

"Immerse your imagination in the magical world of mythical creatures with this new five-coin series!" exclaims the Perth Mint of Australia on its website. "Beginning with the mighty Griffin, this mythical creature is part eagle, part lion and known for its bravery and strength."

Many consider the griffin king of all legendary creatures. The front half of the griffin appears eagle-like with an eagle’s head, wings and front talons. The rear half is in the form of a lion with back paws and tail. As the lion is considered the king of all beasts and the eagle the king of all birds, the griffin’s status is elevated among them all.

The four upcoming coins in the Mythical Creatures series feature reverse designs emblematic of the unicorn, the phoenix, the werewolf and the dragon.

Griffin Silver Proof Coin Designs and Specifications

Appearing on the reverse of the Griffin Silver Proof Coin is a colored image of the creature with its wings outstretched and in the air above mountains. An inscription of "griffin" appears below the mythical creature with "$1" draped to the left.

2013 Griffin Silver Proof Coin in Shipper
2013 Griffin Silver Proof Coin in Perth Mint Shipper

The obverse of the silver proof coin depicts Ian Rank-Broadley’s effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. Surrounding the portrait are inscriptions of "QUEEN ELIZABETH II," "1 oz 999 SILVER," "TUVALU" and "2013."

As indicated by the inscriptions, this series of coins is struck as legal tender of Tuvalu. The tiny island nation is located halfway between the Hawaiian Islands and Australia.

Specifications of the new release include a composition of one ounce of 99.9% pure silver, a diameter of 40.60 mm, a thickness of 4.00 mm and a gross weight of 31.135 grams. Each is placed within a presentation case.

The silver proof coin is accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity which indicates its limited 5,000 mintage. Each coin, display case and certificate is packaged within an illustrated shipper.

These coins are struck as a commissioned product by the Perth Mint. For each one sold, Coin Club Australia will donate $1.00 to UNICEF-Australia.

Those wishing to order the Griffin Silver Proof Coin may visit the Perth Mint website. Pricing is AUS $104.09, or US $109.15, and is subject to change based on current market conditions.

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The Perth Mint Australia

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About the Perth Mint

The Royal Mint of England originally opened the Perth Mint of Australia (http://www.perthmint.com.au/) in 1899 as a branch of the London facility. It continued in operation as a branch of the Royal Mint until ownership transferred to the State Government of Western Australia in 1970.

Today, the Perth Mint is the official issuer of the Australian Federal Government’s Gold and Silver Bullion Coin Program. In addition, it produces some of the world’s most unique collectible coins.

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Can you advise when the Perth Mint plan to issue the next coin in this set which I believe is the unicorn?


Joan, The Perth Mint has not announced a release date for the Unicorn silver coin. Generally, media companies are provided at least a 30-day advance peak into upcoming releases. It is not, at least at this time, schedule to launch in February.