Higher US Gold Coin Prices, Lucy Hayes Uncirculated Coin Off Sale

Lucy Hayes First Spouse Gold Coin
Lucy Hayes First Spouse Gold Uncirculated Coin

Before a 2012 strike launches in the First Spouse Gold Coin series, the 2011 Lucy Hayes uncirculated coin was removed from sale by the United States Mint. It happened Monday, August 6, 2012. In a newer development, today, August 8, the U.S. Mint raised prices on all of its numismatic gold coins.

Last listed at a price of $941.00, the half-ounce 24-karat gold Lucy Hayes uncirculated coin was relocated to the Mint’s "No Longer Available" online page and given the status, "Sold Out." It is the scarcest to date of the no longer sold coins.

Lucy Hayes First Spouse Gold Coins in collector uncirculated and proof qualities hit the market on September 1, 2011. They feature a portrait of the First Lady on the obverse and a reverse scene of her participation in the first Easter Egg Roll held at the White House. At this time, the proof coin is still available for $979.

When the series started, the coins were not taken off sale unless their maximum mintage was reached or they had been available for about a year. Neither case is applicable now. The U.S. Mint has been assigning the "sold out" status much earlier since demand has continued to decline.

Latest Lucy Hayes Uncirculated Coin Sales

As of August 6, only 2,243 of the uncirculated Hayes coins had sold, while the total number of proofs was 3,352. Those numbers will likely change a bit when the U.S. Mint reports its latest sales figures next week, but even so, the Lucy Hayes uncirculated coin should remain the scarcest in the series to-date.

Four 2011-dated First Spouse coins remain available. From oldest to newest they are the uncirculated Julia Grant coins, the proof Lucy Hayes coins, and both the proof and uncirculated Lucretia Garfield coins. Currently, the uncirculated coin honoring Lucretia has the lowest sales at 1,973. The U.S. Mint indicates it is on backorder, which suggests it could be close to going off sale.

For the most up-to-date sales figures, check this site’s page of First Spouse sales figures.

There has been no word yet from the Mint as to when the 2012 coins will launch.

Numismatic Gold Coin Prices Higher

Missing price increases last week by a mere $1, the U.S. Mint today raised prices across all of its numismatic gold coins right before noon ET. That happened as the average weekly price of gold moved from between $1,550.00 and $1,599.99 an ounce to a higher tier of between $1,600.00 and $1,649.99 an ounce.

New US Mint Numismatic Gold Coin Prices

Numismatic Product New Prices Price Increase
Uncirculated First Spouse Gold Coins $966.00 $25.00
Proof First Spouse Gold Coins $979.00 $25.00
2011-2012 American Buffalo $1,910.00 $50.00
2012 Uncirculated American Gold Eagle $1,878.00 $50.00
2012 1 oz Proof American Gold Eagle $1,885.00 $50.00
2012 1/2 oz Proof American Gold Eagle $956.00 $25.00
2012 1/4 oz Proof American Gold Eagle $490.50 $12.50
2012 1/10 oz Proof American Gold Eagle $210.50 $5.00
2011-2012 Proof American Gold Eagle 4-Coin Set $3,493.00 $92.50
2012 Star-Spangled Banner $5 Commemorative — Proof $497.85 $12.15
2012 Star-Spangled Banner $5 Commemorative — Uncirculated


2012 Star-Spangled Banner Commemorative Two-Coin Set $547.85 $12.15


Should the average price of gold move outside the current range, the next possible pricing changes could occur on Wednesday, August 15, 2012.

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