2012-S Uncirculated Silver Eagle Expected, Special Annual Sets Studied


This year the United States Mint is planning to release a San Francisco "S" minted uncirculated American Silver Eagle for collectors and is paving the way for a series of "special" annual sets beginning in 2012 that could include Silver Eagles with varying "S", "D" and "W" mint marks, special reverse proofs and ultra-high reliefs.

American Silver Eagle 25th Anniversary Set - Opened Case
The unique coins shown in this American Silver Eagle 25th Anniversary Set could be available more frequently within special annual sets from the U.S. Mint. Other possibilities include Eagles with varying S and D mint marks as well as an ultra-high relief.

The United States Mint revealed the possibilities for new annual sets in a survey conducted by National Analysts Worldwide. Plans for the 2012-S Uncirculated American Silver Eagle were announced in the United States Mint 2011 Annual Report.

"We were pleased to bring back the American Eagle Silver Proof Coin Program, which saw both 2010 and 2011 coins launched for sale during FY 2011," said Richard A. Peterson, Deputy Director of the United States Mint in the bureau’s Annual Report.

Peterson noted that the West Point "W" minted uncirculated Silver Eagle was "reprised" in 2011 after a two-year hiatus and that the Mint "looks forward to expanding this offering to include the San Francisco mint mark in 2012."

Contributing $83.6 million in incremental revenues over the prior year, the program is a certified money-maker and ripe for additions based on the sellout of the American Silver Eagle 25th Anniversary Set which will supplement the Mint’s revenue in FY 2012. The anniversary set included five coins in total, including the three typical annual and individual offerings:

  • 2011 bullion American Silver Eagle
  • 2011-W Proof American Silver Eagle — struck in West Point
  • 2011-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagle — struck in West Point

And the two unique coins that were available only within the set:

  • 2011-S Uncirculated American Silver Eagle — struck in San Francisco
  • 2011-P Reverse Proof American Silver Eagle — struck in Philadelphia

Special Annual Sets – 2012, 2013 and Beyond

While the Mint’s Annual Report exposed the possibility that the San Francisco minted uncirculated Silver Eagle is likely to appear this year, the market survey conducted by National Analysts Worldwide posed many questions on a special 2012 American Silver Eagle Set that could contain a:

  • 2012-S Uncirculated American Silver Eagle
  • 2012-S Reverse Proof American Silver Eagle

Still obviously in a planning stage, the survey notes:

"This set will be the first in a series of annual special silver coin sets that the U.S. Mint will begin producing once per year, beginning in 2012. The second installment (featuring additional unique coins) would be produced in 2013.

The U.S. Mint plans to manufacture 300,000 of these sets. Once these are sold, no additional sets will be available. There will be a purchase limit of 1 set per household. The price of this set will be approximately $125."

The market survey hints at further possibilities for a 2013 American Silver Eagle Set, asking participants to rate how appealing certain types of coins would be within it and which of the following types of Eagles would be a top-three choice:

  • Coins with a unique finish – reverse proof
  • Coins with a unique design feature – ultra high relief
  • Uncirculated American Eagle Silver coins with special mint mark (e.g. "S", "D", etc.)
  • Proof American Eagle Silver coin with special mint mark (e.g. "S", "D", etc.)
  • American Eagle Silver bullion
  • Standard American Eagle Silver uncirculated coin (with customary "W" mint mark)
  • Standard American Eagle Silver proof coin (with customary "W" mint mark)

Indicating the United States Mint would have more flexibility beginning in year 2013 by the types of coins possible, the survey also suggests that the Mint is open to customer input on varying household limits (1, 2, 5, and 10) and maximum mintages (75,000; 100,000; 150,000; 200,000; 250,000; and 500,000) for these future annual sets.

Check this site’s American Eagle coins section for information on past year offerings from the Mint or visit the bureau’s website at http://www.usmint.gov/mint_programs/?action=american_eagles.

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Well, collecting coins used to be so straight forward. Now, with the (W) and the (S) unmarked but minted in, and soon marked “S” and “D” and “W” mint marked ASE and God knows what other combination of “manufactured coin sets” he mint will come up with, collectors stop going on vacation, eating well and traveling anywhere but work and back, you will need lots of money to feed your desire. Just kidding!


Sounds to me like they got the taste of HUGE profits from the anni. set, and now want to keep milking us for more money, while flooding the market and leaving no profit incentive/possibilities for the collector.

george glazener

Be that as it may, here’s my suggestion to the US MINT for a new best seller. How about a Five Ounce version of the 2012 American Eagle. Can you imagine how gorgeous that coin would be?


Here we go again.

george glazener

LOL……Aww, come on, you know you’d buy 3 of them…!


US Mint should make a 2012 5 Ounce Reverse Proof American Silver Eagle. Now you talking.

george glazener

Or even a 5-pc set of 5 ounce coins styled after the 25th anniversary set from last October…!! Retail Price: $1499.95. Limit 5 per household, Max Mintage = 100,000. That ought to shut down their phone system again…!!


Your a wild man GG !!

There is a real concern of the mint flooding the market with product. The Quarter is a perfect example. The mint needs to be careful. Count the number of collectable hobbies that have gone by the way side…

george glazener

No kidding. you should see all the worthless Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa Rookie Cards I have! Anybody want an A-Rod 94 Upper Deck SP Rookie Card for 10 bucks…? At least the US MINT makes their stuff out of silver instead of cardboard…


We should issue face value silver coin like Canada $20. Also, my subjection for one dollar coin should contain silver like 1% silver.

John P.

When all this happens just go to true coin collecting and collect the older coins 1964 and prior and collect coins with true rarity.

Brian V.

Well, the single 5pc. Set which took me 4 hours of banging away at the website to be kicked off before even signing on my account several times, just lost all value…when will I learn. (???) No, I did not send for grading. No, I did not buy the limit, or open a 2nd account like a guy I know. I simply wanted a single set which could be enjoyed and eventually gain value to sell upon retirement, as there will be no social security when / IF I live that long. I think I will just buy the mint… Read more »


The Mint was only trying to see what people want. They have not stated they actually plan to offer these options. It was just a survey. Calm down everyone. Denver is not even equiped to issue collector coins. They were just brainstorming. Unless mintage levels fall below 100K, the value of your anniv. sets will be fine. Read CoinWeek if you really want to know what’s going on. Our articles are written by experienced numismatists. See what I said about the survey and chill out.


All I really care is that the Mint keeps making the Platinum proof eagle one ounce coin every year. That coin, and one or two of the proof 90% silver America the Beautiful quarters sets are all that I can afford in a year. The Mint has really hit a home run (design-wise) with the ATB series. They are some of the best landscape designs to be found on any U.S. or world coin. The designs are even more beautiful on the 5 oz. bullion coins but alas, can’t afford to collect them as well!


Well lets hope they can package them without delivering scratched up coins.
My five sets yielded 3 MS67 coins including a proof with a big scratch across the face of the coin.


I wouldn’t mind owning “one” and only “one” reverse proof silver eagle. If it’s offered separately great I’ll get one. If not, I’ll just go buy a Canadian Maple Leaf.

Oh and I’m so glad I never collected those stupid beanie baby’s.


The infusion of these special sets by the U.S. Mint will dictate which direction they will take in the future. To know the mindset of the collector, as to what they wish, is a most valuable asset to attain maximum profit. Knowing this first, the U.S. Mint will be able to structure a ‘plan’ which would basically keep everyone interested in upcoming sets. This is what the U.S. Mint is striving for, especially by the survey conducted recently. However, there are many more adept collectors today, which are able to identify the pitfalls of continually purchasing large numbers of American… Read more »


Has anyone heard anything else on the coin they we’re thinking of making, that had a Mercury Obverse & Walking Eagle Reverse. I believe it was being told it would be on the platinum coin? I saw a picture of it posted somewhere…


These 2 coin 2012 Eagle sets are now on the Mints website, no price listed yet, but will only take orders from June 7 – July 5.


Does anybody know the release date of 2013 silver eagles?


Our mint has already taken the rarity & profit out of the Reverse Proof SE. I thought I was in the chips with that coin until 2012, and now SF 75th came along. Our mint dropped the ball on the Lunar Series that Canada & Australia have cashed in on. Who’s sleeping in DC besides our President???