US Mint Resumes Selling Silver Eagles and ATB 5 Oz Coins at Lower Prices

2011 Proof and Uncircualted Silver Eagles
The United States Mint is again selling 2011 Proof and Uncirculated Silver Eagles, and at lower prices.

The United States Mint on Friday, October 7, cut prices and then resumed selling its line of numismatic silver products. The proof and uncirculated American Silver Eagles and the two latest America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins had been suspended on Monday, September 26.

The suspensions were triggered due to the rapid fall in silver prices. The metal has since "stabilized" around the $30 an ounce range, or about $10 lower than where it had been during the first three weeks of September.

Sales of the silver sets, which were also suspended, returned earlier this week (on Wednesday) but without any price changes. The coins experienced significant adjustments, however. The .999 fine Silver Eagles each declined by nearly $10, and the ATB five ounce silver coins dropped by $50 each.

The table below shows the individual coins at the top with their price differences and the sets at the bottom.

United States Mint Suspended Numismatic Product Pre-Suspension Price Post-Suspension Price Change
2011 Uncirculated American Silver Eagles 60.45 50.95 -$9.50
2011 Proof American Silver Eagles 68.45 58.95 -$9.50
2011 ATB Gettysburg National Military Park 5 Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin 279.95 229.95 -$50.00
2010 ATB Mount Hood National Forest 5 Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin 279.95 229.95 -$50.00
2011 United States Mint Silver Proof Set 67.95 67.95 None
2010 United States Mint Silver Proof Set 64.95 64.95 None
2011 United States Mint America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set 41.95 41.95 None
2010 United States Mint America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set 39.95 39.95 None


In other recent news regarding two of the products above, the United States Mint has set deadline ordering dates for the 2010 Silver Proof Set and the 2010 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set. Their last day of availability, if they do not sell out first, will be Friday, December 30, 2011.

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The US Mint sent out everybodies subsciption Silver Eagles at the higher price, then made them unavailable for 2 weeks (the return policy from the Mint is 7 days) THEN, they made the Eagle available at the lower cost to those that didn’t have subscriptions. All that time, the price of Silver fluxuated a couple of dollars an ounce. And they refuse to refund the difference of the two prices to those that had subscriptions. Considering this is the FIRST year they started to sell the coins after a 2 year suspension, it appears they did this intentionally to make… Read more »