2011 Proof American Silver Eagle Price Increase, Uncirculated Price Set

2011-W Proof American Silver Eagle
The 2011-W Proof American Silver Eagle price goes up from $59.95 to $68.45. A total of 716,328 have sold between its June 30 release and August 22.

The United States Mint is increasing the 2011 Proof American Silver Eagle price as it readies to rollout the 2011 Uncirculated American Silver Eagle earlier than anticipated and with a higher than expected price.

Launched on June 30 at $59.95, the United States Mint has announced that the 2011 Proof American Silver Eagle will climb $8.50 higher to $68.45. Originally scheduled for release on September 29, the 2011 Uncirculated American Silver Eagle is expected to launch on September 15 for $60.45.

While some United States Mint silver products went on suspension August 19 when silver quaked with volatility and topped $42 an ounce, the 2011 Proof American Silver Eagle remained available. Instead, it went quietly on suspension late Wednesday afternoon — tagged at the Mint’s online store with "this product is temporarily unavailable for product re-pricing", on a day when silver plunged by more than $3 to hover near $39 an ounce.

Given the timing, the proof’s suspension and new pricing was not singularly driven by recent silver prices. Instead, the price hike appears planned to make room for the entrance of the uncirculated American Silver Eagle and the recently announced 25th anniversary 5-coin set.

Since the uncirculated Silver Eagle’s introduction in 2006, its purchase price has always been less than the proof. As highlighted in the following table, the differences have range from $6 to $8:

2006 – 2012 Proof and Uncirculated American Silver Eagle Prices

  2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
Uncirculated Silver Eagle Price $19.95 $21.95 $25.95 not minted not minted $60.45
Proof Silver Eagle Price $27.95 $29.95 $31.95 not minted $45.95 $68.45
Price Difference $8 $8 $6 n/a n/a $8


Given silver’s surging ride this summer and recent hangout in the $38-$42 level — after a down week it still rang up a 34 percent increase on the year, an uncirculated Silver Eagle price that was $8 less than the proof’s original $59.95 price, or at $51.95, was apparently unpalatable.

The decision to release a 25th anniversary set also appears to have played into the Mint’s pricing decisions since it includes two proofs and two uncirculated coins. The $8.50 increase to the 2011 Proof Silver Eagle and the introduction of the 2011 Uncirculated Silver Eagle at $60.45 offers the United States Mint improved premiums in an environment where many market-watchers forecast higher silver prices.

The 2011 Proof American Silver Eagle remains unavailable as of this writing. Demand has been exceptionally strong for it this year. The most recent United States Mint sales figure as of August 22 has its total at 716,328. The proof should return for sale early this week — perhaps before Monday ends — at the higher $68.45 price.

All American Silver Eagle versions share the same obverse and reverse designs. The collector uncirculated version most resembles the bullion coin which is intended for investors. The key differentiating aspect is the presence of a mint mark on the uncirculated piece. The proof also features a mint mark but is most noticeable due to its brilliant, mirror-like finish.

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I’m wondering if the Pre-sale price, at which I ordered mine, will hold up or if that’s the reason my set was “back ordered”, so they can jab me also???


The US Mint sent out everybodies subsciption Silver Eagles at the higher price, then made them unavailable for 2 weeks (the return policy from the Mint is 7 days) THEN, they made the Eagle available at the lower cost to those that didn’t have subscriptions. All that time, the price of Silver fluxuated a couple of dollars an ounce. And they refuse to refund the difference of the two prices to those that had subscriptions. Considering this is the FIRST year they started to sell the coins after a 2 year suspension, it appears they did this intentionally to make… Read more »