ANA, PNG Announce Improvements for 2012 Official Pre-Show in Philadelphia


Promptly responding to dealers’ comments about the first Official ANA-PNG Pre-Show in Chicago, leaders of the American Numismatic Association ( and the Professional Numismatists Guild ( have announced significant changes for next year’s event in Philadelphia.

"There’s always room for improvement in any show, but I think we laid a good foundation in our first attempt at a joint event, and the next show will be even better," said incoming ANA President Tom Hallenbeck. "We have constructive ideas for Philadelphia in 2012 and when we return to the Chicago area in 2013."

"As is always the case, some dealers complain they didn’t do well and others had excellent sales. For example, Rarcoa did $1 million in business on the first day of this ANA-PNG Pre-Show, and another dealer had a sale involving a $450,000 coin. But we’re promptly addressing issues that were raised to try and make this as successful as possible for all the dealers," said PNG Executive Director Robert Brueggeman.

Leaders of the ANA and PNG met on August 15, 2011 during the pre-show in the Chicago suburb of Rosemont, Illinois to take action on dealers’ concerns. Among the changes that will be in place for the Official ANA-PNG Pre-Show in Philadelphia, Saturday – Monday, August 4 – 6, 2012:

  • Any ANA or PNG member who takes a table at the Philadelphia World’s Fair of Money (August 7 – 11, 2012) will be eligible to have a table at the 2012 pre-show. In addition, to encourage participation by others, any dealer who did not have a table at the last two World’s Fair of Money shows in Boston (2010) or Chicago (2011) will be eligible to get a table at the 2012 pre-show.

  • The ANA and PNG will extensively advertise and market the show to attract additional participation by dealers nationwide.

  • While pre-shows traditionally are primarily dealer-to-dealer events, table holders will be able to invite collectors and other guests to attend by invitation only.

  • The 2012 pre-show bourse floor layout will be significantly smaller so that dealers’ tables will be in a concentrated area for better use of space. Partitions will cordon off and hide the many empty tables that will be used a few days later for the Word’s Fair of Money.

  • Pre-show table set up for all ANA and PNG member-dealers will begin at 8 am on Saturday, August 4, and the show will open at 10 am.

  • A security room will be available for dealers during the pre-show starting on Thursday, August 2, 2011.

  • The pre show will close at noon on Monday, August 6, then the bourse floor will reopen at 3 pm for dealers to set up for the World’s Fair of Money.

"A joint ANA-PNG pre-show makes sense," said ANA Executive Director Larry Shepherd. "It is much more convenient for dealers to have the event in the same location as the World’s Fair of Money. We’ve heard what the dealers are saying, and we’re quickly taking action to make improvements."

"Mistakes were made, but this first joint show turned out incredibly well. We’re planning ways to improve that use of convention floor space for the next pre-show," said PNG President Jeffrey Bernberg of Rare Coin Company of America. He said Rarcoa did over $1 million in business the first day of the Chicago pre-show.

Dealer Anthony Terranova reported during the Chicago pre-show that he sold a 1793 Chain cent (S-2) graded PCGS MS63 Brown pedigreed to the Floyd Starr Collection to "an agent for a collector" for $450,000.

"Despite some complaints, good business was done at the pre-show. We’re working to make it even better to do business at the next one," Shepherd stated.

The joint ANA-PNG committee that met to take action on the changes was composed of ANA Executive Director Larry Shepherd, ANA President-elect Tom Hallenbeck, ANA Governor Jeff Garrett, ANA Convention Director Rhonda Scurek, PNG Executive Director Robert Brueggeman, PNG President Jeffrey Bernberg, PNG Board member Barry Stuppler and PNG Executive Assistant Tina Shireman.

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