2011 Australian Koala Gold Proof Coins Launch


The Perth Mint of Australia has launched four 2011 Australian Koala Gold Proof Coins, marking a 4th annual appearance in a series that is dedicated to the marsupial native to that country.

2011 Australian Koala 5 Ounce Silver Proof Coin
2011 Australian Koala 5 Ounce Silver Proof Coin

Koalas have appeared on collectible coins from The Perth Mint for several years now. The companion silver koala series debuted in 2007. Realizing the popularity of the creature and their inclusion on precious metal legal tender coinage, the Mint released the first gold proof coins the following year.

Each year, the reverse of the coin features a new image showing the iconic creature in its native habitat among the eucalypt forests of Australia. Despite the fact that eucalyptus leaves are toxic to most creatures, this marsupial thrives there with the encroachment of man seen as its biggest threat.

The debut 2008 strike of the gold proof series showed an adult koala sitting on a eucalyptus tree branch with its young clinging to its back. That strike was followed in 2009 with a reverse design of a koala sitting on one branch while using its front paws to grasp another. Last year’s release depicted the koala clinging to a branch with all fours as it munched on eucalyptus leaves.

Australian Koala coin design, specifications, and order information

The Perth Mint of Australia offers 2011 Koala Gold Proof Coins in four unique sizes — 2 oz, 1 oz, 1/10 oz and 1/25 oz. These strikes have a legal tender face value of AUD $200, $100, $15 and $5, respectively, but since each is struck from 99.99 pure gold their true worth lies in their intrinsic melt value coupled with their numismatic value.

2011 Australian Koala Gold Proof Coin Packaging
2011 Australian Koala Gold Proof Coin Packaging

Shown on the obverse of all the proof coins is Ian Rank-Broadley’s effigy of Queen Elizabeth II of England. She is surrounded by the inscriptions of ELIZABETH II, AUSTRALIA, 2011 and the face value of the strike.

The reverse of the proof coins contain the 2011 koala design chosen by The Perth Mint which depicts an adult koala sitting in the fork of a tree as its young clings to one of the branches. The design was created by Elise Martinson. Also shown on the reverse is the Perth Mint’s historic ‘P’ mintmark and a small 9999 GOLD inscription.

Collectors may note that the diameter of the one ounce coin is smaller than typically seen in a strike of this weight. That is because the Mint uses a smaller diameter so that this size can be produced in high relief, making it more desirable to collectors.

Each of the proof coins is shipped in a special display case along with a numbered certificate of authenticity indicating the limited mintage of the series.

2011 Australian Koala Gold Proof Coin Specifications by Size

2oz 1oz 1/10oz 1/25oz
Gold Content (Troy oz) 2 1 1/10 1/25
Denomination (AUD) 200 100 15 5
Fineness (% purity) 99.99 99.99 99.99 99.99
Minimum Gross Weight (g) 62.215 31.107 3.111 1.244
Maximum Diameter (mm) 41.1 27.3 16.6 14.6
Maximum Thickness (mm) 3.9 5.0 1.5 1.4
Mintage Limits 250 2,000 5,000 15,000


Those interested in obtaining the 2011 Australian Koala Gold Proof Coins may do so directly from The Perth Mint website via:


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About the Perth Mint

The Perth Mint is wholly-owned by the State Government of Western Australia. It is the sole issuer of the Australian Federal Government’s Gold and Silver Bullion Coin Program. The Perth Mint is one of the world’s premier gold refineries and produces gold blank planchets for many other mint’s around the world in addition to its responsibility of striking the gold and silver bullion coins of Australia.

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Koichi Ito

2011 Australian Koala Gold Coins are the best Perth Mint Coins since Platinum Koala Coins and Gold Kangaroo Coins! So where do they sell these coins beside Perth Mint?

Brian V.

Not sure, but try Talismancoins.com I have purchased Canadian and Australian coins there. They had a table at Whitman coin shows 2 years ago, but not last year. Based on first cost and shipping, it can be cheaper to buy from them rather than ship from “Down-Under”. My last purchase required a call due to a back-order situation for my shipment, but Canadian 2011 Polar Bear & 2011 Wolf 1 oz. silver coins arrived in great condition soon after the call. I also purchased past Koala & China Panda silver 1 oz. silver at the whitman show. Another possibility is… Read more »