US Mint November 2010 Product Schedule Features Long Awaited Releases


The remaining US Mint products scheduled for release this year will be trimmed significantly in just a few days. This week is the busiest in 2010 for United States Mint product launches.

US Mint 2010 Coin Products

For many collectors, it is also the most anticipated week as issues include the last of the 2010 quarters, the desired Abraham Lincoln Presidential Dollar and the popular 2010 Proof Silver Eagle.

US Mint Product November 2010 Schedule

Schedule Product Description
11/15 Mount Hood National Forest Quarter Bags and Rolls
11/15 Gift Sleeves, Three-Lens Three-Pack for Happy Holidays, Happy Birthday and Congratulations
11/15 Gift Sleeves, One-Lens Three-Pack for Happy Holidays, Happy Birthday and Congratulations
11/15 Gift Sleeves – One-Lens Multi-Pack Six-Pack
11/15 Gift Sleeves – Three-Lens Multi-Pack Six-Pack
11/17 Hot Springs Quarters Three-Coin Set
11/18 Abraham Lincoln Presidential Dollar Rolls
11/19 2010 Proof Silver Eagle
11/19 2010 America the Beautiful Quarters® Circulating Coin Set
11/23 2010 America the Beautiful Quarters Uncirculated Coin Set


America the Beautiful Quarter Product Releases

The US Mint will issue new America the Beautiful Quarter products on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and next Tuesday.

Mount Hood Quarter

The Mount Hood National Forest Quarter launches into circulation on Monday, November 15. It is the last of the this year’s quarters. At noon ET, bags and rolls of the coins will be available for purchase at the Mint’s online store ( Two-roll sets containing 40 quarters from Philadelphia and 40 coins from Denver have a price tag of $32.95. The bags of 100 coins available from either Mint facility will cost $35.95.

The quarter’s ceremonial release is scheduled for Wednesday, November 17, at 10:30 AM Pacific Time (PT) at the World Forestry Center located at 4033 SW Canyon Road in Portland.

On the same day, the first of the America the Beautiful Quarters Coin Sets will be issued. The Hot Springs Quarter Three-Coin Set will be available for $13.95. It includes an uncirculated quarter from Philadelphia, an uncirculated quarter from the Denver and a proof quarter from San Francisco. The set’s price is $13.95.

2010 America the Beautiful Quarters Coin Sets

On Friday, November 19, the 2010 America the Beautiful Quarters Circulating Coin Set goes on sale. For $9.95, collectors can purchase each of the circulated quarters minted in Denver and Philadelphia (10 coins in all).

Next Tuesday, November 23, the 2010 America the Beautiful Quarters Uncirculated Coin Set will launch. This set, priced at $21.95, includes each of the quarters in uncirculated quality. Five will originate from Denver and the other five from Philadelphia.

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Dollar Issue

2010 Abraham Lincoln Dollar

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential $1, the most anticipated Presidential dollar issue since the Washington $1, will be available in rolls on Thursday, November 18.

Buyers can choose either Philadelphia or Denver minted Lincoln dollars in 25-coin rolls for $35.95 each.

The US Mint will hold the Abraham Lincoln dollar launch ceremony on November 19 at President Lincoln’s Cottage on the grounds of the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington, D.C. It will begin at 10 AM ET.

2010 Proof Silver Eagle Release

Proof Silver Eagle

If there is one coin that can overshadow the Lincoln Presidential dollar release, it is the 2010 Proof Silver Eagle. Demand is expected to be fierce for the .999 fine silver proof coin, deepened by the cancellation of the 2009 issue — the first time that had happened since the coins debuted in 1986.

Opening interest has already proven to be high. Following an erroneous Mint notice telling some customers that the coins had already sold out, thousands of calls and emails were generated in response.

For a price of $45.95, collectors can order up to 100 of the US Mint Proof Silver Eagles.

The US Mint product schedule for November also includes a series Gift Sleeves, which are intended to "help personalize proof sets given as gifts." The sleeves fit various US Mint proof sets and can be used for occasions like birthdays and holidays.

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Where are the 5 ouncers?

/broken record.


Gift sleeves! since when is the USA mint competing with Hallmark??????


i have a 2008 uncirculated dollar coin set still in mint packageing. the james monroe dollar has a missing edge lettering. nothing at all on edges.smooth all the way around.. is this rare? is so whats it worth? any comment greatly appreciated


Hey David H.

Check this out! You might have something there!